8 Feng Shui Ways To Get Things Completely Finished That Have Been Lingering!

Feb 4, 2019 | Prosperity

I have always been fan of completing things, but not always the best at accomplishing that aim. Too much builds up, distractions mount and then, suddenly, what I wanted to do Monday happens a month from Monday, and I feel defeated rather than excited when it’s done.

I’m not a giant fan of forcing anything. I used to try to get worked-up and think that the stress would motivate me, but that just deflated my spirits even more.

I needed natural motivation, and the only way I knew to find it was to change the energy around me!

Today, here are 10 of my favorite feng shui ways to get things completely done!

I was obsessed with doing gluten and grain free Specific Carbohydrate Diet food at the start of The Tao of Dana on this blog. The posts took countless hours to design and execute. They were a flash of early inspiration — each with it’s own very big meaning– and they never got far because they were more fun to imagine than to actually make!

Now, I’m reconsidering this… but… for a solid 8 years there was no space for it in my life or work.

This brings me to my first idea of the day:

Say Goodbye to what you don’t like to do.

If you don’t love the process of doing something, and that something is not essential to your life, let it go. I know you weren’t likely expecting me to say that you can just ditch things, but… sometimes it’s worthwhile. If I stubbornly pushed myself to make more of these, I would have wasted hundreds of hours because the joy was lost in the process.

Collaborate/ Get help: Of course, if they meant more to me, I could have collaborated with someone who was really good at the things I wasn’t good at— sourcing vendors, doing pricing, and managing the manufacture. And that’s the second strategy: get help with the parts you don’t love of the process if you really want to get something done that’s stalled out.

I know writers who hire professionals to do book proposals and editing. I know web designers who work with developers to execute their ideas.

I have an interior designer who builds custom furniture and does upholstery for me. I simply don’t have the interest or the bandwidth, and this collaboration allows me to design freely while these vital details are covered. Without this help, I would have to turn down many high-profile jobs.

Energize your environment so you’re naturally more motivated: This is my daily routine. Energizing me, energizing my home, energizing my work. That energy echoes out everywhere. but, how to do you energize anything?

Set an intention. Do a little Space Clearing. Do some cleaning. Do some dancing around to music. Make a smoothie. Make a salad.

Fresh Energy goes the distance!!!

Organize more: Right now, if you’re reading it around the time I wrote it, Saturn is in Capricorn and Uranus is in Taurus. I have naturally spent some time in the evenings chatting with friends while organizing drawers, reorganizing my computer, organizing paperwork… all of it!

Organization brings in the flow.

Mint is my motivator: Mint tea, all kinds of mint essential oils and candles, even natural peppermint body cream– -it all wakes up my senses and helps me to focus. This is a create mind-clearing tool that is inexpensive and easy to try. NOTE: mint essential oils in the late afternoon and evening can keep you awake like late afternoon coffee, so keep it to the early part of the day!

Celebrate small steps: Right now, beside me, is a paper I need mail somewhere right now. Once it’s done, I have accomplished something big, even though it’s such a small thing. My rewards have already been decided, and I can’t wait to celebrate this small finish of something I don’t love to do!

Small steps are amazing and worth celebrating.

Remember WHY: The purpose behind your actions is the greatest of all sources of power. When I’ve been really tired and lacking inspiration in the past, I’d get a message from someone about a blog post, an email or a video that reminded me EXACTLY WHY I show up and keep on creating. Your reason why can be your greatest engine, propping you use when it seems like the flow of outside inspiration is slowing down around you.

Use RED: If you find red appealing, use it to get things done. That paper that needs to be mailed is beside me, peeking out of a red envelope. Red marker on a to-do list captures your eyes and attention. Wearing red can even bring me a boost!

And, this is just the start. I love creative planning, visual inspiration, wish lists, manifesting games and all kinds of imaginative ways to get more done and completely completed!!!

Whatever shifts the energy around you is always a great place to start. Following that initial burst of fresh energy, so much can change for the very best!

xoxo!!! Dana

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