Feng Shui To Get Into The Swing Of Things When You’re Not That Motivated!

Jan 6, 2019 | Creativity

Amazing thing are always on the way.

If you’re not motivated or “feeling it” it can be tempting to try to get into the “spirit” of things by hyping up lots of motivation.

I have done it all… a bunch of coffee, a lot of getting “motivated” listening to motivational videos, doing some sort of wild exercise…

Anything to try to “move myself” into action.

It would work, for sure, for a while. Then, if the race for what I wanted wasn’t coming fast enough, the motivation would need to pile on more and more.

Motivation became it’s own job, and I thought it was all “successful” and super positive because hey, I do such fun things, until, after hitting a breaking point last January when 16 hours a day of sleep wasn’t enough.

I cancelled all my travel and got really into the power of home that I love to share on a whole new level. I barely even drove around, walking almost everywhere and meeting people locally. I didn’t really know what came next, but I knew something was on the way.

It arrived. A new Feng Shui School. A new design partnership I’ve always wanted. A new exercise flow. A new way of looking at life. Deeper love. All of it.

This past year changed my whole perspective on what it meant to welcome in the awesome things on the way.   And, now, coming back from holiday, it’s fun to wake up the flow again and share some more easy motivation that’s been getting things back to a place of inspiration.


First let me say that we all need rest and no one is meant to work at Level 10 on every level at every moment.

That’s really important.

But if you’re feeling really unmotivated, and it’s hard to shake that spacey feeling, now it a great time to get into to a more powerful flow again.

After a holiday, I’m right there with you, easing into a creative place after my mind has been on vacation!

Take the pressure off. 

When I slashed my schedule down to what mattered most, and I didn’t insist any more on always doing everything instantly, life became so much easier.

If you’ve been pressuring yourself to get things done very fast, can you take (at least some of) the pressure off!?

Find a connection. 

When I’m not feeling like doing something, I used to make myself do it anyway.

This is working against the flow of energy. It’s the opposite of feng shui!

Finding my way back into the flow this year started with tapping into my passion for sustainability and strategies for healing the planet from toxic pollution.

More than 15 huge posts are on the way to the blog and You Tube, step-by-step, that are rocking my green-living-loving world! This is so personal to me, I get so so excited about this, it’s a no-brainer! Every single bit of information is so life-changing.

I have so many things to create about that are so inspiring now, I’ve found my way back.

How can you find your way back to a personal connection with all that’s on the to-do list?

Do more of what’s most inspiring.

I have so many things I love to do that get shelved in the world of “being so busy.”

I don’t consider “busy” to be a badge of honor any more- I consider it to be a sign that I need to get reorganized or drop some things!

Whatever lights you up, even if it’s an unrelated hobby as opposed to your main tasks at hand right now, it is a great big deal that you do it! This pleasure is a potent natural motivator!!!

Do you have more to do that you love that hasn’t made it into your schedule yet?

Flood your home with freshness. 

You can do some cleaning or clearing daily. Something as easy as straightening up a room can reorganize the day!

You can add flowers to your house every week, my old favorite thing to do that’s on its way back today! A bunch of flowers is a small investment in incredible joy at home. I also have a few plant pots to fill with new plants, and I can’t wait to get this done!

You can diffuse some essential oils. For me that means adding drops of some favorites into my bath and shower. You might have a diffuser that fills the air with a whole atmosphere of renewal.

You can also upgrade your home in easy ways! Right now, my biggest freshening is swapping out the art in my bedroom, painting over the old paintings, infusing them full of new golden energy. I’m also loving the new LED twinkle lights that are on my mantle, filled with twinkling vibes.

Simple things make a huge difference!

Natural energy. 

I started eating more vegetables than ever, tons of super nutritionally-dense foods like tons of greens, steamed veggie snacks and lots of fruit despite the “Keto” high fat and veggie and low fruit trend that’s exploded in the past year in my world of wellness and the global trends.

Oh the difference it’s made: a huge glowing difference!

I also stopped using green tea as a boost, opting for naps or meditation instead.

Mind you, this is all really easy. It was so easy I didn’t think it would make such a huge difference.

Reading the Medical Medium books were fascinating lessons in high-quality supplements, herbal teas and healing foods in the form of wild blueberries and mango, asparagus and artichokes.

I learned that eating every few hours did more for me than I could ever imagine.

We all have our ways of eating that feel best. Embracing the simple ways to shore up more long-term energy rather than quick bursts that sap us of vitality in the long run— this is the strategy that has been life-changing.

Rest more than you think you need to!

How you want to feel is more important than rampant accomplishment. I can tell you, when I was exhausted at the start of 2018, no accomplishment felt worth what I had unknowingly done to my body.

You don’t have to be totally burned out to make this switch. Make it now!

It was my false assumption that because I was so full of high vibe enthusiasm, that there’s no way I could be doing something to burn myself out.

We all need big rest as much as inspired action.

Now, I resist the urge to follow my bursts of motivation into the middle of the night. It’s an old habit. I know what it brings, even if it’s fun in the moment.

Quality over quantity. 

Focus on the energy of what you’re creating. What feels amazing IS amazing. I’d rather read one great book rather than a bunch of “okay” ones. I fact, I donate the “okay” ones right away now and save myself the time and energy.

Quality time with people, quality work, quality quality quality.

And, of course, all that quality means creating and doing much more that’s infused with your highest vibes!

Here’s to getting into the flow again without force!



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