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Dec 2, 2018 | Prosperity

What would your life look like if your energy was dialed up to the highest amplification of your talent, your interests, love, self-expression, momentum and magnetism?!

What would it look like if once you were on full-tilt of engagement you could expand to an even bigger scope, a more resounding, wider, brighter, bigger vision, energy and impactful action?

And then, what would it look like if you did it again.  And again. And again…



Pretty exciting, right?

In feng shui in my way, the abstract idea of infinite possibility becomes the profound reality of every day.  The energy gets turned up higher.  Your voice becomes more resonant with your truth.  You become like a tuning fork, bringing the world around you into a higher, lighter and more awakened state.

And, of course, you feel great while you’re doing it.

It’s also simple,  though it requires just one big thing:

Your commitment. 

Are you ready to turn the magic in your life all the way up???!!!

Clutter isn’t just the stuff in your closets.

It can also be: stuck emotions, limiting ideas, energy, heavy commitments, habits, life situations, physical imbalances, creative blocks, unfinished projects, abandoned dreams…

All of it manifests as the volume turned down in life.  We don’t feel that magical.  Hope fades. Resignation sets in.  Spirals start heading downward. It’s easy to say things like,”My ship has sailed…” and really believe that the best times have passed.

Once you’re sitting in clutter, seeing your way to freedom and possibility and true FAITH in life can be quite a feat.

Plus: your actions start to lose their impact as you sit in clutter. They aren’t as decisive.  It’s like going through the motions or forcing yourself to do things. 

When my life was all clutter, I could tell you and even show you all the actions I was taking to make my “dreams come true” but none of it was working.

I was confused, I was resigned to defeat and waiting for something bad to happen to derail my progress, I was scattered, I was rushing around, I was haphazardly and somewhat desperately looking for someone to show me the way out of the hole I had slowly settled into.

All my actions were fueled by fear and panic, plus a lack of belief in myself, so I wasn’t getting any results.

I had to commit to myself and commit to believing in ME again.

Before I could clear the clutter out of my life, I needed to decide that I would stay the course and really get to the root of things.  I had to get grounded in the fact that I was actually awesome— not a failure and not a f*&k up, as I often would say about myself.

I was really scared of being great.  I was apprehensive about what was on the other side of this messy life I had manifested.

If I was free of clutter, I would have no more excuses.

I didn’t know if anyone would accept how weird, bold, smart and creative I was because it was atypical.  I didn’t know if I would self-destruct as I had in the past when I had all kinds of power and freedom at my fingertips. I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

As Marianne Williamson famously said,

“Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.”


Once I decided I could bear to be rejected, isolated or judged… the tides turned.

I made that commitment.

Dumping trauma.  Committing to spirit.  Many tears.  Many epic adventures. Donating closets full of clothes, furniture, books.  Healing my body.  Re-vamping my energy.

I thought that I’d reach a place where I was just “clear of everything.”

Whats funny is that once it started, I didn’t realize it would never stop, and that I’d never want to stop!

There’s always a next level to go.

This afternoon, I have a home to sage, crystals to recharge, laundry to spin in grounding essential oils (sandalwood, lavender, rose)… I have projects to finish, meditation to do, a detox bath waiting after a long walk.

It’s so exciting that you’re never done growing. You’re never through with making space.

After seven seasons of The Catalyst Camp Home and Life Decluttering immersion watching  thousands of people using these feng shui’d methods to clear their own homes and lives, I’m still finding incredibly big and deeply rewarding projects of my own to tackle.

Fueled by knowing that each any every thing I declutter brings me more of everything I could ever imagine— it is not work— it is thrilling!!!

This type of transformation from a Catalyst Camp member who made a commitment for her whole family to experience big transformation is just…wow!

And, it was just one step for them, albeit an epic step!!!

It’s also what I see happen all the time in so many ways.

Clearing clutter can actually be the most fun form of “self-actualization” that there is!!!

Commit yourself to making more space in your mind, body, spirit and home every day and you’ll see the magic multiplying in your life.

Keep your eyes on the prize of freedom, power, self-actualized awesomeness and your greatness shining brighter and bolder every day.

This will lead you everywhere you want to go, step-by-step, brighter and more aligned.

It all starts with a commitment to being as amazing as you are right NOW, and then a renewed commitment every day to celebrate your amazingness.

All the non-amazing stuff of clutter around you will fall away much faster when you’re ready to let those limitations go…!!!

Here’s to a season of clear space and self-actualized, radically awesome creative freedom!!!



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