Feng Shui To Stay Strong And Grounded In Your Highest Energy!

Nov 8, 2018 | Creativity

Life is always happening.  We interact with people, places and ideas.  We hear news. We see things.  Some are uplifting, some are not.

Hiding from life is not the best solution to keeping energy high and bright.  I tried that once and came to see I was putting a whole lot of attention on negativity by making it such a focal point of my decision-making. Also, I was keeping my life small out of fear of bad vibes dragging me down.

I was shocked at how much more drained I felt when I let “avoiding negativity” rule my choices.

There’s a lot more in life to see and do that I wasn’t exploring and, as a result, I wasn’t stretching and growing.

So, if we can’t life life to the fullest without accepting that we’ll experience all kinds of energy, what can we do to stay higher and lighter more of the time?

The Feng Shui is simple, but the results are profound.

Keep your own energy high while you engage fully with every day. Doesn’t matter what’s around you– start with you.

Energize your home.

Right now, I just did a big dusting, mopping, resin-burning and laundry morning. It feel more important than anything to do this first, before launching into more work.

High energy environments clarify your thoughts.  They keep us feeling more ease.  They are momentum-building.  They make the magic happen.

If you need more energy at home, open the windows and clean your house.

It is instant transformation.

Energize your intentions. 

I have the wish list from the last New Moon that I stored in a red envelope (more on red envelopes is HERE) beside me right now. I’m about to read it, make sure I’ve celebrated everything that’s been accomplished and, then, I will do the next list after a long walk.   It will go back in the red envelope where I feel it gains a lot of symbolic passion!

You can also plop a crystal or other cherished object on top of your list of goals.

That symbolic intention is potent, especially when you see it every day.

Also, if you don’t write down goals or intentions, now is always a great time to write them out!

Energize your body.

Welcome to lunch… and dinner!

While I’m typically eating 5x  as much food with more seeming substance, this salad is part of my nine day “sensible” cleanse from the Medical Medium.  It’s mainly fruit and vegetables.  Actually it’s all fruit and vegetables!  It’s the Liver Rescue 3-6-9.

Day Four was not as welcome as Days One through Three.  I like to eat substantially.  Now I am substantially eating salad… but there are only a few days left!

I can tell you right now that my body needed this break from my usual “healthy” habits that were having limited results in terms of making me feel energized.

All of that said, six days from now I will be having a celebratory meal!!!

You don’t have to do a cleanse, not by any stretch of the imagination, to gather up more physical radiance.

But, you can.:

  • Drink more water…
  • Eat a little raw food every day…
  • Sleep more…
  • Try a few weeks of unprocessed food…

And see how you feel!

Speaking of feeling, it’s important to feel everything.

When something comes along that moves you off of your feeling of grounded greatness,  feel it fully.  Don’t be afraid of feeling bad sometimes.  Its how we release and learn and expand everything we do— by feeling everything.

There’s no need to shrink back and stay in a space where you are too insulated because we need to connect to life in order to grow. The light will overpower the dark. The good will triumph.

Take your focus off the problem and onto the solution.

Keep focusing on the solutions, the happy-makers, the hope for all that’s ahead, the love that is everywhere and you’ll see more of it.

Clear and clear. 

In all of life and Feng Shui in my way, if a problem persists, there’s usually some clutter to clear.

By choosing to be higher and lighter, more and more all the time, it becomes radically easier to see that clutter and then clear that clutter.

High vibes make the magic happen.

The great news is that you make the high vibes happen!



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