Feng Shui To Open Up To More Life-Changing Creative Expression!

Feb 13, 2019 | Creativity

(Yang Yang Pan)

Our environment has incredible power to influence our creative lives.

But, there’s much more to this story.

After all, if our space is a reflection of ourselves, the depth to which our home is creatively expressed is the depth to which we are, already.

It’s why I created immersive Camps of Feng Shui and energy shifting that are both home and self-explorations that invite us all (*myself included) to step deeper into ourselves as well as our spaces. It’s why I encourage people to repeat these immersions– both on their own and yearly with the groups for free– over and over again. There’s always another level to go.

Along the way, though, every breakthrough is valid, perfect and complete in itself.

When I work with people one-on-one and in groups, I always strive to bring in more perspective and possibility, shifting energy with people, in a collaboration, so that this next level of creative awakening flows with ease.

I need that help from others and it’s the greatest joy to pay it forward.

When it comes to making these shifts in people’s homes, it’s not about following Feng Shui rules by the letter, it’s about following the energy of my clients and understanding that the rules don’t apply to everyone.

Creative awakening is an incredibly personal experience.

In this space of creative awakening, there are no limits to what can happen.

Today, let’s look at some of the energetic shifts to get to that unlimited creative place!

(Olivier Rasir on The Design Files)

I was just reading an Instagram post from an author who, after publishing 10 books in about 30 years, all memoirs, finally felt she hit the depth she was diving toward in every one of her novels with her recent New York Time’s Best Seller. Every book took her closer to this core expression she was wanting, and every one of them was a valuable and amazing piece of art in its own right.

It reminds me always that the deeper beauty of creativity is this self-knowledge and self-exploration that not all artists dare to do. In fact, I’ve seen so many people jump ship and abandon their art right before taking this resounding leap.

Get comfortable with your power.

If you’re not too comfortable with the idea of your own empowerment, it’s very hard to be yourself.

For more than a decade, I knew that the “cost” of my self-expression would likely cause relationships that were based on me being dependent to change, and, most likely, to break up. I had lots of people who liked me to be dependent, depended on me, and didn’t want things to change… and, I think that’s called co-dependence 🙂

Because I couldn’t stand living half a life for much longer, I dared to try to break away and do the job of learning to be self-expressed anyway. I enrolled in classes, immersed myself in creative outlets, tried many experiments and launched many projects that helped me to find my voice.

It felt mostly fantastic, but it wasn’t all roses and sunshine. When things got hard, I started to wish I was back in that comfortably numb place where at least I knew (or believed) that someone would take care of me.

Until I broke free of thinking that this “safety net” was something valuable, I was always sort of half-expressed. I was held back and not present. I let my power stay invested in an idea that I might need to be saved one day.

Ironically enough, when I really needed help, it was none of those co-dependent people of the past who helped me the most.

While we all need help, care and love, I’m pretty sure that none of us need emotional ties that keep us small and silenced in the name of safety.

An ex-boyfriend once told me that it was great for me to be out of “the shy box” and socializing now that we were apart, but in our relationship he said her preferred me “in the shy box.”

That true statement pretty much said it all.

Be comfortable with your own power and see if you can dare to find your voice and find your way to new dynamics in relationships that might be dragging on you in the process.

Tune into and elevate one thing at a time.

When you’ve been stuck and decide to become free, it’s temping to do it all at once. But, you didn’t get stuck in a day. You didn’t instantly become cluttered. You didn’t one day have a long-standing habit show up.

No matter how stuck, cluttered or hemmed in you may perceive you are right now, the decision to change that ALREADY kicks the creative gears in motion.

Pick one thing at a time to focus on and you may find it far easier to make powerful changes.

You’ll see the benefits from that cleaned-off desk, the organized kitchen or that daily yoga practice or whatever else you choose to start with first. Once those benefits are solid, move to another thing.

The key is to not criticize yourself along the way, or badmouth your home or your body or your life’s conditions along the way. We’ll get to that soon!

Practice what makes you feel expanded.

Lately, my practice has been physical AND energetic. Learning to both soften and open up the energy in my body in deeper spiritual practice, a little bit of meditation (10 minutes!) and weekly foam rolling with Lauren Roxburgh have all been a deep process of self-discovery. I’ll add in here a daily sugar scrub I’ve been mixing up with about equal parts coconut oil and organic sugar to turn my daily shower into an ultra-beautifying routine.

In all these small shifts, I’ve become able to see the hidden things that are now pouring out of me. My circuitous thoughts, pent up frustrations, things I’d abandoned, how I’d becoming used to feeling ways that I don’t want to feel…

I’m seeing it all unwind. And in the space that’s been made, my intention becomes more clear. My voice becomes more clear. My home becomes more clear. The ideas I’ve had brewing are bursting into action.

What makes you feel expanded? Whatever makes you feel more open, soft, receptive and grounded?

These are your practices for as long as they fuel you.

Care for your creativity.

When you treat your money well, it tends to grow more easily. When you treat your loved ones well, the love tends to expand. And, as you care for your creativity, it will also dynamically grow.

It’s all energy. Love, Money, Creativity, Wellness, Emotions, Objects, Your Home.

All of it is energy.

Energy likes to be— given positive attention, allowed to flow freely and imbued with the ability to both rest and stay in motion.

When you’re criticizing yourself, you’re literally closing the doors on energy flowing. When you’re adding pressure to your days, you’re creating blocks rather than getting “motivation.” When you’re pushing things at lightning speed, you’re missing the rest. When you’re not moving enough at all, stagnation sets in.

Care for your creativity and you’ll feel how unlimited it really is.

That energy is pure love and joy. Where all that energy takes you is up to you, but love and joy have a way of leading us to places far beyond what we would have imagined.



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