8 Feng Shui Upgrades I’m Making To Create Space For Awesome New Things!

Nov 18, 2018 | Feng Shui 101, Prosperity

(dk renewal)

Growth is a choice. That’s something that modern science as well as philosophy and psychology is on board with. We don’t have limits, fixed abilities or a certain finite amount of intelligence. We can always expand, even when things are crazy.

I’ve found that it’s a constant commitment to expand a little more every day, a decision to keep learning or showing up to practice that makes my life exciting. Even, and especially, when things are great. It’s not a forced thing, meaning I only do what’s really compelling to me… but it’s definitely a practice.

Even if things coast along seemingly wonderfully, I know if I’m not creating them and I’m coasting for too long, they’ll cease to grow and will, ultimately, start to diminish.

Every season as I get ready for a new Feng Shui Camp to begin, I make some changes in my home and life that feel amazing to be aligned with the energy of all that’s ahead.

I’ll be spending the downtime of this season diving into space-making and Feng Shui that is all about expansion. There are more than a few unfinished projects that may seem simple but they are profound, and I can’t wait to dive in and get started.

I’m lighting up some very potent herbal rose incense beside me… so let’s dive in!

(I’ll be making the art above of the two dogs– -inspo from dk renewal)

Beyond the new bedroom and all the other more decor based projects in the works at home (making kitchen curtains with vegetable dye, upgrading my bathroom windows with “rainbow” film…) these projects are so space-making right now in a way that feels remarkably exciting.

Why would anything at home be so exciting?

It’s a good time to mention again that home is a mirror of life. Even the smallest home upgrades can have magically resounding positive effects!!!

My “storage” closet archiving is a huge project-— This one may take me through the end of this year to complete. I have thousands of photos to organize and I realize now that I also want to scan them, too. (Choosing a photo scanner now— I am drawn toward the models here that can scan one photo per second!) So that’s a pretty significant undertaking.

In that closet I also have two file cabinets full of things I likely don’t need. All of the art supplies are moving to my office desk drawers. There is a huge opportunity to let both of those go, too,
which would be a great relief.

The benefits–– besides getting closer to the memories of my parents and my whole family, I can share so much with them in this process. It’s a big “give” of a project as much as I will grain from it personally. Plus, everything will be stored properly for archival purposes, and after sending two years curating vintage photographs in my past life, it means a lot that this is happening.   Not to mention, this is in the Career area of my home, and with everything growing, I could use the room-to-grow, literally and figuratively!!!

My closet… full of clothes I don’t need… is getting donated.— Most of my wardrobe is for someone I have personally outgrown, and as much as I love certain things, there are people in great need that can benefit from my great stuff. I would rather wear the same things every few days than try to make myself excited to wear things that are not “me” at all. I actually think the minimalism is a fun experiment. While it’s easy for me to donate 3/4 of my closet or more by the end of the weekend, and I know that there are great places to take it after these fires ravaged nearby cities, it’s going to likely take me longer to find the things this season that I actually want and need. The minimalist experiment may just be my way this Fall into Winter!

The benefits— the joy of giving to others is a huge benefit. But, also, personally, letting go of a whole chapter of my life where I was figuring out who I was is a massive life-change. I don’t need to be reminded of the past every single day since I’ve already lived it!

(dk renewal)

A pantry that ceases to function is getting an overhaul.  We do a lot of energizing in The Breakthrough Camp and I’m starting early on my pantry that is overdue for a redesign.

Benefits include–– being able to cook more easily and see what I have and don’t have at home, and, of course, it’s incredibly prosperous to work on your kitchen (*as well as to COOK!)

A spice rack is getting a makeover. — Half the spices are stale or unappealing, but the spice rack itself is incredibly useful. I’d look at is often and think “if only this was filled with spices I use!”   Jars are being emptied, soaked, scrubbed and re-filled after a trip to spice shop!!!

Benefits— I’ve wanted to keep more favors on hand (*wanting to grow in all ways) and so, I’m on the lookout for new curries, sumac, and more spice blends from different parts of the world. Plus, as I mentioned, home mirrors life and I don’t want stale spices mirroring anything about my energy!

Knobs are getting changed.  My bathroom in full will look so much better with new knobs and hardware!

Benefits— this is a huge upgrade because the hardware in bathrooms is so prominent. A few new drawer pulls are an instant update. Because I don’t own this house, I can’t strip down and totally redo the bathroom, but I can change the drawer pulls and this will have a big effect!!!

Old Computers are getting reorganized and donated.  Old files are getting sorted onto Hard Drives.  Old Hard Drives are getting reorganized. And, the old computers are getting donated.

Benefits-— This is life-changing for me to have all the archives of my work in one place. It’s also amazing to not have old computers lingering. And, it feels good to have these electronics NOT in landfills, but, rather, someplace they will be used.

Also, in Feng Shui, all the ways that your work is organized affect its growth. Disorganization may be holding you back. A little time putting things in order can be massive for your work.

A bar cart is becoming my tea and plant station! This one is overdue. My tea collection is running over my pantry, so now it’s headed to it’s own cart. I don’t drink alcohol, so I am making a tea cart instead of a bar cart.

Benefits— I will have room for the tea cups and pots and room to collect even more new tea leaves. This, again, is exciting because tea is not just for caffeine… it’s also super-full of health benefits!

Plants are getting re-potted!  There are empty pots waiting for new trees, and there are trees that need even bigger pots.

And this means— there will be a lot more quite literal growth in my home!

Join in the space-making. Create room for more abundance. Let yourself flourish.

Only amazing things can happen when you expect them!



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  1. Heidi F.

    Yay, I’m so excited for you, Dana! Thank you for sharing your inspiration and a slice of your life. It’s encouraging to know that you, too, are continuing to grow and haven’t reached some sort of unattainable perfection plateau … that you continue to delve and sprout and rearrange and release and spruce up as much as me. Every little change for the better feels so good. <3

    • danaclaudat

      There are, for sure, no unattainable perfections in my life! I’m honored that these posts are giving you sparks of ideas for your own shifts, too!!! It’s such a joy to hear! Thank you so much for this message! xoxo!!!


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