What Would Your Life Be Like If Nothing Was Holding You Back?

Apr 13, 2019 | Prosperity

What if that the thought that there’s something in the way is the only thing in your way?!

And, what if you were able to create everything you ever wanted?!

Today’s Feng Shui is all about shifting into this awesome paradigm that is summed up best by the simple words:

“Everything is possible.”

“Nothing holding you back” is not quite the same thing as “already having everything you’ll ever want to have.”

Let’s start here because I don’t want this to seem like an exercise that’s far out of reach of most human beings. After all, if you have manifested everything you ever wanted, that would mean you’re just done. You have nothing to be excited about and you have absolutely everything you’ll ever have and there’s nothing more.

There’s ALWAYS more, and that’s the exciting part!!!

Nothing holding you back means something more exciting to me— you feel and know you’re free to create and express yourself.

You’re likely already creating all kinds of awesome things that you want without any big stops to the contrary.

Great things come with ease and sometimes surprise, and it’s all very… sky’s not even the limit!

What would life be like for you if you could feel that feeling that absolutely nothing was holding you back every day?

You can close your eyes and think about it.

You can write it in a journal or make a list of things— how you feel every day, what you talk about, who you are with, what you do, where you are…

If you already feel that nothing is holding you back and you’re fully connected to and committed to creating your dreams and it’s all unfolding— THAT IS EPIC! Keep on creating and enjoying it all!

If you’re not there yet and feel like you’re stopped in some ways… that’s OK! In fact, it’s an enormous opportunity to grow!

You might not know what it is, or might not be able to put the feeling in words. I used to call it, “the invisible glass ceiling over my head.”

You might know what’s stopping you in your tracks, and if you do, it’s a great time to start shifting that energy. Whether it’s a trauma that requires professional support, a belief that you can shift with a strong intention and inspired action in a new direction or a fear to overcome— there are thousands of tools to help you with that, and I share so many on the blog and so many in the Camps in deeper practice.

NOTE: I would get stuck right about here— in the belief shifting part. I thought I had to shift every belief completely and reprogram my whole life before things would change. It was a very interesting way to use “self-betterment” as huge self-sabotage.

It can take some time to heal and do deep work, and it’s always worth it… but the moment you begin, you are already shifting life in a huge way.

You move from being the effect of life to being the creator.

You don’t have to heal everything completely before you can have love, peace, dreams-come-true or anything else.

Allowing yourself to feel good right now is epic.

This was the part I wouldn’t allow. I believed I had to perfectly heal my life to have all of these things. I believed I had to be 150% before I could move forward in some ways.

So, I stayed stuck and always “working on myself.”

I forgot about “loving myself.” I forgot about being enough right now, being whole right now, being loveable right now… and I got really stuck in “fixing myself.”

When life told me loudly that this was not going to work, I relaxed into the daring place of… “what if I just go for it now, even before I’ve healed and excavated my whole life?” 

Feeling really good and raising the energy around me proved to be the secret ingredient.

There was nothing really holding me back beyond my stubborn insistence that I had to be 100% clear of “blocks” before everything could move forward.

I was never going to move forward and I was never going to be free, because I was the one insisting on these perfect conditions before I could love myself, feel amazing every day and really enjoy things.

When I started enjoying things anyway, a whole world of synergy and energy cracked wide open. Things that were stuck started moving forward because I allowed it to happen.

Allow all the greatness to flow to you.

Feel good… even when things are imperfect,

Let yourself feel things as unlimited as they are.

You can still do all the healing, all the optimizing and self-betterment, but you’re doing it from an exciting place rather than a place of “I better clear these blocks or I won’t be worthy of x,y and z!”

So… if nothing is really holding you back…

What are you going to create today?

What are you going to decide?

Where are you going to plan to go?

What are you going to focus on that’s most exciting?

It’s all so exciting, and it will keep you in the most incredible anticipation because you’re always doing amazing things, and even more amazing things are always on the way!



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