Going With The Flow Does Not Mean Settling For Things!

Jan 12, 2019 | Creativity, Prosperity


“Going with the flow!” is really important to me.  I mean, as a concept it’s enormous.  No force, no stress, no pushing things, no pressure…

But, when it comes to creating things- be it a creative project, a job, a relationship, anything— I would often get a little too passive when “going with the flow.”

I used to think that it meant that I don’t really need to do anything, just accept what comes or reject what comes.

This very awesome concept of “flowing with life” was very twisted in my mind, and when I first tried it in an effort to reduce stress many years ago, it led me to believe I was “unlucky” and “broken” and maybe just not “destined” to have what I wanted.

What was flowing to me by “going with the flow” was not at all what I wanted.  I said YES to things I didn’t really want because, “Hey, that was what was flowing!”

I accepted things I didn’t want because that’s what showed up!

“Going with the flow” is super-powerful.  But, the thing I missed in this equation was that I was able to direct the flow, increase the flow and decide far more of what was flowing!

Today let’s look at all the ways to embrace this kind of “going with the flow” and manifest madly while having so much more fun!

There are two broadly defined schools of thought on how life works, to be extremely general:

  1. I’m the creator of my life and responsible for making things happen.
  2. I’m here to sort of react to whatever is happening to me in life.

As the “creator of my life” I knew only one thing— achievement.  I drove myself mad in the pursuit of things I wanted.  I believed that “X quantity of hard work = X results.”

The sure was that I was working so hard I was falling apart at the seams and I was not seeing the results multiply!  I had reached a dead end, and, 15 years ago, so did my body.  Enough was enough.

So, I embraced “going with the flow” in a way that was also extreme– I would take whatever comes to me.  And, as I mentioned, in this extremely passive way, not much came that I wanted.

I went through both modes in extreme— and I still was not at all pleased with what was happening.

When I learned about Feng Shui, I was my first client.  Really, I was my only client as I had no intention of creating any sort of business or career of this for a really long time.

One of the first ideas about “flow” and “energy” that I learned was that energy needed to flow freely:

Where energy was blocked, life got stagnant and things felt dull and  failed to manifest. 

At home, energy gets stuck in ways like: piles of clutter, broken things, no organization… negative people, negative associations to things… and all the other messy things you can imagine.

I decided to actively, excitedly, open up the flow in my own life.

When things got cleaned up, the flow in my LIFE followed.  Things moved with greater speed and energy!

I started to see that I could actively “connect” to this flow, rather than trying to chase things or sitting back and seeing what would randomly arrive:

When things are done with a deeper personal connection, they are imbued with more creative power.  

At home and in life this means: Where can I be comfortable? Where can I be more interested? Where can I feel more invested? Where can I express myself more fully— wither in expressing my style or speaking up more fully?

This idea of connection realigned my life slowly-but-surely so that I was really connected to my days in personal ways.  I wasn’t running after things or idly wishing for them… I was creating them with inspiration, more and more, every day.

Intention can direct the flow of energy. 

When things in life are infused with your Intention (goals, purpose, meaning, desire) — be it your home design done with Feng Shui, or your schedule, or your habits or rituals, or anything else— they become potent.


What I was missing in the idea of “going with the flow” was that I was able to create the flow, accelerate the flow and direct the flow… and I could do all of this without being an insane workaholic or taking and extreme stance of wishing and waiting idly for it to arrive. 

How things fall into place, how they grow, flow, build and change— how they FLOW– was a reflection of how much clear space I had, how much I felt present and connected to my day and how much intention I was focusing on my day-to-day life.

If the flow isn’t happening— you may want to clear some clutter, get organized or find a way to connect more personally with what you’re doing!

If the flow is not bringing you what you want— see if you can get more clear on your Intention and feel that energy carry you to new creative places. 

As I started to Feng Shui my home and life, “going with the flow” became the Gold Standard because I was creating the flow in the most fun of all ways.

Expecting lots of great things to arrive for you is ridiculously awesome and powerful!

Being ready for them, having space for them, and being clear on the great feelings you want to feel (*all that Intention in action!) can speed things to you with greater ease. 

It’s not idle wishing or trying to do mental tricks… nor is it working like mad, competing, stressing  or anything else that’s forced and leads to utter drain.

It’s actively creating every day, feeling fantastic, knowing that everything is possible and seeing that possibility flow in your life!

I wish I understood this before five rounds of burnout in my life and a whole lot of waiting for luck to come (!) but I’m happy I finally sunk in!!!

Make your own luck.  Choose yourself. Design your life, your way.  Stay light.

The flow you’ll feel is undeniably powerful because you’ve created it!!



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