5 Feng Shui Ways To Get Into The Swing Of Intentional Living!

Oct 10, 2018 | Creativity


Energy follows intention.
We get what we think about.
What we focus on will grow.

These are all things that have proven true for me, and maybe for you, too?

Intention is everything for me. Its the driver of my days, it’s the foundation of my unique way of Feng Shui and it’s the thing that makes more and more go right. 

When my intention is strong, nothing can stop me.

And, when I’m out of the swing of my own intentional force field I have several Feng Shui things that I do to gather up all my energy to move life forward again with purpose!!!

Here are a few of my favorite ways to get into the flow of intentional living that crafts life from the core of your deepest desires!

When I’m off my bright, light, intentional game… I find myself in one or a few interesting habits.

  • Complaining… or procrastination while complaining.
  • Tired… but every day gets more and more cluttered so it seems harder to take a nap or get extra rest.
  • Unsure… to the point where I’d rather close the emails, close the computer all together and sort of get lost in watching videos or TV or anything…
  • My spiritual practice becomes slower, less vibrant and less potent because I am less present…

It creeps up on me.  And then the alarm bells go off.  Especially when I can’t find myself a decent hour to practice Buddhism with energy behind my action.

That’s when I am, personally, at the end of this “downturn” in intention.

It happens less and less frequently these days, though, because I can not really function and do all that I’m doing without my full self engaged. The bar has been set high to show up fully every day, and that’s what taught me my own best ways to strengthen my intention.

While these may not apply to you word-by-word, in the sentiment of energizing, releasing and polishing your habits I bet you’ll find many of your own best ways to lead with your intention on full-blast…!!!

1. Sleep until you naturally wake up for at least a week.

This is my go-to routine after a massive blast of action. No alarm, no restrictions, no worrying about the finer points of small things to do… I just sleep.  Sometimes ten hours or more.  For at least a week.  This is how I deeply recharge and recalibrate my body and mind.  Now, I should note, I almost never skip lots of sleep. But when it’s been busy and I’ve expended a lot of energy, more than usual amounts of sleep are needed and I heed that truth now, quite seriously!

2. Plan at least ONE EXCELLENT THING for every day.

If you have no excellent thing to do in a day, well, it’s less of a draw to summon your energy to create things brilliantly. you know?

The excellent thing can be making a cake, it can be watching a favorite show, seeing a friend you’re dying to see…

The excellent thing might be something big, or it might be a great bath that you’re really looking forward to…

Whatever it is, plan at least one excellent thing and let it be the touchstone so that every day has some excellence that stands above all else and keeps things moving higher.

3. Eliminate anything that’s murky and unclear.

Murky relationships either get on the road to clear or the road to cleared out.  Murky decisions ( those “maybe” things) get sorted out.  Murky windows get washed.

All of these moves toward more clarity clear your mind and energy in the process!

4. Add some fire to your life.

Fire is the energy that sparks vibrant action.  You don’t need a ton of fire… but a little extra fire energy can go a long way.  Wear some vibrant clothes.  Or light a candle.  Or, add something spicy to your plate.  ‘

All that fire energy is a stimulant to the lower chakras of our energy, the spinning centers that govern creativity, prosperity, sex and dynamism.

5. Celebrate your power.

As you celebrate everything— even the smallest wins— you build the kind of momentum that makes it easier to move forward and take the next steps.  Small celebrations, acknowledging your progress, seeing your intention in action, are the kinds of actions that multiply the good.

When I skipped celebration because I wasn’t at the finish line yet, life was a tremendous grind. Things became more dragged out, more endless and the opposite of magical.

That said, I always need reminders to stay in my own clear intention and follow the energy in my own life.  I don’t have the time to fall into complaining/ procrastination/ exhaustion… and I bet you don’t, either!

Gather up your intentional force and bring it into every day and watch the sparks fly.

There are so many superpowers we have and so many super ways to harness them.

Intention, though, is like our rocket fuel, our paintbrush, our magic dust…

Let it beam strongly through your days!



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    I am all for celebrating our own power and magic <3


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