8 Feng Shui Ways I Get Into My Zone Of Creative Focus!

Oct 26, 2018 | Creativity

When I was at the last of my day jobs that I really couldn’t stand to be at, I would daydream about what it would be like to do what I am doing now— creating, making, designing, teaching. All I could see was the incredible fun, the endless ideas, the mountains of projects I wrote out on lists.

What I didn’t see in those daydreams was not the challenge of being creative seven days a week, but, rather the challenge of being both focused AND creative. I think we all could create freely and wildly every single day without constraints— but add in some deadlines, daily life stuff, challenges, new ideas and more and…

… I can tell you that it’s been the greatest skill of any skillset to learn ways to be more creative and focused at the same time.

I don’t always get it right 100%, but I am wildly better at it, and it’s made an enormous difference in my life.

Today, here are a few of the greatest Feng Shui ways that I get myself together when I ‘m being pulled in a zillion directions.

These are some go-to methods I’ve used to get more focused and creative, more balanced and, at the same time, my home is more shining, too!

My favorite Feng Shui for creative focus is all about filling up my energy systems, recharging myself and, still, keeping it all simple.

Like cinnamon and apples steeped in water– a great infused detox water without its of complication is something I can do when I’m busy. Incidentally, this water it also great aromatherapy for creativity!

When I can’t focus, I get rid of dust. 

Vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, polishing…

This is one of the most indispensable Feng Shui things I do all the time.

Clearing the dust builds incredible focus.

It also makes you feel so much better, looking at rooms that are shining!

When I’m overwhelmed, I clear clutter. 

I kid you not, I clear clutter when I have so much going on that I don’t know where to begin.

Here’s something I’ve learned— even when I am overwhelmed with incredible exciting things, that overwhelm gets reflected in my home. A ton of mugs left out on the patio where I often work, a pile of laundry spinning, the recycling bin overflowing, the vanity strewn with makeup, jewelry…

By cleaning and organizing, I am shifting the story of my space, instantly. I am not far behind any more— I am in flow, and things are getting done!

Also, I tackle the clutter of papers, emails, and everything that’s extra that lands in my home, my car… everywhere. Even 15 or 20 minutes of this helps me get my groove back. A few hours of this is more of what I do (!) with a strong intention of creating the space for a breakthrough.

It always comes!

When there’s not enough time, I create time. 

I create time by saying NO to what I don’t want to do. I shut my phone off. I only do what’s necessary. I create time by going to bed very early and getting morning hours in the dawn that are invaluable. I take the pressure off, ditching ideas of massive achievements and focusing on the moment right now.

Always… staying in motion is really important. 

If I don’t do long walks almost every day, my body rhythms are way off. My energy and thoughts are not as clear. My life isn’t as flowing.

HERE is more on why walking is such a big deal:

If you can’t do long walks, find any activity that allows you to gently move while your mind wanders. This winter, I am getting into Tai Chi and we’ll see how that goes!

When my body starts racing, I unplug everything. 

I know when I’m pushing myself. My throat starts to hurt. I feel my breath getting more shallow. I feel “too amped up.” When I get into this physical place I literally shut every electronic thing I have around me as soon as possible and sit to meditate or take a nap or a long bath— or all three! I have experienced adrenal fatigue and I know what it took to come back from deep exhaustion.

Learning your own physical signs of pushing yourself can help you to pull back to a calm and centered place before you burn out.

Groceries are very meaningful to my creative life. 

If I don’t have food every few hours, I get worn down quickly. I feel physical stress that turns into emotional stress that echoes into life stress— and all of those words are not welcome in my life!

My grocery cart is full of berries, veggies, fruit, coconut, nuts and olives of all kinds. I don’t eat much that comes from any sort of package and I eat all day long when I am at my most creative and focused best. Taking breaks to make snacks and to cook meals is extremely energizing fin my days— even if it’s making a smoothie for a minute!

When my house is overflowing with produce, it brings my home a huge dose of extremely vibrant creative energy along with incredible amounts of gratitude.

If I’m focused on something negative, my whole house gets a big space clearing.

I have a lot of Space Clearing tools on hand because this is my job. You may not have sage or other specific Space Clearing tools on the ready. The good news? You can do some Space Clearing with things you get at the grocery store!

HERE is more on that:

And… when my house is looking great and I’m just really tired, no matter what I have left to do in the day… I sleep!

Fluffed up pillows, a little lavender oil on my pillows and in the corners of my bedroom… and early to bed I go!

I thought if I didn’t put all my to-do’s first thatI wouldn’t get everything done. Instead, I can say that with confidence and clarity and grounded certainty, it’s the shift to putting me first that’s helped me the most in all ways!

I’m wishing you tons of love, focus, and creative magic… and lots of clear space to create within!!!



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