Feng Shui To Turn Your Dreams Into Your Lifestyle!

Apr 5, 2019 | Creativity

Today, it is a big New Moon Day today– the fiery and passionate New Moon in Aries.

It’s the start of the Astrological cycle, sort of a cosmic New Year, and the energy is thought to radiate all weekend long.

The theme on this particular New Moon is that you can manifest anything you want right now with an extra dose of cosmic power behind your wishes.


All that said: you can manifest anything you want– at any time you want– with all the power you’ll ever want on your side!

You can create your most magnetic and empowering environment that multiplies your manifesting magic!

Set a powerful intention. 

Decide on what you want.  Put it on paper. See yourself creating it, having it, living it and enjoying it.  

Now, every day, decide that amazing things are about to happen.  

This decision is even more intention in action.  You’ll get much more of what you expect! 

When you Feng Shui your space, it’s an even higher level of living with intention.  You see all of your dreams everywhere you look. You can’t help but be focused on the amazing things that are about to happen every day!

Clear some space.  

Clearing clutter supercharges your space and your life.  In all the clear space you make by releasing what you don’t want, you start effortlessly drawing more of what you do want into your life!

You can clear some clutter of stuff like extra clothes or books to donate and you can also clear clutter emotionally, mentally, digitally and more!

Clearing clutter energetically (*like in Love Camp Intro Videos One and Three that you can watch HERE if you haven’t seen them yet) is a next level of life-changing clutter-clearing!!! 

Not only do you make space for the new by clearing all this clutter, you also free up lots of stuck energy so that more abundance and radiance flows freely in your life.

This weekend, you might want to try de-cluttering and reorganizing even one small space (a drawer?  a shelf?) and see how that energizes you and your home!

Love is the not-so-secret secret to manifesting anything.      

If you want to make anything happen with more ease, start by feeling great. 

When you’re living in a space of love and gratitude, you’re living with incredible power. 

Dr. David Hawkins found in his research with millions of people that just one person living in love can influence 750,000 other people on the planet just by their energetic presence alone, lifting other people higher and helping them to feel better. 

He also discovered that when you live in the energy of love you melt blocks and obstacles, you find more synchronicity and magic in every day, you experience things falling in place more easily, you find solutions, you feel positive momentum grow and every area of life expands in power!

Filling your home with love, filling your life with love, sharing that love everywhere you go— 

This is manifesting magic multiplied— every single day!




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