8 Habit Shifts To Create A Life Of Even More Abundance!

Jan 14, 2019 | Prosperity

Whenever I’m looking for more magic my days, I realize that I’ve sort of lost my personal connection to what I’ve been doing. Whether I’ve been so busy that I’ve been running more on “autopilot” or I’ve become jaded with the same-same and haven’t shaken things up in a while, or anything else— it all takes me out of the magic zone.

I’m about to sit down for my ten minute “basic” meditation (my “method” is super-simple–closed eyes, siting on a couch, paying attention to my breathing, refocusing on my breathing when all kinds of thoughts pop up) and I got struck by the inspiration to share some small habit shifts that have popped up as I’ve been tuning in more to my own personal rhythm.

You may not have a lot of habits that pull you out of the moment and into a sort of automatic go-go-go where the manifesting power you have drains out of life, but I know that I did! Dozens of them! Small shifts in my habits have been met with the instant rewards of loving life so much more.

From there… everything becomes more connected, meaningful, magical and abundant…!!!

Here are some of the shifts in habits that helped flood my days with more fulfillment and creativity, possibility and opportunity.  Your habits to shift may be totally different from mine, but the idea is the same— transform the less-than-awesome things you’re doing into something far more amazing!

1. Social Media is no longer setting the tone of the morning.   

My great big shift : Mindfulness in the morning is more rewarding than Social Media Scrolling. Mornings are for my journal. Buddhist practice.  The fur babies.  Showers in aromatherapy. Supercharged cups of tea.

Mornings used to be, unwittingly, a quick digital jog through Facebook, Instagram, You Tube… and then, the day was hazy— or even upset–  from the get-go.  I wasn’t losing the power in my days when I was starting the morning connected to a digital feedback loop.

I still scroll through all of the stuff, but now I do it when I’m wide awake, when I have a very real time limit and when I am already rooted in my day.

2. Judgement can shift to Appreciation.

I’m not sure we can live in a world without distinctions like “right” and “wrong” or “good” and “evil.” I mean, objectively speaking, nothing is ever all good or all bad… but we need some way to tune our personal moral compass, to discern, to make decisions…

Living without any sense of judgement is too radical for me.  But, too much judgement has crated walls in my life where they didn’t need to be.

I started finding things to appreciate about the things I hold judgement toward. And, in the process, I saw my own walls coming down.

When I’d see a movie I didn’t like , I’d just blurt out— “oh, it was so bad!”

Now I started to move the the bad movie had a great soundtrack, it was amusing, I loved the color schemes, I thought the premise was great.

I wasn’t all that bad.  And, actually, it was entertaining even if it wasn’t going down in the history books as greatest of all time.

Admiring things/people/places I am apt to judge has helped me to be a better creator.  It’s opened doors to things I once didn’t look at.  It’s eased my own self-criticism.  Its been an extremely expansive habit shift, and it’s easy to do!

3. Slow down insta-shopping.

Instant shopping filled my life at home point with so much that was designed to make me happy even if the happiness lasted for a few minutes.  Consuming “things”, buying things, getting things… it’ all never been as easy as it is now to get that fix of “new dress!” or “new gadget!” or anything else.

Now, I shop as an “art” rather than a “sport.”   I stopped instantly shopping when the impulse would grab me, and started thinking it over instead.  I now make choices that are far more rewarding on every level.

4. Turn Worry Time into Dreaming Time.

When I feel a worry creeping in, I make a shift.

I’ve found this 100% accurate in my life:  “Worry is like praying for what you don’t want.”

When I get even the small sense of a worry creeping into the day, I start something dreamy. Taking a walk to daydream, doing a visualization, writing a wish list… anything dreamy!

5. Expert advice comes second to Personal Guidance.  Oh, the time I spent denying all my inner guidance and believing that other people knew so much more of what was best for me!!!  Yes, there are times I will get expert guidance— I don’t know it all!  But, when it comes to daily life decisions, I’m no longer wondering what a friend/guru/predictive device has to say about what I should do next.  When I’m tempted to find an expert to advise me on things I can decide for myself, now I do some mediation, take a nap and head to my Buddhist Temple for a few hours.  Inner guidance finds its way!  It’s helped me to align my life in my own best way.  Keeping your own counsel is powerful stuff.

6. Swap Sitting for More Movement.

What an easy one to spot! I’ve been sitting for 45 minutes, and now I am going to take a shower and do some yoga before my 10 minute meditative sit-down.  I passed the point where the sitting was good.  Its all up-up-up now!!!

7. Switch from “grabbing some food” to “making some food.”

When I’d look for quick things to grab all day long (even the healthiest ones) I would waste countless hours, I’d become far too hungry between meals and I wasn’t as well-fed!  I stated making nearly everything about a year ago— driven in part by my love of sustainability and also quite deeply by my creative love of cooking that had fallen by the wayside.

Very occasionally I’ll grab some food.  As carrots and cauliflower is roasting right now with a tahini dressing standing by, I am pretty happy about this habit switch.  It’s incredibly rewarding if you have the time (*or can make the time) to make the switch!!!

I’m so much more creative, I feel so much more ingenious, satisfied, healthy and even save lots of money in the process!

8. Moving from really hard work to really aligned with what I’m creating changed my life completely.

Hard work has not been the magic cure to my problems in the past. I was working 16-18 hours a day at one point and completely underwater in bills and super broke. If that’s what I got from extremely hard work, I couldn’t imagine how much harder I’d have to work to actually make my life abundant.

Now, when I feel that “hard work” grueling feeling of dread creeping into the day and I start steeling myself to “power through” I know that it’s time to find a better way. Creativity. Rest. Interest. Curiosity.

This one I credit more helping me create most of the things that I love!

Habit switches reorganize your energy flow.

They make space.

And, most importantly, they can help you find so much more joy in every day!!!



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