Slowing Down Can Declutter Your Life And Bring You Big Success!

Dec 2, 2018 | Creativity, Prosperity

All the pillows in this post are from Alyse Studios. I love their handcrafted glory. They are my vibe.  I have been popping in to see if I can catch some favorites.  I am ready for pillows.  I made a space for them with a giant new sofa and fluffy rug that’s waiting for a dose of handmade rainbows.  Yes, I can go out and find something that will do… but that’s not how I do my life choices these days.

I am a collector.  I will wait it out for what I want.  I am in no huge rush.

Things come much faster to me now than when I was a gigantic task-focused ball of stress.

In the season of de-cluttering, it felt like a time to talk about honoring your process and letting go of who you “should” emulate, what you “should” want and how you “should” go about getting it done. 

This is of galactic importance.

I see so many people who were where I was.  I sat out the first round of post-college achievement, opting to travel around the world with a boyfriend.  It was insanely fun, but not that personally rewarding.  So, I left for Los Angeles to fulfill the prophesy of a psychic (I’m not kidding, that’s how lost I was!) and started doing commercials and taking acting classes to fill the gap in my life, becoming increasingly more impatient to see the big path reveal itself.  I made jewelry, ran art galleries… I was all over the place… And, eventually, I crashed and burned out in a monumental way.

My path revealed itself when I was slowed down to the point of being stopped in my tracks.

You don’t need to hit rock bottom or wait until your energy burns out to get into a flow in life that actually feels good.

There’s really no need rush.

All that energy of rushing is discomforting, repellant and closed to deeper emotion. 

Rushing skims the surface, missing the dimension in all that you’re doing. 

Trying to go really fast brings stress into the equation. 

You can slow down and super-incredibly succeed. 

Really, you can.

Things don’t come faster because you’re rushing.

I’ve seen hundreds of people— myself included–  slow down more and find way more of what they’re looking for.

It’s hard to stop rushing for a multitude of reasons, but my big ones were…

I didn’t want to confront my unhappiness.

I didn’t like myself nevermind love myself. 

I wasn’t close to what I was told that I should be, should have or should do, and I would see that clearly if I slowed down…

Plus, if I slowed down I would have to confront all the mess in my life. Clutter, junk, resentment, feelings of failure, trauma, money mess… It was all waiting for me if I slowed down. Being so rushed and having my life so stuffed gave me every reason to never look at all of this, until I was forced to look. 

You might be apt to stress, pressure yourself, push to move things faster, rush and wish you had everything yesterday for different reasons.

Regardless of your reason for speed, there’s magic in slowing down and letting go of a lot of the striving. 

You’ll be able to raise the energy in life— and that is magnetic. 

You’ll be able to start forgiving yourself and others. 

You’ll be able to let go of those “should’s” and be more of who you are. 

You’ll find more of your creative voice without all the pressure.

You’ll create with more depth and quality and undeniable power.

And, you’ll be able to both see and clear the clutter in your life. That clutter isn’t just an inconvenient mess.  It’s what keeps life smaller, more stuck and more blocked.  When you can slow down enough to see that clutter and, ultimately, let that stuff go, you gain FREEDOM and INFINITE POSSIBILITY. 

So much that is so epic can begin when you decide to go with the flow more, connect to life more and be more comfortable in yourself.

You also may enjoy every day so much that you don’t want to rush anything ever again!



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