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Feb 12, 2019 | Creativity


After spending last year busy in piles of creative risks, growing in every way I could imagine and healing my body and mind on a level I didn’t realize was possible (or needed!) until it was well underway, my desire to stay in that wave of greatness is stronger than ever. Once you know how good something can be, it’s impossible to settle for less, you know?!

What can I do next? How can I choose to keep growing? What is in the way?

All those questions led my to take a hard look at where my energy was going and before the New Year even began, I found a four solid ways I was making my life harder than it needed to be, holding myself back and setting up unnecessary obstacles.

As I talked to friends about all these big (even though they seem small) things, I realized they were very common, at least among the people around me most often. (*Not a surprise, we are all mirrors of one another!)

That said, what it took to change all of this wasn’t willpower, suffering, or sacrifice. It wasn’t even hard. Once I saw what I was doing, I just decided to re-direct my focus.

It’s surreal how a simple shift in attention and energy can expand all the fortune in your life.

As I blend up a smoothie full of cilantro and blueberries ( it’s better than it sounds!) and type this today I realize that all day I have felt really great in an exhilarated but grounded way. There were three things that went wrong that I didn’t get upset about and all three were sorted out before they put a dent in my mood.

I can say this about almost every day since I started to change my mind about where I focus.

The non-stop rain used to grind on my nerves, the time change and shorter days used to make me stressed, the cold (relative to usual in Los Angeles) used to make me tense and upset. All the everyday obstacles that pop up used to feel more arduous.

I didn’t change much at all. I changed only a few key things that I realized were really in my way.

(Chaga latte from The Medical Medium is HERE)

I started feeding my body in a somewhat magical way.

I’ve posted at the end of last year about my Liver Rescue experience with the Medical Medium 3-6-9 Cleanse, a simple nine days of eating mainly fruit and vegetables that was beyond life-changing. I’m about to do it again soon because I feel so much more in tune with my body, I feel it will be even more profound, mind-clearing and energy-expanding.

But it wasn’t just the Liver Rescue that turned my thoughts of food into magic. I read Anthony William’s Healing Foods book and started thinking of every piece of fruit and every vegetable I was about to eat in gratitude. I’m now so grateful for their stories, their little-known healing and energizing properties and their emotional supportiveness.

Fruit and veggies are full of magic.

Eating so much fruit and so many veggies and herbs tuned me into more of eating a rainbow than I had been before. I started thinking about the chakras (*more on them HERE) as I ate. I started imagining that my food was illuminating my cells.

It was the start of so many good things like: loving to creatively cook again, looking forward to the Farmer’s Market, waking up with bright eyes and beaming energy and… I feel love on a whole new level because I’ve tuned into so much more of it on a physical and cellular level.

None of this was intended. I intended to do a nine day cleanse and go back to my life of eating “normally.” This will forever be my normal now, because I didn’t realize how years of “healthy” high protein and “healthy” super-high fat eating were dehydrating my cells and drying up my inspiration at the same time.

This took no willpower, just a shift in focus. My new focus was: I wanted to eat in ways that felt really good and had a powerfully positive effect on me. It spiraled out effortlessly from a week-long experiment to an almost-totally plant-fueled lifestyle.

I started recognizing physical tension and breathing and stretching it out.

If there was one thing on a practical level that was holding me back it was physical tension. That physical stress was creating emotional stress.

I don’t know about you but I can contort my body in weird ways of slumping, leaning and twisting to hold myself up when I am sitting for too long.

Physical tension isn’t always a reflection of emotional tension: it can create it’s own emotional tension!

Sitting for more than 20 minutes at a time is OVER now, unless on a plane where I still stretch in my seat in between walking the aisles!

This realization of my slumping and slouching and leaning led me to a Body Alignment class that’s been life changing (who knew you could breathe your organs into better placement?!) and my long walks now have better posture to build more core strength. I’m interested in being strong, not because I “should”… but because it is essential to everything becoming easier in every day.

None of this has turned my life upside down. It was remarkably easy. It started with walking away from tense positions and breathing more. It morphed into moving more. And now I’m learning so many next-level ays to be strong that are flowing to me with ease.

This is “fitness” to me, and I’m loving it fully at last!

I started understanding how much “consuming” social media was dampening my creative spirit.

I closed my eyes a few months ago in the middle of the day to try to meditate and my mind was racing with random junk that had no bearing on any meaningful part of my life that I picked up while scrolling social media and randomly surfing the internet.

Alarm bells sounded. Red flags went up.

Q: What was I doing to myself?!

A: Squashing all my genius and stripping myself of my manifesting power.

Have you done the same?!

I can’t really explain the amount of physical, mental and psychic-energetic relief I feel from stopping the random searching, the instant grabbing of my phone and the incredible amount of scrolling I was doing on autopilot, not to mention… the news that was excessive, the videos that were really random, the… everything.

Again, this changed without force. It changed without effort. I just had to remember one thing, “Whatever I’m focused on is what I’m creating.”

When I scroll now through social media, I am aware that I’m doing it. And it lasts for a minute or two, if that. When I grab my phone, I ask myself if I’m going for a walk or going for a drive: what do I want to learn or listen to?

I used to just “see what was happening.”

In the morning, my most recent and profound re-alignment, I don’t read my emails or touch my social media until I have my personal morning routine (Buddhist practice, journaling and a few other key things) 100% done.

Now, I am excited to create content in an expanded way. I want to throw more passion into my videos than ever before, I feel so drawn to the blog it’s like a magnet and I’m interested in sharing what’s useful for me (*and hopefully for you!) in a way that means so much more.

This is all that’s come from one small realization: my focus (IE: my manifesting ability and my emotions and my creativity) were being self-destroyed by my unconscious habit of Internet over-consumption!

I started treating myself to all kinds of great things every single day, especially hobbies.

Rewards are awesome.

When I saw how much I created last year– even expanding The School of Intention Feng Shui Certification!- and realized that I hadn’t rewarded myself at all beyond getting more sleep at the end of the year, I opened the floodgates to self-rewards.

I will never look back, because those rewards are so much fun, and, most importantly, they are my own acknowledgement of growth and change.

If you haven’t rewarded yourself in a while, it doesn’t take much to give yourself a little gift.

Some of the above– from classes to juicers to meditation– have been a part of my personal celebrations!

I’ve also taken up a deep study of astrology for the fun of it, and I’m learning some fun new creative skills because, why not?!

With so much time offline and so much time feeling better than I ever have, there’s a lot more time to do things— even though I’m busier than ever.

Love has a way of expanding your life ENORMOUSLY.

Eliminate what isn’t helping you to evolve.

Then, focus on feeling great.

The rest will flow!



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