2019’s Color Of The Year Can Fill Your Home With Happiness And Greater Sustainability!

Dec 7, 2018 | Creativity


Apparently, the color of the year selected by Pantone has stirred up a bit of controversy because it is called, “Living Coral” and natural coral has been bleaching and expiring due to incredible human pollution and climate change. So “Living Coral” is not as accurate a portrayal of the present as is “Endangered Coral” but, I will say, the focus on the ideal of glowing peach/red/pink Living Coral has inspired me to double-down on living with, and sharing ways to, bring radiant life back to Nature.

While we are going to get into the feng shui of this luminous Coral, first, let’s talk about living coral itself and how we can support it in thriving again.

It’s the color of the year with a rich and meaningful call to action!

Not only has the ocean become far hotter, a situation that stresses coral and causes it to “bleach” or expel it’s food, the algae that give the reefs their spectacular colors, the ocean pollution is having an incredible impact.

“As the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere rises due to emissions of fossil fuels, more of the gas is dissolving in the ocean. That is lowering the pH of the water, or making it more acidic, which can make it harder for reef-building organisms to construct their hard skeletons.” ~ National Geographic

I’ve been told by environmentalists that it’s just a hopeless situation and I am not of that mind.

After seeing just one video of the pilot launch of The Ocean Cleanup in the Pacific Ocean aimed at the Pacific Garbage Patch as well as all of the plastic it can collect, I realized that it’s not hopeless if we take global action.

All of us.  Every single one of us. Right now.

During this season of The Catalyst Camp Home and Life Decluttering immersion for the New Year, I’m adding a deep dive into Sustainability. It’s a huge focus of my life right now.

We all get overwhelmed by the tons of questions like — What’s the right lightbulb? how can I do this in an affordable way? What can I do about things like toothpaste? What about all the things I need to de-clutter from my house?

And the lists go on.

Not only is Sustainability vital for the planet, it is the most empowering feng shui, it’s a key to prosperity and a key to wellness.  What poisons the planet poisons us, too.  When we cut those things out, it’s all so much better.

So, let’s start with acting in ways that support the Coral.  We can all have a hand in keeping the coral alive in ways that my seem insignificant because we are each “just one person” but they are extremely significant!


Toxic Sunscreen is a big one:

Stop using sunscreens with oxybenzone (benzophenone-3 ) or octinoxate(octyl methoxycinnamate) as ingredients. This is poison for the ocean.  Even if you don’t live near the ocean, this stuff gets into our water supply.  Check your moisturizers and makeup and when you’re done with what you have, ate with your dollars for safer products.  There are so many available! And. while both are approved as sunscreen ingredients, both have been found by Environmental Working Group to be toxic to us as well.  

There is a whole long list of other strategies, which include:

…planting trees, going organic with all of your gardening and only supporting fishing that is ethical.  There are so many more right HERE. 

Every single action you take to reduce your carbon footprint and live far more Green is exceedingly important.

From my upcoming experimentation with shampoo bars (a whole new thing for me!) to my hunt for a white sage plant to grow my own smudge sticks,  this is my great adventure.

Are you feeling excited and hopeful about a focus on Living Coral?

In the process of all these steps you can take to be more “coral friendly” you’ll be more overall planet-friendly and, as a side benefit of all your conscious habits, you’ll be more tuned into the abundance of Nature.

Now let’s look at Coral— one of my very favorite home colors.  My dining room chairs are upholstered in a vintage-looking textured coral fabric.  My favorite pillows are coral.  I love coral colored walls more than pink or any version of a pink or violet for bedrooms.

Coral combines the calming of a pink with the life-affirming cheer or an orange and the active energy of a red.  Calm, focused action.  Wellness and adventure.  Bliss and fulfillment.

It’s a second-chakra energy balancing color, resonating with abundance, sensual living and creative magic.

What a spotlight of a theme for 2019!

There are so many energizing ways to bring more of this coral to your home.  I am on the lookout right now for a coral sweater. I feel warmer wearing coral.  It’s soft but strong.

From the color of your day planner to the pillows on your sofa, anywhere you can splash a bit of coral is so uplifting.

Even more importantly, any way you can support living coral is life-changing for us all.



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