To Manifest So Much More, Follow Your Feelings!

Jan 2, 2019 | Creativity, Prosperity

follow your feelings

Follow your feelings to manifest much more of what you want.

Truly, this can be a creative revolution.

My life expanded in more ways that I could have imagined all based on this very simple idea:  feeling great every day really s the goal.

And, when the New Year approached, when I tried doing my more traditional ways of goal-setting and visioning, I realized that it was almost limiting to quantify what I wanted.  Had I quantified things last year, I would have missed out on most the greatness that came forth.

I couldn’t write a list of rigor for the New Year and all the rigor I was willing put into what I wanted. I tried to listen to a popular podcast a few days ago and shut it off when I heard all about extremes and “crushing it.”

Something big proved itself to me last year and I am not giving up on this feeling.

Excitement. Appreciation.  Presence.  Feeling really incredible.

Do I have dreams, plans and things I want to experience?

Yes! So many!!!

But, the way I look at them is now very different.  And, this difference has moved me from an “achievement” mindset where I’d go for what I wanted at all costs (and the costs were usually my health, balance and happiness along the way) to a place of greater alignment where bigger things come with more fun, more flow and way more magic.

There’s nothing wrong with having goals… I have many!

But, instead of striving… I am all about harnessing the feng shui of flow!!!

Follow your feelings to manifest more.

Any time of the year, if you want to get into greater place of real fulfillment– and more manifesting magic– see what would happen if your feelings are the goals!

Getting clear on what you want is always a good place to start because if you’re going after the dreams other people have for you— rather than what you truly desire– you’ll always be sort of striving to squeeze yourself into someone else wishes.  You can’t be your most undeniably you when you’re looking to fulfill other people’s dreams.  It’s hard to express your style your talents and your unique ways of living when you’re looking to live up to a societal standard of excellence rather than what you want.

So, look at what you want and see if it’s what you want.

That’s very clarifying.

There are a set of things that well-known wellness experts tend to do that are just not for me at all. When I’ve tried, I felt like I was living someone else dream. Early on, I realized that certain things just were not for me.

There are things I do that are very different from what other people do in my circles.  They are me.  They feel incredible.

I don’t think twice about it now. I’m not running a race of trying to compete because I love my friends and seeing them succeed is a thrill, and no one does what I do the way that I do it. The more “me” I am, the more it all flows.

Take a look at what’s on your goal list and make sure you’re doing it because you want to and not because it’s what other people are doing.  This can save you a lot of time, energy and, most importantly it gets you aligned with your genius!!!

When you look at the thing (or many things) you want… what is the feeling that you get when you imagine they’ve arrived? 

A feeling of creative autonomy— a creative freedom and clearer voice—  was what I wanted most to feel when I looked at everything in the year past.

The more I got into that feeling in my every day life, the more I started cooking again, the more I started reading new books, the more I tooling walks and experimented with new ideas and avoided things I used to think were creative outlets.  I wrote what I wanted, I started speaking up as I wanted, I fed myself the feelings I was craving all day long.

I crossed almost everything off of my to-do list that wasn’t feeling right. Big things.  Things I didn’t think I’d ever cross out.

And… I wondered for a bit about what would come next.

Instead of worrying or thinking about it, though, I kept on doing things that felt amazing.

First, a huge design job came… and then, a pivotal moment happened when I decided in an instant to start The School Of Intention– the radically new Feng Shui School that’s a whole method in itself.

Since then, every single thing I do is full of that feeling of creative freedom.

My next set of goals has a new feeling attached to them… an evolution from creative autonomy to something even more new for me.

Bringing that new feeling into life every day is absolutely epic. It also reorganizes the universe in profound ways.

How can you feel more of the feelings that you’re hoping your goals will bring to you when they’re realized?

If you let those feelings be the guide, they’re like going to show you what you can discard, what you can focus on, what clutter can be cleared and what talents you can expand upon.  They’ll show you a way to feel that feeling, whatever it is, more and more every day.

Naturally, things will drop out that you don’t need. And, naturally, things will appear that you’ve been wanting.

If you have things to do that have to be done that aren’t feeling that awesome… find a way to enjoy them.

How can you enjoy more of the job you don’t enjoy? How can you find more to appreciate about people you don’t particularly like but have to deal with at the moment?

The answers are personal, but I can tell you that my last day job was the most miserable and seemed endless and that I’d never be able to be out on my own many years ago doing all of this… but, when I decided to find ways to enjoy it more and more every day, this career exploded so big that I had no choice but to leave.  I was too busy to stay there.

Had I not found things to enjoy about every day I spent there (from meditation breaks and walks to learning new skills and connecting to new people) I would still be there.  I am sure of it.  My dissatisfaction was casting a cloud on my whole life.  The day job didn’t change– but my perspective changed.  That changed everything!

So… as you embark on making amazing things happen…

  • Create what YOU want.
  • Follow the FEELING that you are after.
  • ENJOY even the less enjoyable things along the way.

And, when you’re engaged in all this feeling great, it’s easy to work passionately, jump over obstacles, build momentum and create like crazy.

I still work a whole lot, a crazy-lot sometimes, but it feel totally different— energizing, thrilling and far more fun.

Here’s to feeling great and living your best life every single day!




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xoxo Dana


  1. Maru

    Enjoying even the less than enjoyable….
    I can not so the crushing it thing either. It has never been a language that I could HEAR.
    Practicing positivity in a very negative situation wore me out.
    So I practiced love kindness and self care with myself durring these negative events. I allowed myself to be hurt, to feel sadness. I love me through these down times.
    I am crushing it! A light that burns to fast and too bright burns out faster. Sometimes I go dim, I flicker and dance in the winds….conserving my energy for when I can freely blaze. Not burning up energy uselessly. I am stronger and happier this way.

    • danaclaudat

      this is soooo beautiful!!! yes to strong, happy and connected to all your feelings! xoxo!!!


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