Feng Shui To Focus Your Intention In An Even More Powerful Way To Make Huge Positive Changes!

Nov 11, 2018 | Creativity, Prosperity

Intention is what moves the world. You don’t need to dive deep to find proof of this.

Where your energy is focused, things will grow.

Our intention can change our environment, our homes, our lives, our communities and even the planet.

In Feng Shui, everything from color (like the calming pinks above) to pattern to shape to placement of furniture and sooooo much more can specifically strengthen intention.

Before we get specific though, it’s important to be clear and basic.

We all need a solid foundation to build anything.

I used to think I had strong intention, and, then, I noticed that what I said I wanted didn’t align with what I was doing and how I was feeling.

Not only did I need to shape my sights on a more clear objective, I needed to sharpen my life and environment to match my intention.

My decisions based on fear, complacency, feeling depleted or in judgement were outweighing what I said I wanted and the proof of it all showed up in my life in more things to fear, more reason to be disengaged and more reason to stand on once side of a fence blaming others for things that are wrong.

There are more than a few ways that intention can become stronger, more clear and more aligned, and today we’re going to look at a few big Feng Shui ways to get into that magic zone of creativity and power. 

There’s a potency to our daily focus. Focus is where things become crystal clear and incredibly rich, where even far-away ideas and dreams become tangible in idea form.

Your home reflects that focus.

That focus is the stream of your energy that is your intention.

To make intention strong, align your environment to support you!

Focus your home on the feelings you want to reinforce.  

It doesn’t mean you need a mansion in order to manifest money, for example, but you can shift your home into a more polished, sparkling and well-maintained place and see the reflection of value shine back at you in life.

I’ve seen this thousands of times.

Focus on what you do want, not what you don’t want.

If you’re holding onto stuff you don’t want because you fear you may not be able to replace it one day, that is a prediction you’ve made (In the future I may have lack) that is active every time you look at that extra table or extra dining chairs that clutter up your house.

Whenever we make decisions based on lack in our environment, that lack gets reflected back to us in a way that reinforces the future fear.

If you’ve been holding onto stuff that’s clutter and afraid that if you release it that you won’t have another if you need it… you may want to dig in and see if you can send that stuff to a worthy home. Donate it. Gift it. There are many people who may love it while you see it every day and feel the lack resonate back to you.

twinkle lights on mirror

Focus on upgrades that raise the energy of your home and help you feel more aligned. 

Whether you want more love, money, peace, wellness or anything else, what fuels all of this is ENERGY. Energy sinks where things are not maintained.

While you may not be able to afford a new sofa tomorrow, you may be able to afford a slipcover that is a massive home upgrade. 

Small home repairs can tally up to huge home shifts. 

A string of twinkle lights that cost $6.00 can change a room significantly. 

You get the picture— there is always a way to make an upgrade.

I was so inspired by a friend who, in a gap between jobs, recreated her home by building shelving and bookshelves, redoing her sofa, creating a new flow in her home, hanging the art in a new way… and, out of it, the biggest job of her life arrived quite out of the blue.

Clear space. Clear so much space.

Without clear space, you can’t thrive to there degree you may intend because that intention becomes muddied in the lack of focus.

Without clear space, it’s hard to break through to a new level because there’s not a focused path.

Without clear space, it’s very hard to focus on growth while seeing a mess around you, hearing that jumble in your head, feeling that confusion and lack of clarity.

That may sound far-out but it’s extremely practical.

All that clear space is a true catalyst for creativity, for abundance and for all kinds of love to expand.

Now that I’ve seen the results thousands of times I can tell you with great confidence that your clear home and clear mind and clear energy field can clear the path in your life for a major breakthrough.

If you want stronger intention, more incisive clarity and life-changing focus, start clearing!

There’s an incredible amount of awesomeness waiting for you.



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