8 Ways To Feng Shui And Upgrade Your Digital Life So It Works To Support Your Dreams!

Mar 23, 2019 | Creativity

(photo by @ographr)

I’m willing to bet that none of us dream about spending most of our days glued to computer screens or iPads or smartphones. But, many of us do.

I’m also fairly sure that technology has made many of your lives better in many ways while, possibly, draining life in other ways.

The trick, I’ve found, is to use technology to create freedom– so your life runs smoothy and you don’t need to be online often!

There are two big things happening cosmically that I think I’ve felt intuitively for a long time and they may help you to make upgrades as I am right now–

Uranus is in Taurus.

Saturn is in Capricorn.

Each are linked above so you can learn more, but the two major things to know about these planetary transits are— it’s time to organize in a fresh way and it’s time to upgrade the energy around us!

Today, I’ll share a few ways I’ve been doing both reorganizing and energizing for my whole digital life! Yes digital. We live in digital space.

When I got an email from Strala Yoga that the average screen-time spent these days is 10 hours (!!!) which is most of the waking day, I was even more convinced I made the right decision to focus on my own digital Feng Shui this year in a big way!

As much as I’d love to say I’d love to have you read every one of the 3000+ posts on the blog, etc, etc, I would rather you read something or watch something useful and bring it to your life offline asap!

Today, you can bring these ideas to your life online — both upgrading your online energy and streamlining things– so you can get offline more often!


When I kicked off this season, I started by shooting lots of new photos with Stephanie Day. My work was not reflecting me any more. I was ready to embark on a Digital Makeover!

Stephanie is an old friend and the founder of an app called Ographr that brings you a brilliant photographer “on demand” the same way that one would call an Uber or send out for Instacart grocery delivery. Instacart was credited by my friends for dramatically improving their relationship, so I don’t look lightly at these services of the modern world.

Photos on demand are gift for people who have photographers cancel for big events, have parties and promotions to document, and, of course for those of us who work online a lot of the time and need to photograph real-life examples of things. (*like my love of the Original Los Angeles Farmer’s Market!)

I had the chance to order an hour of photography to start this season of upgrades, and I jumped on it to get re-connected to the energy of a whole new chapter in the evolution of Modern Feng Shui that we’ve been doing for years!


Needless to say, this is so much fun, these photo shoots are just getting started. There are so many spaces, places, and creative ideas to shoot this season with Stephanie and her Ographr photographers to bring fresh energy into all of the Feng Shui– the School, the Camps… and the NEW BLOG coming soon!!!

If you have photos that no longer feel like you, wake up your social presence with creative photography. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune and it can bring you a whole new connection to your professional (LinkedIn, other job sites, your professional social media, etc.) and personal social media.

Add simplicity to your digital presence (and privacy, too, if you need it!). The New Blog (!!!) will be super easy to search, to read on mobile and to use as a resource. You’ll find videos easily, you’ll find what you need… and you can minimize your time scrolling. If you have a blog or a website, you may want to check it for clarity. These days, there are very many affordable and even DIY ways to make changes to your site, especially if you’re just getting started. Watch this space as it is coming this Spring!!!

Privacy–– From your settings on Facebook regarding the data you can share to the amount of detail you give about your whereabouts/location on any and all apps– privacy is paramount in importance. More privacy is also a way of creating stronger energetic boundaries so you don’t get drained by life!

How do you use technology?

Upgrading your digital real estate is quite easy on the surface but often it’s a more disciplined practice in daily choices.

I don’t consider that I was “always on Instagram” but somehow I was logging 1.5 hours on average a day. How is that even possible?! The app will show you your usage statistics. I have many better things to do than to say I spent most of my life staring at a phone screen, so I decide to start doing those things with passion!


Minimize your screen time. If I was going to be effective in richly life, I needed to stop scrolling in all my free time and I needed to start doing more visceral tasks.

Set your own parameters for social media. I set a timer on my Instagram so I get an alarm when I’ve scrolled for more than a set number of minutes. I head direct to bookmarked pages on Facebook so I can skip the News Feed throughout the day as I work and pop into the School of Intention and Feng Shui Camp groups. I can check in on it mindfully later and see what my friends are up to that I haven’t seen in a while!

Get into “crafty” habits again… or for the first time! I started cooking and painting again. Seeds are being planted. I’m all in with yoga breaks instead of random Internet breaks. Oh, what a difference it makes!


Get moving!!! Learn stretches or yoga poses to counteract the effects of too much screen time. Take big walks. Try a standing desk.

All the simple stuff has taken me quite some time to implement. Go easy on yourself. You don’t have to do it overnight. The Internet is addictive.

And, of course, we wouldn’t be talking about Feng Shui if I didn’t add a small reminder to delete and unsubscribe from everything that you don’t want to see in your email inboxes. It takes a bit of doing sometimes, but it’s worth it!

One more life-changer for me: I don’t check any emails or do any work before I do my very energizing (bring on the love, the intention and the journalling!) morning routine every day. I have started implementing this slowly, breaking the habit of replying to emails before anything else. It’s been such a space-maker and, strangely, a confidence-builder to fill myself up before I start even the smallest bit of work.

There are lots of amazing things about our digital universe, and one that I’m most grateful for is that I get to connect with you. Without miraculous technology, so much of this Feng Shui magic would not have been possible!

On that note, I’m off to get ready to shoot more fun photos full of the fresh vibes and more videos full of simple tips that I hope you can use all the time!!!




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