Feng Shui For The Awesome Year Of Jupiter In Sagittarius!

Dec 18, 2018 | Feng Shui 101

Every day is always full of greatness and infinite potential, but, right now, there’s extra vibes in the skies that are here to stay for almost all of 2019!

The great big planet Jupiter has fully moved into the sign of Sagittarius. It’s a “big” planet. It’s a “big” theme. It’s “big” energy. It’s “big” awesomeness.

Jupiter is most at home in the sign of Sagittarius where it helps everything to shine brighter.

Jupiter acts like a magic wand: everything it touches becomes brighter and bolder, more lucky, more potent and more radiant.

That said, I believe YOU are a magic wand!

This new story in the cosmos can help you to activate your own magic even more so that everything you do becomes even more sparkling, more inspired and more connected to life in meaningful ways that have a big positive impact.


This Jupiter shift that started yesterday kicks off over a year of incredible cosmic themes:


I’m always sharing these themes, but, today, it’s incredibly fun to note that the cosmic forces are ever-more on our side through all of 2019 as we create greatness every day!


If you haven’t felt the change yet, it’s coming! This vibrant energy is thought to expand in power as we move into  the New Year.

Today’s big feng shui shifts can help you to harness all this prosperous, expansive, fun energy flowing in!!!

Yes, it is!

“Something amazing is going to happen today!”

Say it. Feel it. Know it. Let it sink in.

You may have heard me say this before, but it’s a favorite practice of mine to say this (whether silently or out loud!) even before I take a single step out of bed in the morning.

“Something amazing is going to happen today!”

Once I say it a few times, I get into the spirit of expecting greatness.

Even science has shown that we get much more of what we expect.

In my experience, you’ll see the results of these positive expectations pop up every day as synchronicity, genius ideas, amazing happenings and so much more that feels great.

Stay grounded.

Rooting into the day can keep you present, sparkling and unified with everyone around you.

Grounding is always great to do outside with your bare feet planted on the earth or while sitting with your back rested up against a tree absorbing all of that deeply rooted wisdom… but, in the Winter, that isn’t always as easy to do!

If you can’t get grounded outside, bring more Earth inside.

Collect pine cones, collect rocks. You can bring more crystals, clay pots and ceramics inside.

Also, as a simple practice, you can do a few minute deep-breathing exercise where you imagine that you can breathe through your feet and connect to the core of the Earth.

  • Imagine that as you inhale deeply that you’re allowing energy of your favorite color to flow up from the core of the Earth through your feet and into your body.
  • Let that colorful energy swirl through your body and, then, when you exhale send that energy back down into the Earth through your feet again.
  • Inhale again and bring in that beautiful Earth energy. Then exhale and send it back to the Earth with gratitude.

You can repeat this until you feel more settled and grounded. I do it several times a day when I’m in a big whirlwind of activity and it always helps me to feel sharper and more present!

magenta landscape

Favorite colors.

While there’s tons in feng shui about intentional colors and the power of colors to create life-shifts, everything starts with what you love.

Our favorite colors fuel us. They connect us to our favorite feelings. They bring in universally amazing energy.

Do you see your favorite colors around you? Do you wear them?

Whether it’s a throw blanket, curtains, a shirt or anything else in your favorite colors, bring them in and watch the energy shine around you…!

Embrace Peace and Elevate Life.

See if there’s a choice you can make to keep the peace without compromising your voice and your truth.

Keep your energy high and stay rooted in LOVE.

Get more sleep and really de-compress every day.

See if you can surround yourself with more softness (plush pillows, soft sweaters and the like) as it helps to create more welcome and more of a sense of receptivity. Soft is the most magnetic of energy, so it’s great for bringing in more prosperity, too!

Living more green and eco-friendly is the ultimate connection we can make with our ultimate manifesting-magic power source— the planet!

Clear space for all the expansion ahead!!!

Whether you need more space in your schedule, in your mind, in your heart or in your closets… all that clear space can help you to grow exponentially.

Releasing what isn’t serving us opens so many doors to all that magic of the year ahead.

There are so many ways I’ve been shifting my home and life to get ready for a big fresh start:

Space clearing. Whether it’s opening windows, mopping floors or burning sage, it is powerful.

Organizing. For me, it was a new storage dresser DIY project in the bathroom that changed my days for the better. For you it may be a cleared-off desk top or new files (real paper ones or computer files) that make it easier to navigate your days.

Letting things go. Forgiveness. Donations. Journalling out my thoughts to clear my mind. Gifting things I don’t need to people who do need them.

All of it, as simple as it may seem, can signal the start of a bigger positive life revolution than you may have ever anticipated.


Here’s to multiplying your manifesting magic while making the most of every day!



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