8 Spring Feng Shui Habits That Have Been Sparking So Much Magnetism And Synchronicity!

Mar 21, 2019 | Creativity

spring feng shui habits

Spring Feng Shui habits capture the creative magic of the season in so many ways.

There are few things as monumental that I’ve seen lately as a canyon completely blanketed in bright orange poppies, mixed with splashes of purple and gold.

Wild. Free. Delicate and Strong all at once.

When I caught my first glimpse of the painted hills from the freeway it took my breath away.

That is the power of Spring Awakening. The power of color. The power of Nature. The feeling of growth.

I’ve been flying out of bed to scout locations for photo shoots, edit videos, learn new skills, meet new people and… I’m even using new toothpaste, creating new routines, new face masks and new body scrubs!

The freshness is endless, the growth is boundless and it all feels so good!

Let’s get into some of the energy-shifting Spring habits that have been magnetically brilliant!

Even before Spring became “official” I have been adding so many new practices and home shifts to my life that have served me so well in all this lighting up of life that we do that I’m excited to share them all!


Live with more of it!

I started The School of Intention to train people in the ways of my methods of Feng Shui because I realized that there is distinct power (and it’s been proven by science) in deciding how your life will unfold and directing energy toward that positive outcome!

Every single day, I take a break and see how intentional my actions have been. 

If I’m too tired, too over-worked or need to shift gears, I have learned from these check-ins with myself how to correct the course I’m on. 

My strong intention also means that nothing can stand in my way or drain the color from the poppy fields in my life.


If you have stuff — junk, clutter, disorder, messes, unfinished projects– that is in conflict with your intention, now is the time to let that stuff go and be free!

For example, if you have your heart set on great wellness this season and your pantry is filled with clutter and junk food that makes you feel terrible, you can let that go now and open the road for more thriving! 


These simple self-loving words have been making a big difference. You can look in the mirror and see every “flaw” or you can see all the eternal perfection of life. Let that perfection of life lead the way!


My shower got a major upgrade in the last month or so with a very simple mix of plain white sugar and coconut oil. I scoop both into a bowl, mix it up and take it into the shower. I add a bit more sugar than oil, but roughly a tablespoon of each. If it’s too oily, I add more sugar until it’s grainy.

I use it before I turn on the water in the shower, scrubbing my body from fingertips to toes win small circles until I am covered in sugar. Rinsing it off is a total awakening for my senses, and the most glowing, awake, refreshed for my skin. 


Specifically, Manuka honey, but all honey is glorious and raw honey is particularly valuable for its minerals. Manuka honey is next level healing and beautifying, and I’ll write a whole article on it soon.

I’ve used it to heal eyelid inflammation, colds, allergies… and this Three Peaks honey just made my morning as a face mask. My eyes de-puffed a lot, redness decreased and my skin looked ultra-fresh after applying 1/4 teaspoon to my clean and dry face and leaving it sit for 30 minutes. I love when one thing can be a wonder for so many things!

Creative Visualization.

I take breaks to daydream in full color, and as I get excited for all the stuff that’s ahead this year, this visualization is becoming one of my most prized creative habits.

Sun Salutations.

If you’re not familiar with this set of yoga postures that flow together into a heart-opening, exciting rhythm that often starts my day, HERE is how to do them. I only do 4 sets right now, and I’m working my way up to 10 or so, as the season progresses!

Growing my seeds.

If there’s one thing I can’t wait to do, it’s watching the seeds break through the soil this season!

I had fueled my bean and nasturtium seeds last year with tons of intention and they grew like wildfire. Sadly, I got a batch of organic soil full of some sort of mites that ate up the plants completely. With that loss behind me, I have learned better ways to fertilize and I’m ready to get back into growing!!! I still have nasturtiums to grow, and I have sunflowers and I am ready!!!

I have the urge to do a Seed-Growing intention experiment with all of you, inspired by the Intention Experiments of Lynn McTaggart! Stay tuned!!!

Refreshing art.

I’ve already started painting new paintings, learning new photo techniques, I’ve found new recipes to try and I’m very excited about letting go of most of my wardrobe. 

All of it is extremely refreshing.

Anything creative that you can practice will awaken the stream of glitter that makes synchronicity, wild opportunity and lots of feel-good bliss a regular part of your every day!

On that note… I am off to take a nap and do some spiritual practice and make a big skillet full of stir-fry veggies before I get into more “work” today!

Happy Spring!



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  1. Anna

    I just LOVE your inspirational work! Too little sleep for me tonight. Felt totally drained and tired, but just reading your texts, suddenly I feel all this energy. I want to get up and do something in my home! I also want to do bodybutter. 😄❤🙏

    • danaclaudat

      Oh I am thrilled to hear it!!! xoxo!!!


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