My Life Changed In Dramatic Ways When I Started Making Awesome Plans!

Nov 12, 2018 | Prosperity

If there’s one person you’ll meet who loathes a schedule, revolts against artificially imposed structures and finds dogma to be restrictive, it’s me.

How could plans and schedules ever feel good to someone who was like me? How could you possibly plan and still have amazing surprises? How could this ever work?

There were a few lessons I learned for myself that made planning something of a vital necessity. It didn’t feel like I was trapping myself in a bunch of unwanted obligations. It started to make space in my life. It became my road to creative freedom.

When I stopped resisting and started planning, everything changed. But I had a few shifts to make in order to get to a place where I’d dare to plan anything!

Today is all about embracing plans and making the kind of plans that light up your days!

I had a life coach spend many many sessions going over my half-filled in planner 14 years ago (basically, I wrote nothing down at the time, I just stored it in my mind), assigning me week after failed week to write down appointments and schedule times to do things.

My life was a mess by all ostensible standards, and, yet, no matter how much I wanted a breakthrough in that mess, I deeply resisted. It felt like a form of self-loathing to try to write all of this stuff down.

That was a tipping pointing my life, and I’m not sure that having a schedule written down would have been any key to stopping the fast moving train of my life of non-stop running around and putting myself last and believing I was broken that landed me in a really bad place.

At my own complete life rock-bottom, I started to see plans in a different way.

I needed steps to get well because I was sick.  I need a system to fix my money madness. I had to see a life for myself that was diametrically opposed to the one that leveled me.

I spent time creating what Abraham (Esther Hicks) would call “a grid” for my new life. I needed to know how I wanted to feel.  What I wanted my days to be like. What emotions I wanted to dominate my days.  And, yes, what I wanted to do with all my own energy and talent. (There’s more on this concept of a “grid” here, it’s a very cool concept that I read about long after I first did it years ago out of pure necessity and still refer to now… feeling great is the ultimate objective, and letting things come more easily!)

I spent time getting my space uncluttered. 

Everything in my life got uncluttered.  It was the catalyst for an entirely new paradigm. It’s actually the basis for the Catalyst Camp Home + Life decluttering every New Year.

Then, I started planning. 

I had big notebooks full of plans for my ideas, for finances, for wellness, for adventure, spirituality… everything.

I broke down plans into little steps and started moving things forward.

I got a calendar (I still use a paper planner!!) and actually loved using it for the first time.

I finally made money, and an exceptional amount of it, quickly. I healed fully. I reorganized my social life.  I became empowered and grounded. My home got upgraded. 

Everything changed.  Literally everything.  And, it started with those plans and steps and schedules.

When I’m at a loss for next-steps, my plans cease to get made.  So, I always set my sites far out into the few years ahead.

The grid keeps getting build in front of me so I have something to fill in with life experiences and creativity and manifestations.

It’s been this entire life revolution that came from doing what I could never see myself doing: planning.

I needed grounding and clarity to create plans that were exciting enough for me. 

I needed a big enough vision to keep the energy moving toward those dreams. 

In the ultimate paradox I came to understand that LK Rowling quote about how “rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”

You definitely don’t need to hit rock bottom to start shifting things now with some plans.

You can do it now!

  • Start daydreaming, resting and self-care if you need it.  Create that “grid” of great feelings and all the feelings you want to feel and experience right now and into the future. 
  • Clear some clutter!
  • Grab some paper when you feel really grounded and start making plans on paper when it feels good to do it!
  • Now… do those plans!!!  Even the smallest steps move things forward.  They get the energy moving!


You can refine those plans. You can ditch some.  You can add more.

It’s not restrictive— it’s creative!!!

This is one amazing way to start reorganizing the universe to move even more in your favor…!



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