6 Things That I’ve Learned About Mercury Retrograde That Make It Amazing!

Nov 15, 2018 | Creativity, Prosperity

mercury retrograde tips

Whether you are believer or not in astrology, there is a cultural prevalence of Mercury Retrograde that transcends astrology and has become something of a phenomenon.

Unfortunately, the phenomenon is largely drenched in fear and negative expectation, waiting for some mishap to blow the lid off of life.

I have not have those experiences in over a decade.

Actually, I have had those experience, though… when I believed in the crazy-making that was unavoidable because of this planet slowing down in the sky.

No more of that!!!

If you’ve been reading for some time you know I love Mercury Retrograde. Today, I am going to share more specifically why I love Mercury Retrograde times so much. I hope you find ways to love them more yourself, if you don’t already love this time of year!  


Look how gorgeous Mercury is!!! How could something so beautiful slowing down in the sky give you anything but a feeling of excitement that you can savor this beauty even more in slower motion?!

That’s what we can do in Mercury Retrograde— savor life even more in slower motion!!!

I am a big believer in the physics phenomenon of “entrainment” which is the way that we sync up with the dominant energy around us. If we’re in an environment of anger, it’s easy to feel bad… or at the very least drained, if not angry. If we’re in a space of fear, the fear is contagious.

However, if you’re in a strong spirit of expecting great things to happen, and you surround yourself with those higher energies, you’ll see great things flowing.

Mercury Retrogrades are amazing times for Feng Shui. You can greater higher energy around you. You can bring intention to your space even more.   Feng Shui — in my way — is all about reorganizing the universe in your favor, and that is what Mercury Retrograde is all about!!!

Mercury Retrograde brings out my greatest expectations for great reasons!

1. Things get finished. The to-do list gets whittled down to zero during these slow-downs. Everything from outstanding repairs to outstanding reorganization gets done. Work gets done and finished completely.

I have a design project that’s getting to it’s finish line this season, the latest Session of the School Of Intention Professional Feng Shui training is nearly done, my major home painting project is getting sorted out and there are many personal projects getting done, once and for all!

If you have a long list of loose ends, emails to send, things to complete, organizing to do— now is always the best time!

2. Things get clarified.

When you’re going slower, you can pay attention to the details much more.

This is the joy to me in all astrological themes— they acknowledge the positive aspects of both slow and fast, they ask us to become more aware of the present and take all of our opportunities and challenges in stride. Plus, they help to bring fresh perspective and clarity to things.

Just as we approach Mercury Retrograde, I has a wish to clean my bedroom windows on “both sides” and could only reach one side. Such is the life living on the second floor of a duplex; I have no access to my windows. That said, my intention was so strong to do this, apparently, that when the handyman came to insulate my windows, they were, much to my surprise, removed and totally cleaned!!!

Window washing is just one form of clarity-making. Any time you clean up or clear clutter in some way, you are creating clarity.

Deep cleaning at home can be a perfect Mercury Retrograde upgrade!

3. I view this Retrograde as a self-care oasis.

Where have you been neglecting yourself in any way?

Now is the time for extra self-care rituals that bring the energy back to life and restore more dynamic balance.

While I won’t be able to do it daily, I am about to explore a more committed ritual of self-massage in the mornings with warm, herb-infused sesame oil called Abhyanga. As the mornings are cooler now, I am magnetized toward this restorative ritual. As a dear friend McLean tells me, I need to be sure to pour lots of my head and massage it well in the process. I am grabbing the oil this weekend and getting started. You can learn more about it HERE.

4. Reunite with friends!

Sometimes, Mercury Retrograde falls on a holiday that brings people together, but as Mercury Retrograde approaches, I find that, rather naturally, old friends come back into town or we finally find time to meet.

I have so many meet-ups and catch-ups coming, I can’t wait to see people again!!!

Planning is an amazing Retrograde activity for me, and I am so ready!!!

I love getting an oversized recycled sketch pad ( I get a huge one that I stash under my desk) and on one big sheet I do a massive Mind Map of all my ideas for the season ahead and how everything can develop and come together.  You can learn more about mind-maps HERE. 

5. Artistry is on a high so there’s creative energy flowing in a huge way.

I do tons of book reading, research and experimentation with everything from new recipes to new ideas.  It’s a learning time for me, and when I learn, I expand.

Right now, my bookshelf has hit another state of overflow, so I have lots of reading to do and lots of books to post about soon!

When you pause to reflect, when you’re rested more, when you’re slower… this is when you see opportunities to make big changes at home.

6. I have come to be far more mindful and resourceful. The idea of surrender becomes much easier. I am reminded not to force things, not to strive to be interesting and not to be tense.

Mental striving holds us back. 

Competing in a way that is harsh and not about our personal best holds us back. 

Tension holds us back. 

These are all quite-proven science.

Surrender doesn’t mean “giving up” — it means giving up on control, on stress and on trying to beat down doors instead of flowing to the next door.

Surrender is super-powerful and it’s a big part of every day, yet perfect for the Mercury Retrograde season!

And, all of those things I can do all the time, at any time, but…Mercury Retrogrades tend to come after I’ve been so busy that I need a break to check in and recalibrate.

Even when they don’t… I slow down anyway!

If you’ve spend many years in fear of Mercury Retrograde those entrenched ideas may not melt away in the next Retrograde completely, but if you lean into more of the flow of this cosmic cycle, you’ll find more and more proof that you can use this slowing down in the sky to speed up in powerful ways!!!

I’m wishing you the absolutely best Mercury Retrograde ever!!!





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