5 Ways That Art Has Been Elevating Everything In My Life!

Feb 15, 2019 | Life With Art

I am in my element when I’m immersed in great art. I get a dreamy feeling. All the circuits in both my creative and analytical mind sync up.

Yet, because I’ve drifted far from the business of art, I’ve found myself less and less immersed in art in all ways. I had no idea how much of a toll it took on my spirit to sort of step away gradually.

In fortuitous ways, and many invitations, art has found its way back into my life. And, in that re-connection, I feel so much more life force flowing through me!

Connection is the energy that brings life to life.

Without connection, we miss out on ideas, synergies, action, inspiration, motivation and all those lovely creative facets. But, more importantly, when you lose connection to life in ways that are personally meaningful, you sort of miss out on that feeling of home and the power of the grounding that it brings.

Connecting to your own creative places (whether they are sports or paints, concerts or classes, and everything in between) will fill you with the kind of undeniable magnetism and energetic aliveness that is a fountain of greatness!

Art brings me a stronger reflection of myself. In feng shui, your home is a mirror of your life. The art in your home, however, is an even more powerful storyteller.

After spending a day deep in the throes of brilliant art splashes everywhere around me at the Marciano Art Foundation, I can tell you that I see the art in my own home that will be either re-purposed or donated in the week ahead. It’s just not “me” anymore. It’s not a bad thing or a good thing… it’s just not my story any more.

Curiously, textiles are a part of my story lately. I’m craving a rug on a bedroom wall, a tapestry in the living room, and some new textures everywhere around me. There are old paintings that no longer reflect me in my bedroom that feel like they’d elevate my laundry room. There’s a painting that suddenly needs a frame. It looks like I have some exploring and making to do!

A lot of times, people “sort of” like the art in their home, and sort of isn’t enough for me. If you don’t love some of your art, can you— paint over it, reframe it, create a collage with it, or… do something new with it?!

YES you can! And, if that isn’t enough, you can always donated it, sell it or swap it among friends!

There’s an energy in aesthetics that acts like an infusion of power. Why I go to see art, or even aim to see it online if I can’t be there at an exhibition live, is this surge of power. Whether it’s crafts or paintings, vintage or new, antiques or street art, the power in vital expression in all ways is something that can’t be duplicated. Attending a mind-blowing concert can change your mood and mind for days or even weeks!

Even if you don’t have local art that’s plentiful to see, you can tap into the books, the records and Mp3’s, videos, documentaries, crafts and more that are local. You can make more art, too.

All the energy of great art is an opening to communicate more fully, to be more powerful, to create more meaningfully at everything you do.

Believe it or not, it’s art that inspires me far more to do my accounting, to administrate my life, to do errands and do everything else that’s “non-creative” with a level of excellence and joy. I find there’s a certain mystical nature to life when all these everyday, not-too-thrilling tasks are approached with artistry.

You should see how beautiful the spreadsheets for my accountant are this season! It’s so much fun to create the colors, fonts and styling that I know are 100% not necessary but make this work 100% more joyful and easy!

Art is manifesting energy. By reveling in art, the natural set point of your energy gets calibrated higher.

Your higher energy is manifesting energy. It’s love, joy and everything else that’s amazing.

There’s a reason people talk about “dressing for success”– dressing up can be a big way to feel that higher confidence and radiance in the aesthetic of fashion.

Learning creative ways to do your makeup, hair… your whole self-care ritual… it can all bring you more manifesting power.

The aesthetics are enjoyable. The aesthetics are magical. The aesthetics are also personal.

I often feel as dressed up in jeans as I do in dresses, as excited about no makeup as makeup, and as rejuvenated by a walk through the city sometimes as I do by a hike in the woods.

The key is to enjoy it all in your ways and revel in all this positive energy!!!

An investment in creativity gives back to my life tenfold, and often it feels like a hundredfold!

When I go see art it brings dimensions to my life that were otherwise inaccessible. When I make art it does the same. When I invest in creativity I remember it’s my best investment.

Lots of people asked me why I studied Art History at Stanford instead of something “useful.” I couldn’t think of anything more useful than to know how to become an alchemist, how to be self-expressed, how art has changed and defined cultures, saved lives, elevated societies and healed people.

My friends who studied more practical things often lost interest and became jaded and 90% don’t draw on their academic background in their work or life. I do it every single day.

The more you learn about art, the more you see how it’s a universal force that connects us all as a civilization that extends beyond all barriers.

This season, I’m wildly investing my time and energy and everything into art and creativity on a high. From art adventures to parties and openings, photo shoots and collaborations, reconnecting and reveling in museums, and, of course, finishing more projects in my own home that are all an extension of art.

People ask me for my success strategies and I say that this– all this creative engagement– is my life strategy. Success is just a by-product of feeling incredible, you know?!

Great art reminds me to own my vision of the world in my own way.

When I’m being shown what other people are creating or being asked to do things the way others in my realm of work do them that make me feel miserable, I’m reminded of Yayoi Kusama who sees the world as a series of dots. She often wears wigs, lives by choice in a Japanese mental health facility and prescribes the amount of time and way that people are allowed to enter her room-size artworks. These rooms full of dots, mirrors and lights are often called “Infinity Rooms” and this one is called, “With All My Love For The Tulips, I Pray Forever.”

She’s made the rules of her universe and we are all here to marvel in them.

It’s this spirit that is my favorite way to live, to think and to make.

We all have a unique point of view. Even my clients who protest that they don’t have an opinion about aesthetics have a very strong aesthetic point of view, and a strong point of view about everything else… it just doesn’t get expressed as often as they’d like.

The integrated beauty of art is a celebration of so many viewpoints that can co-exist in a museum, in a gallery, in your home, on the walls in street art… in fashion, in ideology, music… everywhere.

It’s an invitation to get grounded in your point of view and let your voice and self-expression lead you to your own unfolding path of greatness.

And, it can be as easy as choosing more of your favorite colors, deciding to paint a room, polishing up and personalizing your office or, quite literally, speaking up!

It’s all part of crafting a beautiful universe full of your invaluable contributions, and radically expanding your life in the process!




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