Nine Lemons As A Luck And Money Feng Shui Cure

Nov 23, 2018 | Feng Shui 101

Can nine lemons, oranges or limes placed in a bowl in your house bring you luck?

Let’s explore this common feng shui tip that’s flashed as a sure-fire way to create more prosperity and see how lemons can be a prosperous addition to your kitchen. There’s a whole lot to love about citrus. Today, we’re looking at lemons. I’ll make sure we take a look at grapefruit, limes and oranges soon, because each has it’s own energetic awesomeness.

Let’s first talk about luck, shall we? To know me is to know that I don’t believe in hoping for luck in artificial ways. I am not a fan of talisman and random feng shui “luck” rules because the do one big thing that I am opposed to: they drain your power. You’re beholden to these things to hopefully work things out for you. I’d rather you know that you are a luck-maker!

Now, let’s look at lemons. They may not be your key to winning the lottery— I believe that is the product of your vision, your aligned energy and your powerful intention along with your karma (karma is something you create–more on karma here!) — but these vibrant citrus do have a whole lot to offer your home and your life.

Lemons are wellness wonders.  They are amazing in so many ways. They revitalize your drinking water on many levels. That old classic tip of drinking water and lemon in the morning has merit. Try it for a week or two and see how you feel! Anthony William, commonly known as the Medical Medium, recommends drinking 16 oz of water with the juice of a lemon at least once a day in nearly all of his wellness protocols, including the Liver Rescue detox I just completed. I can’t wait to share my experience of that one with you!!! I’ve had a giant bowl of lemons in my house just to have this mindful wellness routine flowing in my life every day. Every time I look at a lemon now, I see a dose of wellness and vitality. That is powerful.

Lemons are space-clearing!  Lemons can elevate the energy in your home. This is something I’ve seen in action, and I love using lemons as a space-clearing tool. When my lemons pass their prime to drink, they get chopped up to clear the energy in my house.

I’ve also seen people use lemons as a litmus test to see if their home needs some energy clearing. If you have lemons that spoil quite quickly and, rather than drying out, they go moldy, some people believe it as a sign that it’s time to break out a sage wand or use any simple method (even some great housecleaning!) to clear the home’s energy. You can learn my most common (and often, daily) space clearing method to keep my home free of bad vibes right HERE in the free feng shui decluttering video series.

Why are 9 lemons recommended to keep in a bowl? The number 9 (along with the number 8) is considered lucky in some forms of feng shui that I don’t practice. I don’t practice feng shui in this way because it’s totally arbitrary and, again, it is disempowering. If you’re beholden to a certain number of lemons, then what happens when you use a few? Do you blow all your good luck if you use lemon in a salad dressing? Do you have no more fortune if you make a pitcher of lemon water? NO!!! Even typing it sounds really draining! These arbitrary superstitious elements— like a deep focus on nine of them always being in a bowl — can actually detract from the true greatness of the lemon and all it’s energy.

Lemons CAN definitely bring freshness to your home and life.   That freshness can be an elevation in your space in so many ways. The higher your energy, the more magic-tinted everything becomes, more creative and inspired you’ll feel and the more energy will seem to flow freely in your days. This doesn’t hinge on a bowl of lemons, but, rather, how you use those lemons and why you keep them around! If a lemon brings great energy into your home, if you use lemons for cooking, house cleaning (you can add lemon and lime to DIY home cleaning sprays) or energetic space clearing, I don’t care if you have 20 lemons or more or you have one lemon at a time. Just keep them stocked and keep them displayed where they shine for you and echo all the vibrant feelings you have toward them! Your connection to your space and life brings you power.  Your connection to your routines and habits and nature and wellness is enlivening. On that note, I am off to make a lemon tahini dressing for a big salad and revel in this high-vibe citrus magic!



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