The Prosperous Feng Shui Power Of Living More Sustainably!

Dec 14, 2018 | Prosperity

I’m most lit up these days by every single way that I can be more Sustainable in my choices.

I wrote a big post recently about the switches that I’ve made this year that have been more eco-friendly and earth-forward. But, I’m just getting started!

I’ve added months of Green Living Strategies to The Catalyst Camp Home + Life Decluttering that’s just opened (!) because these methods are so powerful for clearing clutter in life!  I’ll be sharing so much more on the blog about sustainability in the years to come.

It’s actually incredibly powerful feng shui!

The benefits of living more sustainably in my experience, in talking with friends, clients and experts have been off-the-charts amazing, not just for the planet, but also for our most prosperous lives!!!

Simplicity creates space.  That space is a magnet for prosperity!!!

When you’re being more sustainable, you’re likely to simplify your choices.  Just a basic idea: if you’re walking more, you’re likely to spend more time at local spots for food, coffee and fun rather than sitting in traffic or rushing around.

Also, you start to simplify all choices.  I dropped a lot of needless time-wasting from my life in shopping, flying around and feeling I always “needed” something.

In all that time and less stress, creativity soared!!!

Plus, you’ll likely save money.

Yes, there are quite costly brands of everything under the sun that are made sustainably, but, those aren’t all required to be sustainable.  Putting a plate over a bowl of leftovers instead of plastic wrap is a sustainable choice that costs zero dollars. Sure, I love the fancy re-useable wrapping paper made of bees wax, but a plate is perfect.

When I stopped buying things that were not needed, when I stopped buying things made in ways that I didn’t align with, all the impulse buys dropped out of my life.  I still love to shop for things I need or love, but shopping has a whole new meaning now— its a way to support the makers and artisans and brands I believe in, rather than just to get something I want.

The difference is vast!

Personal growth speeds up.  

When we consume and buy less “stuff” to fill temporary gaps in happiness we actually become more self-aware. If you’ve shopped in order to get “retail therapy” and a boost of happiness way more often than feels good, when you stop that impulse buying you get more real with yourself,

Solving problems and healing emotional issues becomes highlighted when attention shifts away from more “stuff” to get.  It’s amazing how much personal growth bloomed when scaling back on “impulse shopping.”

We connect to the Earth

Connecting to the Earth is connecting to our greatest power source.  Being part of the solution to heal the Earth supercharges life on a whole new dimension.

When you’re friends with someone, they help you out and you help them out.  I’ve found I’ve gotten a lot more support being friends with the Earth in terms of intuition, inspiration and creativity, and more from this year of increasingly-Earth-friendly changes I’ve made than ever before.

We drop stress and pressure.

Nature is calming. Eliminating the clutter of distractions takes the pressure off.  There’s far more flow.

We connect to one another. 

When joined together to heal our biggest collective home— the Earth— we are connecting on such a powerful level in intention and synergy.

We become more powerful at manifesting. 

When your mind is more clear, when you feel more grounded, when you have a more simplified and mindful life, you let go of resistance.  You aren’t focused on what you don’t have.  You are living more consciously and that is thrilling manifesting energy.

And, of course, the clutter becomes a thing of the past. 

It’s really hard to accumulate clutter when you’re on a path of less waste.  It’s easy to use up what you have and shop deliberately for new things, buying in bulk, making simpler choices.

Less clutter means— more time, more space, more focus, less feelings of being a victing, more wellness, more energy, more happiness, more, more more!!!

Living with less, living more Green, really is more.

Now please don’t get me wrong— I LOVE art, furniture, decor, fashion and lovely things.  I just curate my life now a whole lot more.

I can’t wait to see what the next level of Sustainability will bring!!!

Here’s to all the nature magic and earth-friendly, prosperous choices to make every day!!!



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xoxo Dana


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