Aligning With What You Want Is Magic!

Mar 26, 2019 | Creativity

Alignment. Cambridge Dictionary explains it as “an arrangement in which two or more things are positioned in a straight line or parallelto each other”

Many have pointed out in the classic “Law of Attraction” that the idea of “manifesting” what you want has everything to do with you lining up with your desires.

It happens in many ways–

Thoughts. Words. Actions. Energy. Environment.

In Feng Shui, you’d think that we’d focus solely on aligning your home with your greatest intentions. But, in the way that I work, we’re focused on aligning it all:

Thoughts. Words. Actions. Energy. Environment.

Alignment is when you feel— harmony, that “click” of the right things, lots of power, lots of excitement, lots of momentum, lots of inspiration.

It’s often considered luck but it’s not “random” luck– it’s things lining up!

And: you are the one putting those things in a line.

Today let’s look at an easy want to bring more alignment to your life!

What do you want?

You may not have a full or crystal clear picture, but even a general sense is a great starting point.

Whatever it is— even generally– will evoke emotion when you think about it coming to life.

Take a little time to imagine yourself with that thing or things.

How does it feel?

Dig into those emotions. Get specific. Feel how and where you feel them in your body.

None of the above is a revolutionary exercise.

But… Now…

Bring even one bit more of that emotion into your day every single day. Whether it’s taking time to indulge in a hobby or taking time to affirm your greatness in a mirror, practice that emotion for even a few minutes a day, every day.

When you’re solid in this, you’re gaining alignment!

Next, when you’re ready, add more of this emotion to your home. Whether it’s fresh wall color or a restyled bookcase, a piece of art or anything else, add more of this emotion that you want to feel.

Then, add more!

As you add more emotion that you want to feel to your home, your car, your office… you’re activating the power of your environment to support you in creating your dreams.

Not only will you feel amazing, but you’ll see things start to shift and you’ll start to create more where you’ve been idle.

It’s all far easier because it’s all aligned!



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