Living More Naturally And Sustainably Was A Powerful Way To Clear Clutter From My Life

Oct 31, 2018 | Creativity

Less stuff means more room to grow. Less mental clutter means more room for genius. Less means more.

Today, we are going to explore one way to put an end to piling up stuff that has positive– and vital– global implications.

Every year for the New Year, the feng shui Catalyst Camp opens with an eight-week immersion in clearing clutter from all of life. What was most surprising is that this is not a program about minimalism, per say. It’s about creativity. Many often-massive breakthroughs in creativity, opportunity and life-changing clarity have come from getting rid of the messes that have piled up, the complications that have taken over life and the drag of too much stuff.

Needless to say, it’s an exciting time of year for me because I do the Camp with everyone every year. I crave it as the holidays approach and we are bombarded of messages to gift stuff, to get stuff, to accumulate stuff. I look forward to it as I start seeing ideas form for the year ahead. I get excited for the rush of surprise when things are let go… the huge waves of realization… the group synergy when one person makes a big shift and more are inspired to move forward.

All of the space-making feng shui in the world, though— from sage and salt to making space by letting things go— doesn’t thrill me as much as the singular idea that has reinvented my feng shui practice, the choices I made and even the food I eat.

Caring for the planet. Sustainability. Greener living.

It’s made me healthier, happier, wealthier and more connected to my work and to all of you. It’s made this feng shui practice far more powerful and it’s made the purpose behind my work exponentially stronger.

This year, I felt drawn like a magnet to add a Sustainability Immersion to the Catalyst Camp. Its green living that’s done simply, without sacrifice and with incredible feng shui magic in the mix.

And: its the best way that I’ve found to completely stop accumulating clutter in every way!!!

Before get there, let’s talk about some things that have shifted with greater Green Living on my mind.

I’m sure by now many of you have seen videos like these:

I watch them every so often, not to get despondent but to get even more fire up and committed to making a change in life.

What I didn’t realize was how little I knew about doing things like recycling properly. I didn’t know how much my choices were driving life is directions I didn’t want to see it go. I didn’t see that a lot of my “not -sustainable” habits were deeply-engrained and that I needed to make a real shift that required a lot of simplifying.

One of the wild things I have discovered is that in this shift I’ve made, I have had nothing short of a total up level of every aspect of my life. Deeper love, more profound creativity, stronger creative vision, a bigger glow of vitality…

Connecting to the Earth more will do it!

Our connection to the earth is life-giving. Our biology is dependent on the frequency of the Earth called Schumann Resonance. As we build more, use more electronics and disconnect from Nature, our bodies and minds suffer from the disconnected. This weekend at Wellspring in Palm Springs I learned that NASA uses Schumann Resonances to keep astronauts healthy in space. They need this connection to the earth’s vibration.

We are all connected to the Earth.

Sustainability helps us to maintain and deepen that profoundly life-giving connection.

Lately, I started eating 80% + plant-based foods, most grown locally that I could grab at the Farmer’s Market. This wasn’t a big sweeping decision, it was a gradual shift that started with a few extra vegetables and smoothies.

Giving back to the Earth is important. As we grow food, we deplete the soil. In cycles of untouched nature, food that wasn’t eaten (along with leaves and the like) would decomposed into its own new Earth. If we all composted our fruit and veggie scraps and the like, the Earth would not be as depleted. I learned that composting in many cities is done by the city and many people aren’t aware. Google to see where it’s being done near you. I was shocked to learn it was nearby.

When you are paying attention to sustainability, you stop buying extra things.  Not only will you have less clutter, you will save tons of money If it will end up in the trash, it does’t get purchased. If it’s a dress that will hold together for a season it isn’t coming into my house. Instead, I am drawn toward more vintage and companies like Pact that are super-organic and affordable (*I can’t stop wearing their flared-bottom yoga pants!) that are making inroads in popularity. The economy is shifting — even if its a gradual shift at first– toward sustainability due to demand. Let’s all support that shift and keep asking for more planet-friendly awesome products.

Your body will thank you. Thanks to Anthony William’s new book Liver Rescue I learned that chemical beauty and cleaning products and fragrances wind up stored deep in our liver (yikes!!!) and other organs as well. These chemicals are toxic to us and toxic to the Earth. When you’re putting the Earth as a high priority, you’ll drop tons of toxins from your home and life.

Things become more simple. There’s a confusion that Green Living somehow means no glamour or being frugal to an extreme— or, at least, I have heard those criticisms piled upon me when I decided to move farther and farther in this direction. My life is way more glamorous and way more luxurious. Because I have so much that’s been simplified— grocery lists, wardrobe, local places I can walk to with my own tea cup— in my daily life, I have way more time and I feel… deeply connected.

Co-creating with builds self-esteem. And… manifesting magic!!! When you ask the Universe for something… in a sense, you are asking the Earth to create it with you. the way I saw it— if I was not taking care of the Earth, why should I expect it to take care of me?


That realization was seismic.

Learning more and more ways to go greener and live more sustainably that are easy and, then, sharing them widely is a big part of my practice now.

It will help you in so many ways…

And, it will put an end to the clutter in your life, as you go!




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