8 Feng Shui Ways I’m Decluttering To Get Ready For A Huge Fresh Start!

Nov 4, 2018 | Creativity, Prosperity

Every season, there’s a new theme in the air.

For the New Year, that theme is a very fresh start.

This November feels like both a festive and a fruitful time to finally tackle some more big home and life upgrades.

I’ll share much more of the specifics in detail as we move through the season, but tI hope today’s ideas will spark some of your own.

We all need room to grow. For each of us, that space-making, those new decisions and new ways of moving through life may look different… but beneath it all is the energy of expansion. Expansion requires space. Without clear space, it’s hard to move. Everything is effected. Things are arduous that could be easier.

Let’s make it all easier for ourselves by creating more room to stretch and grow, shall we?!

The principle behind all of my recent projects is this: I need more room to be of service to you and of service to all my loved ones and… looking at the one person who has gotten a bit shafted in all the expansion of 2018… I need more room to be of service to me.

A lot of words come to mind when I think about my own expansion and what I’d love to see more of: capable, strong, connected, elevated, artistic, momentum, flow.

What words come to mind when you think of your own expansion?

Let those words be your guide. We all have very specific needs that can translate into major growth if we follow our own guidance!



Getting stronger is on my mind.  Hiking for me is 100% bliss (especially the crazy big stretches at the top of the hill!).   I’m excited to do more of it as things cool down.  I’ve made major strides in aligning my physical body this year that was incredibly out-of-whack from so much travel/typing/sitting, but I now have my sights set on strength and more radiant balance. It’s not unusual for me to have an unusual schedule (!) and with the School of Intention opening to the public this January, I want to make the most of my energy in the most natural way possible.

Enter: The Liver Rescue.

When I heard about this very sensible nine day “cleanse” I was instantly sold. Our liver is the organ that is processing lots of toxins, and Anthony William explains in this massive Liver Rescue book that over time, our liver can get sluggish among other things. The symptoms are subtle at first and then more pronounced. In his sprit-fueled view (literally, a Spirit speaks to him… and as wild as it sounds, this spirit-borne advice has helped me immensely) is that a lot of the issues we have physically are rooted in the liver. So… why not do a cleanse?!

As I type this I’m waiting for the delivery of the one supplement I need (pink pitaya powder, a freeze-dried version of the tropical fruit) to get started tomorrow. The rest is all water, herbal tea, tons of fruit and tons of vegetables. Literally: tons. There’s no restriction on the amounts, which is great became I don’t function with restriction!

I’m going to document the whole nine days and let you know how it goes in full detail. Not many people have done this program yet, so I feel like a pioneer!

The Desk Organization that I need has finally revealed itself.  My desk has been full of useful supplies that I don’t use often but I do need to access.  It would better serve my whole life to revamp this desk so it’s filled with art supplies that are presently more difficult to access.  I’d be drawing, painting, sculpting and coloring more if they were here… and all of this artistry serves to keep my mind clear and my energy high.

Organization is personal.  You may be “organized” technically speaking, but you can’t access what you’d like as easily as you’d like to.  Or, you may be tidy but you feel creatively blocked.  In both of these cases, decluttering the barriers between you and lots of creative tools to play with evert day can be a big change-maker.

The Joy Commitment.   This is something that I am very high on right now and likely forever– more joy in every day.  Rather than focusing on what I “don’t” want to do every day, I am committing to want I want– and each day I’m adding something that’s more joyful to it.  It can already be a good day, but I’ll add something.  A fun break. A nap.  A mini-adventure.  All of it has made an incredible difference.

The Sleep Makeover. When I post my findings after months of research to find the ideal eco-friendly mattress that matches all my requirements I think I’m going to have a party!

And…I think I’ve found it!!!

The best discovery so far, on top of the bed frame, foundation and mattress, is the very impressive service that I found that (located nationwide in the USA) that will pick up the mattress, boxspring and bed and 100% recycle 100% of it it for a small fee.


I can’t wait to share a review of both!!!

Needless to say, as all of that stuff heads out of my house, a new chapter begins!

Before I even get my new bed and mattress delivered, I’ve been upgrading sleep with more stretching beforehand, more magnesium drinks ( Natural Calm… and, also, Gerolseiner water!) and a more decluttered mind before bed.

This quest for a sleep upgrade has also opened the doors to a whole bedroom makeover that matches my new life intentions.

Making some clear space can surprise you with all the creative energy you unleash.

The Bathroom Storage Upgrade. After carefully measuring, I learned that an Ikea last dresser could near-custom fit the space in by vintage bathroom vanity and create three times the space to organize the bathroom.

My little tips here for more bathroom storage solutions: 

  • Go for solid wood or other eco-friendly furniture material  rather than wire or rattan if possible.  You want the bathroom to be functional as it’s the home of lots of self care.
  • if you have a space like I did that “just fit” a 27″ wide dresser, measure your space and then Google, ” 27 inch wide dresser” and options you would not easily find can pop up easily.  By Googling the measurements it can pull together inspired ideas.
  • Let things go. It’s the ultimate way to create space!

New Movement.  As I mentioned, I need lots of strength.  Physically and otherwise. And, I know I also need flexibility, both in my body and in the things I select to do for exercise because my days are typically not typical. I’ve had my eye on this “GMB Elements” movement course for months now and I am signing on to play with this natural movement system.  It’s both inexpensive and claims to be fun (!), plus it’s good for all skill levels… so, I’m in!

Movement makes more space in your body and mind while recharging your energy systems. This clears lots of clutter in life!

New Wishes.

Powerful decisions clear lots of space almost instantly.

Donation. Donation. Donation.

I have my eye on boots, dresses and sweaters because I have a sum total of ZERO shoes for Fall and Winter and only two dresses and two sweaters.  I took minimal to a new level.

That said, before I bring in the new, it’s time to let some stuff go.

My Summer wardrobe is so big and so full of things I never wear, it feels like a perfect time to say goodbye to this stuff that’s loaded with mixed memories and doesn’t look or feel like me any more. I’m sending it off to better homes!

All of the above isn’t extravagant (*that said: the mattress and frame come in just over $1000 and this is an investment for 10 years or more) and it isn’t that difficult (*except chopping vegetables for the Liver Rescue and putting together that Ikea furniture…!), and, yet, each and every step I take feels extremely luxurious.

Every day becomes more spacious.

In all that clear space, I can be of greater service, more creative and more connected to everyone and everything.

I feel increasingly more oxygenated, like my life is getting new breath.

If you feel so inspired, dive in and create some of your clear space in life wherever you need it.  Mind, body, spirit, home, office, car… habits, hopes, dreams…

It is infinitely worth it!!!



P.S.: you can get on the Wait List for the FREE Feng Shui Decluttering Challenge right HERE.




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