The Lunar New Year Of The Pig In 2019 Is Full Of Richness And Delight!

Jan 29, 2019 | Feng Shui 101


I have not felt deeply moved by a Lunar New Year since the Year of the Sheep. It was the year I did my first live feng shui talk in Los Angeles, all about the Sheep year, and it was a landmark year for me. I was feeling all the Sheep themes, and it was so much fun.

The Year of the Pig has me even more moved by its themes– richness, sensory goodness, beauty, creative expression, prosperity, completing things…

It’s all the themes of creative awakening, inspired action and reveling in life that I love so much!!!

Today, I’m excited to share the feng shui for the Lunar New Year of the Pig that I wait for each year from Dr. Gabriele Van Zon. It’s all so lush and fun this year, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!


Feng Shui Bliss with the Happy Pig and the Wild Boar! by Dr. Gabriele Van Zon, Feng Shui Universal

Good News! The year of the Pig is forecast to be peaceful and harmonious. In Chinese astrological forecasts the year of the Wild Boar is perhaps a bit more yang due to a preference for the more masculine aspects of life. In our western culture we are ready for the year of the brown pig, more yin and feminine in character, and ruled by the stability and security of the earth element.

Our vision for the year ahead should reflect the many positive traits of the pig as well as the boar. The Boar is resourceful, intelligent and determined to forge ahead. Clear goals and a plan of action are crucial in laying the groundwork for success in the New Year.

The Pig, a bon vivant and epicurean, likes the finer things in life and longs for all to be well on earth.

On the annual charts of Chinese astrology the elements are well-balanced with emphasis on fire and water. The year is ruled by the earth element which creates a favorable scenario for a nurturing and peaceful environment. According to predictions, the year of the Pig is filled with opportunities for creating wealth and prosperity, more so than recent years.

If we emulate the positive traits of the Pig and follow the basic principles of feng shui, we have an optimal chance of fulfilling our personal wishes. The Pig is self-indulgent and prefers to relax in comfort and luxury. Personal well-being is a must and surroundings should be aesthetically pleasing. The pig personality enjoys tradition and culture with a keen eye for beauty and good taste. Once basic needs for well-being have been met, the Pig is altruistic, kind and generous. In the hierarchy of needs, feng shui always advocates that basic needs have to be met for successful pursuit of higher goals.

Shape your year of the Pig and Wild Boar with feng shui recommendation:

  • Create a plan of action and set clear goals.
  • Look at your world with the eye of an aesthete.
  • Endow objects with an aura of symbolic value.
  • Discriminate and pick quality nutrition with the expertise of an epicurean.
  • Indulge sensory experiences by engaging all five senses.
  • Fill your space with the rich sounds of your favorite music.
  • Diffuse Frankincense and Myrrh, the wise men’s gifts of fine scents.
  • Use red to spark new ideas and boost energy.
  • Create your personal spa ambiance with soft towels and fragrant oils.
  • Thus refresh and replenish your energy.
  • Use mirrors to reflect your best possessions.
  • Use lights to illuminate what’s meaningful and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Light up dark corners.
  • Favor the earth element by space-clearing earth sectors of the bagua.
  • Enhance the center and display a vase to collect the gifts from the universe.
  • Connect to your deeper self by meditating.
  • Sink into what’s plush and comforting.
  • And remember, according to Miss Piggy, “the best things in life are free.”

The pig is the 12th and last in the parade of zodiac animals, therefore the plan of action should include completion. The end of a cycle is always fertile ground for finishing projects and tying up loose ends. With a clean slate the future is wide open for renewal and transformation.

Thank you for sharing this Gabriele!  I look forward every year to your in-depth analysis of the Lunar New Year energies!



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I’m so excited to share this with you!!!




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