Feng Shui To Help You Speak Your Dreams Into Existence!!!

Nov 13, 2018 | Creativity

Do you think you speak your life into existence? Do you think that words have power?

I think about this whole subject in two ways—

I tend to speak the way I actually feel.  So, the words I use when I’m not fully-present are usually a pretty good mirror of what I’m actually thinking and creating in my energy fields at the moment. 

I know I can create new things by reaching for new feelings that are full of forward-motion and creative energy. The positive words flow from there! 

So, it’s not just the words I’m using that I think are making my dreams take shape… though, the words tip me off to the things I may be unconsciously dwelling upon that are holding me back.

For example: I learned that couldn’t blindly memorize a script of optimistic sayings and think I’m actually accomplishing something to change my life circumstances.  I did that for a few years and got absolutely nowhere.  I was afraid to say a single bad word, but nothing good happened and I “struggled” to feel as good as my words suggested.  Words don’t stand on their own.  They take on the shape and color and velocity and dimension of the energy that’s behind them.

Awesome words AND awesome emotional connection to those words create powerful life upgrades every day.

Feel your ideal life into existence and you will speak it into existence quite effortlessly!

I’m about to finish the Medical Medium Liver Rescue cleanse (it’s Day 9 of 9!)  and I can’t tell you the amount of stuff that has come up for me”

Complaining, dread, laziness where my own Self is concerned…

It’s shown me how I don’t drink nearly enough water, how my “healthy” diet was very imbalanced and how much I am ready to shut the door on a old chapter of being a non-athlete.

It’s shown me some unacknowledged anger, a deeper level of peace and more of a sense of my body’s energy. 

A full review day-by-day will come soon… but, for now, suffice it to say that I’ve found lots more clutter to clear that had been evading me in life.

Words and emotions came up that were not serving me and they led me to go far more quiet, to rest more and to sort of sink into the present a little more that I have been lately.

I was so ready to vibrate higher. As I sit here with brighter eyes and a sense of placid wonder I can tell you that this process has done something big for me already!

If you’re ready to vibrate higher and want to create from a higher place— brighter emotions, words naturally flowing to match these feelings— now is always the best time!!!

Purify.  You don’t need to do a cleanse of any kind, but maybe some housecleaning can lighten things up ? Maybe a hot water and squeeze of lemon can help jump start every morning?  Possibly something simple like a few yoga poses can get your energy flowing to detox your body?

Where do you think that some purification can help you to feel brighter?

This is your starting place!

Flip perspective on challenges.

I had a tendency to flip out when things were not going my way.  Until I broke free of that, I couldn’t really move forward in my life. I thought I was being exacting and responsible but I was being super self-destructive.  Every obstacle kicked off a downward spiral.

I realized:

When I’m complaining, I am not creating. When I’m making a point of how wrong someone is, I am not making the situation right.

This is basic but I had to learn these both very deeply.  I needed to really take them to heart and understand them fully for myself.

These two little lessons saved me so many hours of strife in the last few years.

You might not  have that issue,  but you might have some other less-than-awesome way you meet with challenge.  If you do, see if you can get beneath it and beyond it.

Because I haven’t flipped out and downward-spiraled for a long time in this way, I have seen that there’s less to actually flip out and downward-spiral about!

My reactions were not doing me any good.  This was a huge perspective flip for the better!

Immerse yourself in positivity. 

Feel-good positivity.  Not just optimistic words that are recited… but: emotions that are felt.

There’s a big distinction.

I live in a city with lots of gurus.  I meed a lot of people who speak in New Age vernacular that aren’t in a high-feeling place.  You can feel it.

They know the words.  They recite them. They can even do it fervently at heath food grocery stores and yoga studios and gyms and coffee shops.  No matter what they say— its all sort of hollow.

Sometimes it’s used to justify bad behavior, like the very rude person who decided to tell me after shouting hateful words at me,  “I’m not responsible for how you feel, your feelings are a reflection of your own deeper issues.”

Yes, it can go to this kind of crazy place!

This is, of course, is an extreme, but not unusual, example to find where I live.  My friend calls these folks, ” wolves in yoga clothing.”

The point here is— you can talk the talk, but if there’s no alignment of feeling behind those words, it’s just noise.

Feeling great is where the great words, great energy flow and all kinds of manifestation begins.

We might not be bouncing around in excitement every day, but a higher feeling place always creates a better result, even on the less-than-great days.

Immerse yourself in positive feelings!!!

Make your home an inspiring sanctuary!

Let yourself feel good even if things are not going 100% right at the moment or your haven’t met your goals. 

Reach for things that feel good— deeply nourishing and revitalizing thoughts, ideas, activities, all of it. 

This energy powers life in brilliant ways.

Feeling great also helps you to declutter everything that doesn’t feel great from your days.

And, all that cleared space gives you more room to grow.

It’s a big win for you, for everyone around you, for your dreams and for your home, too!




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