10 High Vibe Feng Shui Switches That Have Been Supercharging My Days!

Apr 7, 2019 | Sensory Goodness

My greatest personal lesson for my whole life in the last eight years has been one thing: energy is what matters most.

The higher the energy around me, the clearer the space around me, the more I can make things and allow things to happen that are epic.

This personal lesson helped me to heal, to grow, to triumph over a depth of adversity and, ultimately, do things I’d never dreamed were possible.

The thing about this, though, is that it’s not a “one-time” realization. I had a history spanning back to my earliest memories of trauma, shame, believing I was not good enough, needing to achieve, needing to prove myself, needing to rise like a phoenix from the ashes… and, that stuff didn’t all go away when I got fierce about high energy everywhere in my life.

All that stuff took a lot of practice. I had to let it unfold. I had to be OK with not being OK all the time which was not easy for me at all. And, ultimately, I had to be willing to step into some very new “high vibe” territory to make the kind of changes that I was ready to make.

High vibes are a practice and a lifestyle. I’m always trying new things and looking for new ways to tune into more of that magic. Today, here are the biggest switches I’ve been loving that have been Feng Shui and Life superchargers!

Meditating (with plants or trees around, if possible!) for a few minutes a day. This is a big one for me to quiet my mind. It’s the reason I take so may walks around trees, so I can sit down and zone out… or, literally just walk and clear my mind of everything.

While I started doing my few minutes a day of meditating inside, it wasn’t until I added nature that I felt the real calming energy. I added extra plants and fresh flowers inside, for when I can’t get out (ie: the rain, etc) for a long walk, and I head to the trees as often as I can! My theory is that because there’s so much internet/wi-fi/waves in the air that I need an extra shield of plants to get to a deeply relaxed place in my mind.

IMMERSION. When I’m interested in anything now, I let it be an immersion. Like, the last few days of my Liver Rescue Medical Medium detox for the Spring. It wasn’t really enough for me to just drink water and lemon and fruit for breakfast— my body needed a little extra immersion to reset itself.

Immersions can be creative for me– like carving out time to indulge in a new study, to learn a new practice or to make a change. I created the Feng Shui Camps because the power of Immersion has helped me to make very big shifts. When I dive into something fully, I get the results. I wanted to translate that process into experiences that you can all have in areas of your life ( and your home!) that you want to expand!

“Cooking” with a little more raw food and rainbows of color.

The energy of raw food is super high, and the energy of all delicious food is pretty high in my book if it makes you feel fantastic!

I’m a big fan of rainbows of color in my food these days— vibrant, full spectrums of color. I even found THESE superfood color powders that have been lighting up my smoothies. I can’t wait to try some in salad dressings, ice cream and soups full of even more rainbows of color!!!

Seaweed baths. All baths are awesome if they help you to relax and unfold the day in a beautiful way. Seaweed has been my bath of choice these days when I want a little “extra”– it feels like the ocean and it really gives me a boost of minerals (or I feel it does, if it doesn’t!) that are balancing. You can also use a cup or two of sea salt in a bath for a “sea-rich” experience.

Local adventures. Big vacations are awesome, but local adventures are important, too! You can do a local adventure in a few hours, and it can be something amazing to look forward to, enjoy and then, revel in afterward. From art to poppy fields, plants to desert escapades, I have had an adventure on my calendar regularly at least once a month but often many times a month. This excitement and anticipation is thrilling, and the adventures themselves cost almost nothing to embark on!

Keeping my phone OFF. Another big one I’ve mentioned, but so big that I can’t underestimate its power. My phone is on airplane mode most of the day every day now. Not only do I not scroll mindlessly any more, I also have much more control over the “pings” and distractions that were invading my days. I can always turn my phone back on to talk to anyone I need to, but this return to the days before iPhones has been so welcome in my life.

Taking a big part of the day for Spirit. A few hours a day, I tune out and tune in to my spiritual practice. When this time slips away, so does my sense of really deep inspiration. I don’t let this time go easily! You may not have a traditional spiritual practice, but spending some time doing less and resting more can be it’s own practice of tuning into high vibes, too.

Color-color-color in my clothes. Color everywhere has been waking up my life. Even wearing lipstick (a new thing for me, lately) has been a powerful shift into more color.

Allowing the list for the day to go unfinished. Rather than rushing or staying up late, if things are not urgent and not done yet, I’m OK with that now!

Doing some daily Space Clearing. Every day I clear something. Sometimes it’s clutter (who knew I had files full of papers that had such bad vibes in them that I just got rid of yesterday?!), sometimes it’s sage and other energy clearing practices, sometimes it’s forgiveness… sometimes it’s all of the above and more!

Slaying demons as a regular practice! There’s nothing wrong with realizing something is wrong. The thing I’ve come to embrace (begrudgingly at first) is that every time something is wrong, I’m being given a chance to grow if I’m willing to look at it a little more and take some action. Whether there’s an underlying belief, habit, trauma, unforgiven situation or anything else that’s been lingering, when I decide I’m ready to do what it takes to be done with it, I find all kinds of modalities, practices, new ideas and all forms of support to get rid of it… for good! It can take many tries (!) and some real efforts and experts for the big stuff, but it’s something I have come to embrace as a high-vibe-making gift.

The biggest part of this that took me the longest to grasp– everyone has things to work on and none of us are broken right now, even if we never work on any of it!

From that place of being whole, and knowing you’re whole and awesome right now… everything is easier!

I’ll always get into new practices and new grooves, new immersions and new adventures, but nothing replaces LOVE as the game-changer. Spend time with people you love, stay open to move love and love yourself even more profoundly every day.



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    Thank you for your continued inspiration!
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      It’s my pleasure and I am so honored that you’re inspired!!!xoxo!!!


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