All About Adding A Painting Of Seven Horses At Home To Bring You Wealth

Nov 24, 2018 | Creativity, Life With Art


There are traditional symbols aplenty in Classical Feng Shui and Vatsu that are thought to bring you wealth and prosperity.

An image of seven (and sometimes 8 ) horses is one of those symbols.

Given that I get asked all the time about these symbols, and this is a big one, today’s feng shui is all about an image of seven or eight galloping horses on your walls and what it will and won’t do for you on it’s own. 

Let’s start simply with the ideology behind this one.

Seven or eight horses galloping in one single direction and ideally looking in one direction (unlike the top image that I really liked) are thought to bring a certain kind of prosperous energy into your home.

The image is meant to be placed so that the horses are galloping into (and not out of ) your house, so you wouldn’t hang it so that they’re running toward the front door from wherever they are hung on a wall.  There are all other things to consider according to this ideology, like, the horses should be joyful and the image shouldn’t be near a bathroom… and on and on.

What’s behind this symbolic painting? 

Horses are thought in the ancient Vatsu and Feng Shui philosophies to be prosperous.  I imagine that if you, specifically, were raised in a time where a horse was your main form of transportation that a horse would be a symbol of prosperity.

Also, the idea of the horses galloping freely in an image depicts motion and momentum (all that galloping!) that is definitely energizing.

Will it bring you money?

No, not really! Not unless you have a deep association personally to horses and this image you select of galloping horses stirs within you a deep personal urge to persist, to move forward, to gain momentum and to run free in your daily life.

It will not summon certain energies into your home on it’s own.  I know many people with these types of images everywhere that are broke and unhappy and hoping for luck any way they can find it, so I’m pretty sure about this one!

Prosperous art is personal. 

For many of you reading this, you’ve likely never been on a horse and some of you have never even seen one up close and personal.  We’ve evolved technologically for generations past horses as transportation.  The last time I saw a horse it was sadly pulling a carriage in Chicago in the freezing cold of early March, and I’d hardly say that struck me as momentum or prosperity.  It made me so sad for the horse, I just wanted to bring it into my hotel lobby and get him a blanket and some food and hugs.

If you do have a personal connection to horses, any number of horses that are happy and galloping freely is a great image to put on your walls.

I have a deep attachment to bison (I’m not sure why) and I’m having an artwork of two happy grazing bison made for my bedroom because they move me so much.

Declutter superstition and open up to your magic. 

If you are elevated by looking at horses, put them on your walls anywhere you’d like.  If you are elevated by looking at an abstract scene, a landscape or anything else, put that in your home.

WhenI work with people in Consultations and in the Feng Shui Camps we can get really creative and specific about the what and where and how would be an ideal way to hang art to reinforce intention… but, for right now, there’s a powerful exercise you can do to make your art more “magnetic.”  It’s way more powerful than paintings of seven or eight horses are to someone with no heartfelt tie to a horse beyond admiring their beauty.

The idea for the day to help you to supercharge your house is to let go of any art of symbols that you are not attached to personally.

There are more than just horses that are used as lucky charms.  I’ve seen people with lucky ducks, lucky frogs, lucky cats… even lucky dragons and sculptures of dieties that are 100% disconnected from the people who own them.  They were purchased to conjure luck and maybe placed in places told to them by people who practice these ancient forms of feng shui to create more luck.

That stuff drains your power. It echoes back to you a sense of “oh I hope this works!” instead of “I create my life every day!”

You are more powerful than trinkets, artworks and talisman that are only being placed in your house because you’re hoping for luck.

Take that stuff away and put up some art that makes your heart sing.

That love, that art, those personal connections— this  is real manifesting magic.



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  1. Elle Dechene

    As totem energy stones, horses represent inner power and freedom. They certainly provide that to the rider who is in control of the galloping horse. I do have a strong connection with horses, so they are a powerful image for me. Whereas lucky ducks, lucky frogs, and even lucky cats mean nothing to me. Although I appreciate my cats taking care of the mice, which must have some kind of feng shui value.

    • danaclaudat

      You have that powerful connection and that is awesome! These are the kind of symbols that are empowering! And I am sure your cats just by virtue of being awesome cats are amazing feng shui in and of themselves…:) xoxoxo


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