2019 Is A Year Full Of Feng Shui Magic!

Dec 28, 2018 | Feng Shui 101

I chopped off about six inches of hair, feeling the spirit of the lightness that’s on the way in the New Year. I’ve also started gifting tons of books to make space for new ideas, cleaning and polishing all the forgotten places in my house, making big lists and organizing drawers… and it all feels so good!

A few months ago I started looking ahead to 2019- from the stars and planets to the colors and energy shifts- and I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted to share all of this!!!

Whether you’re reading this when I first posted it, or any time along the way of the year, you are tuning into the magic!

So if you’re ready to make a breakthrough, the breakthroughs are always waiting for you, and, in 2019, everywhere you look there’s more confirmation from the Universe to do it now!

The themes of 2019 are light, fresh, full of love and magnetic abundance– literally every positive word you can imagine applies to the year ahead!!!– and it’s all fueled by a deep sense of purpose.

All the 2019 feng shui is HERE! And, of course, if you’d rather read it, it’s all below as well!


If, indeed, the next four months do set up the foundation for the next 20 years, the overarching idea here is to follow your bliss and live with purpose!

Jupiter in Sagittarius for most of 2019 illuminates life with more ease, more optimism and, some say, way more synchronicity and lucky energy. I’m a believer that we make our own luck, and this focus on the bright side of things is an extremely powerful luck-maker!  

There are Five Eclipses… and the first one is in the first week of the year!   Every one of the eclipses is about releasing what’s not needed and stepping into a more harmonious and powerful place in life.

Saturn is in Capricorn + Uranus is in Taurus— Both are here for most of the year, and both emphasize the deep need for creating a system of organization, or some profound re-organization, in order to allow life to expand.

How can you align your thoughts, words and actions more with your big dreams this year? How can you tune into more optimism and avoid things that drain your energy? How can you get more ORGANIZED?


The Earth Pig is known in the Chinese Zodiac for bringing more love, joy and fortune to everyone. Earth energy is fertile, stable and creative. The Earth Pig is thought to be loyal, passionate about work and a lover of life.

So much more is coming on the Earth Pig year as it gets closer, but to start…

Where can you align your schedule more to have time to pursue your passions?   How can you find more to enjoy in every day… even if every dream hasn’t (yet) come true?


Pantone’s color this year is Living Coral— this sweet, warm, cheerful, exuberant color that can add tons of energy to your home, your wardrobe, everywhere. Coral- with its mix of pink and orange- brings fire energy to spark change.

Living Coral is more than just a color- it’s a call to action. The coral reefs need our help and attention to stay alive. The whole planet needs our attention and love. The more you can simplify your life, live more sustainably and take actions like planting trees, wearing non-toxic sunscreens (*a big issue for the coral reefs) or skipping plastic straws benefits the whole planet and every living being.

You can learn more about feng shui + Living Coral right HERE! 

For now, as you get ready for a fresh start—

What simple action/actions can you take this year live more green, simply and sustainably?! Not only is this awesome for the planet, these changes create tons of prosperous energy. 


My sister Nicole wrote up the full numerological story of 2019 for us right HERE.

2019 is a “3” year in Numerology, otherwise known as The Joy of Living! 

Fun, creating, making, reveling in the beauty of every day…

The key here is the idea of heading out into the world and engaging with life, literally making the magic happen!

Where can you take a more active role in socializing? Can you take steps to start, or to continue, a creative project that is ready for a boost? 

It’s an active year, and, as it’s likely become clear, there are high vibes everywhere you look!

To get yourself energetically ready for the awesomeness of 2019, or to hook up to that energy any time throughout the year when you’re ready for a next level of commitment or a new focus–


You may have no idea how to get what you want, but don’t let that stop you from deciding that you want it!!! Settling is not thrilling. Aim for what makes you feel most alive and thrilled about every day!


If you don’t know what you want to focus on yet in terms of “goals” in the year ahead,let your feelings be your goals. Feeling amazing is the greatest way to multiply your manifesting magic! That kind of passion for life always prevails.


Clearing all your clutter is the grandest way to make a fresh start, but it’s not always possible to clear it all out in one day. Even the tiniest clearing project (a wallet, a purse, a drawer) can get the momentum flowing!   If you’re ready to finally conquer your home & life clutter, you can join us in the Catalyst Camp for just one more day!


If you’ve been doing the same things and expecting new results, now is the time to look at life with fresh eyes. This year ahead is all about CREATIVITY. While there’s creative inspiration everywhere around us, tapping into our own inner guidance is a profound practice!

A journalling practice is a great way to clear your mind and hear your intuition shining through.

I like to free-write a few pages in a notebook, writing down literally anything that comes to mind, whether it makes sense of not.  

Once I’m in that flow of Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages, I’ll start asking myself questions in my journal about something I need to solve.

I’ll write out the question(s) I want to solve, then I just start writing, jotting down anything that comes to mind as I attempt to answer the question I just asked.

In mysterious ways, the answers I need often slip through my pen and onto the page. The less I think, the more the ideas and answers come clearly!

CLEAN YOUR HOUSE. It’s life-changing on so many levels to have a sparkling house!

Your home is a mirror of your life, so when you polish your home, you are making your life more clear. That’s a huge theme for this year.

Use a few drops of essential oil as you clean (*lemon, orange and lavender are favorites) for a dose of brightness. Add a teaspoon of salt to your cleaning solutions for extra purifying power. Clean with white vinegar mixed with equal parts of water to help things shine!

Fall in love with housecleaning and it can be a tool for big life transformation, instantly shifting the energy around you!

Enjoy the big wave of love, synchronicity, creative genius, and joy that’s carrying us into a brilliant New Year.

2019, we’re so ready for you!

xoxo Dana


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