Five Ways I Get Way More Accomplished While Feeling Fantastic!

Oct 17, 2018 | Creativity

Done are the days of working so hard that I am beyond exhausted as a standard.

I’ll always be creating tons, I’ll always likely “work” more than an outside observer might think is “normal” but there’s a distinct difference between creating tons and working really really hard.

Working harder and harder, though, is a limited way to go. Your mind, body and life can only sustain an imbalance like that for so long without some side-effects. And, I experienced all of them.

Creating tons of things that are wanted from a spirit of flow is unlimited. It’s creative energy that’s in a constant flow. It implies some sense of balance, even if it’s a balance that seems unusual to other people but it works for you.

That’s the best kind of balance I know!

This year, I have created so much personally, creatively, all of it. I can’t wait to share what’s new with you! And for the first time, I did it without having any periods of deep crashing, without exhaustion, without needing a huge break afterward, without feeling like there must be an easier way.

I hit upon my own easier way and I’ve been getting better at it. It’s exciting to share what I’ve learned in the hopes that all of you very very hard workers can find more deep breaths and creative fuel to move you toward all that you want with way more ease.

fresh fruit from The Tao of Dana

I eat so much more intuitively, more plants and way more often.   My house looks like a farmer’s market at least once a week. I’m eating at least every three hours. It is what I need. Even when I’m up late and excited, I am still eating. Fruit, vegetables, nuts, teas… My body needs constant fuel. I came to see that plants do this for me far more effortlessly. If I need to nap, do my spiritual practice, walk or anything else… I do it. I don’t think any more about how it will affect my schedule. Anything that brings me revitalizing energy is what I need.  (ie: not coffee or chai lattes that I love that leave me wired and restless.)

This one thing has made all the difference. Creativity is energy and energy needs fuel! Fruit and vegetables bring water and light to the body as well, promoting a sense of flow that I feel. If you read Anthony William’s book Healing Foods, the potential emotional properties of fruit, vegetables and herbs are so rich, it’s another layer of creative magic to fill up your fruit bowls!!!

If the energy isn’t there in a project, I change what I’m doing. I don’t force it any more. As the saying goes: Trust the vibes you get. The energy doesn’t lie. I used to think I could sort of change the tides with more hours of labor, more hours of thinking, more belabored conversations. But, no. What isn’t going to work, isn’t going to work. Now, when I’m met with resistance, chaos and/or anything else that goes awry, I make a change.

Shifting toward anything that feels better is my rule of thumb now. If I am relieved by making a new choice, if walking away from something feels like a big relief, I listen. It’s not impulsive, irresponsible or erratic as I once thought it was. Rather, it’s allowed me to navigate so much more by freeing myself of dead-end ideas and situations.

Love is the anti-bad-vibe shield. Talk about good things, celebrate good things, acknowledge good things. I do get that bad things happen, and when they did it felt responsible to me to talk about them, talk over things endlessly and seek absolute answers. My way of avoiding more bad vibes was actually creating more bad vibes. By trying desperately to avoid problems, I created problems.

Love is way more effective. I stopped talking and wondering if I’d repeat the same mistakes and started loving my days and myself a lot more in actions. I learned that the rapper I am the more naturally I’d just steer clear of stuff that was negative. It’s the easiest of anti-bad-vibe shields.

Edit what you need to do. You don’t need to do everything every day. I used to write the blog every single day and sometimes two posts and videos a day. I had more time. I had more leisure. It was awesome, I do it when I can, still… but I don’t make it a requirement. Now I average a few posts a week and when I’m fired up to share tons, I will pile on the daily posts! I feel like I’m entering one of those writing bliss seasons… so stay tuned for more feng shui!

The point is, I had to relax more about “needing to do” so much every single day in order to do everything far better. If there are ways you can edit your to-do list, give them a go. It feels to great to do have the bandwidth to be brilliant more of the time!

Embrace your own reality. I know that statement may seem strange at first, but we are all told and shown lots about what is “realistic” for us to accomplish. Reality is what we agree that it is. People break records and shatter glass ceilings by living in a reality where much more is possible.

I naturally grew apart from people who lived in a very prescribed and limiting reality. I couldn’t hear that I was unrealistic constantly and create my own ways of feng shui, create art, create breakthroughs, heal myself, grow my life and be happy with a constant refrain of “that’s just not realistic.”

I reject limiting realities. I love everyone in my life who has these limiting realities, but I can’t dwell with them on my plans, my dreams or anything else that has to do with transformation because they just don’t agree that it’s possible.

What I used to do: double down on trying to get people to see things my way.

Its such a drain and it discredits other people’s views and it’s a huge waste of time.

Now, I let everyone do their thing, I do mine and if I have come to easily reject other people’s notions of the possibilities that are not available to me.

I don’t fight, I don’t engage, I just say thank you and move on without wasting a minute more, as often as possible.

There’s so much to do, experience, make, create, enjoy, adventure, all of it! It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, it matters what you believe. It doesn’t matter how eccentric your life looks in order to feel balanced, find that balance. Feed your energy. Fuel your life with love. Follow the energy.

There is so much that’s so amazing to create right now.



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