How To Start Living With More Focused Intention!

Dec 6, 2018 | Feng Shui 101


Your intention is ultra-powerful, and living with more focused intention will change your life.

It’s your energy focused on what is wanted.  It’s an energizing commitment to that focus and flow. It’s incredibly rewarding.

If you’ve focused your intention on something and it’s not moving at all, I know the feeling.

It’s discouraging, it can make you feel like you’re broken where intention is concerned or maybe you’re not lucky or blessed enough.

You are none of the above.  This is the best starting place for today.  You aren’t broken, unlucky or unblessed.

You are amazing!!!!

intention is a big part of this Feng Shui Method. The Feng Shui School is actually The School of Intention. 

After spending years in the depths of strengthening my own intention and getting re-focused in a way that’s taken my days to a whole new realm of energy and flow, purpose and effectiveness, and then committing to stay the course because it’s a practice— albeit a fun one—  here are five things that may help you to live with more powerful and impactful intention!


Supercharge your intention in easy ways. The results can be totally magical.

1. We are all connected.    While intention is taught primarily as a self-motivated, self-focused endeavors and while there’s nothing wrong with intention for yourself (it is vital!!!) there is incredible power in recognizing that this is not just about US.

It’s about all of us, together.

Once I was out of a crisis state, It wasn’t enough to just focus on myself. Over the years, I couldn’t hold an intention “solely” for myself that was strong enough to make big leaps ahead in life. Things were good but they were not matching the amount of energy and high vibes and attention I was brining into my life.

I started shifting my focus.  I wanted more meaning.  I wanted something that felt more worthwhile.

I moved a lot of my intention from  “I want this for me.” to “I want this for me so that I can contribute more to the world, to my family, to my community, the environment…”

I meant it.  It excited me.  It strengthened my purpose.

I still have intentions just for me, but these bigger aims have been my momentum-builder.

2. Intention works powerfully in groups, even groups of a few. 

I started groups 8 years ago that I thought would be the best way to share all the Feng Shui with lots of people at once, a way to get this work out into the hands of people who wanted tools and practice. The Feng Shui Camps.  I thought it would be a great way to have people work on their homes on their own. What I didn’t realize was that the power of the group would be an X-factor, this next-level way that, together, everyone would rise in the ways they’d intended.

Eight years later, I, personally, can’t imagine my own life without these groups of focused intention. They are the heart of my own life-changes and the core of how this work has evolved over the last five years.

These groups are pure magic.  And it wasn’t the magic created by me— everyone came together to crate the magic.

Find a friend you trust and send intention to one another.  Join a group where you can send intention to one another.  This is really potent stuff.

If you read the book The Power of Eight by Lynne McTaggart you’ll see that this idea (unknown to me at the time) of groups holding intention for one another is a massive form of intentional miracle-making.

3. Your home mirrors your intention. 

This is what Feng Shui in my way is all about— your intention becoming more clear and strong and resonant in your space.  Your home is a representation of the people who live there.  When it becomes more intentional, life can change dramatically.

Here is the simplest place to start with Feng Shui if you’ve never done it before:

4. If it’s forced, it’s not as intentional. 

When you’re forcing things, you’re moving against the current.  Instead of forcing things, you can change the current and get in the flow.

Lots of us are raised to believe that force and struggle are a picture of success.  That is not a sustainable model of life.  It actually shuts down the flow of energy.  It makes things feel stuck.  It isn’t what you need and no one really loves stress, do they?!

5. Give and Receive. 

If you’ve been in a place whereto really need help, ASK for intention from people you trust.  Ask them to send you well-wishes, prayers, meditation, or simply to think of a situation for you as being resolved for a few minutes, even just once, and see the shift.  GIVE intention to others, even if you feel like you need to focus on you, for as you hold that picture of helping others in your mind, even for a few minutes, it can change everything.

There’s 100% nothing wrong with putting your attention on you.  But, also, staying linked to the larger, the collective of US as a big WE of humans, we are so much more profoundly and awesomely powerful.

Synergy.  Momentum.  Creativity. Humanity.  Manifesting Magic.

Here’s to all incredible things that are in the making right now!!!



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