Ideas For Upgrading Your Morning Routine (Or Creating One That Works!)

Apr 8, 2019 | Sensory Goodness

I’m blazing through Hal Elrod’s book The Miracle Morning after my friend Honorée Corder told me about his writing. I’m loving that so many tools I’ve used over the years have been distilled into one Miracle Morning routine. I’m not sure I can do every one of them in the morning, but I’ve been doing most of them for quite some time wherever they fit in the day.

That said, I have been drawn to making my early mornings more miraculously awesome these days, especially since most of the day is about everyone else– this blog, my clients, the Campers, students, family and friends– and I like it that way. Also, mornings are a more sacred time when the world around me is largely asleep if I manage to stay on a truly early morning schedule.

When you want something badly enough, you tend to find a way, right?

I always have a morning routine that supports me, but when I last did a committed super-early and really big morning routine, I was flying so high that I could barely believe how great I felt, I had so much done before 8am to feed by soul that the rest of the day was a breeze with all the positive energy flowing and I was impressed at the synchronicities that kept on coming.

Why did my major super-early morning major routine fall out of my life?

Life! Late night events, deadlines, things that popped up, things to do that needed my attention, holidays, etc, etc…. It happens! And, for the love of sleep, the morning routine that was huge became smaller.

Lately, I’ve been wanting a powerful morning routine uplevel… and, so, I found a way! In the process, I found that there were ways to make my decisions much easier so that I would actually “do” what I wanted to do!

First, I needed to really want it. I managed to stay up till 1am and sleep till 9 am for a long time last year and got incredible things accomplished as the first session of The School of Intention was coming together. Now, I have no desire to be up until 1am, and I have a strong desire to be more ahead of my days. Since I’m not writing until 1am, and I don’t go to bars or all-night-long parties unless its Oscar week or something special, I have no desire to be up so late. My schedule, though, wasn’t changing on it’s own.

My strong desire to complete a lot in the early part of the day so I could do more that I wanted to do later was what raised my interest higher. Then, I had a friend remind me of the importance of more rigorous cardio exercise, something I won’t do in the afternoon sun here in the Spring and Summer, so I would need the mornings. Then, I had a new project arrive that’s 8am meetings Downtown.

Life showed me that it was time for my own fresh and early morning routine to begin!!!

If you don’t really want to do an early morning routine, don’t force it. I tried to force it a few times and it just… forced me back. You can do everything you love throughout the day and eventually find your reason for the morning that arrives when you’re ready.

A reason WHY is a big draw to make a change. If the morning is the only quiet time you have, embrace that time. If the pre-dawn hours are your best times to meditate or do your spiritual practice, go for it! If you’re wanting to take an exercise class, maybe sign up for the session that’s the earliest one in the day. Something to get you going will get you going!

Now, I had to pick a reasonable time. For me, 6:00 am is reasonable. I’ve tried 5:00 am and even earlier, and I’m just naturally not there yet. Being up at 6 means that I’m in bed by 11 the latest, but probably 10 to be happier with enough sleep.

How early is easier for you? Can you reasonably do this without making your evenings go haywire or losing sleep?

I learned some time ago that the best way to reset my sleep clock was the reset my food clock. You can learn more about it here.

Pick your best things to do! I picked things this time that really are game-changers for me, rather than what I thought I “should” do.

There are simple things like drinking half a lemon in water to doing my spiritual practice before anything else– the things I’m used to doing.

Then there are fun things for me that are novel— new manifesting practices that I’ve learned that are working brilliantly for me, a new skincare routine…

And, then I’m adding in one thing I’ve yet to discover— my favorite cardio that I haven’t found yet!

What are your tried-and-true things that always start your day in the best way?! What have you always wanted to try in the morning? Are there habits you’ve decided to start doing that can make your days more amazing?

Now… I am letting the order of things fall into place. Meaning, I am not forcing myself to do it all, I’m not “insisting” as I once would that the order of things is a certain way. So far, everything but the exercise I haven’t found yet is still shuffling itself in order, yet it’s all in far more flow than I’ve felt in a long time.

So… if you were a bit ambitious to start and find that maybe only one or two of your five or six ideas make it into the morning, that is OK! If you are finding that you had to skip a day and feel guilty… let that go and keep on going! If you’re not enjoying things as much as you thought, switch them up!

The idea of any ritual is to build energy, mastery, love and power… not to slog through in hopes of getting rewarded for your suffering!

Enjoy it all and watch what happens… step-by-step… as you go!!!



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