5 Habits That Have Balanced My Life And Created Big Personal Breakthroughs!

Apr 16, 2019 | Prosperity

habits to make breakthroughs

Our daily habits can create breakthroughs.

Lately my whole life is all about feeling amazing, which is a far cry from even a few years ago when it was about doing as much as possible in a non-stop whirlwind and feeling amazing (hopefully) at some point in the process or afterward if the results went as intended.

In the old way, I achieved a ton. I loved the process even if it made me feel— tense, ultra-strained at times (losing my voice, frozen neck, tendonitis from typing, stuck-feeling from sitting on planes and sitting in general) or generally just didn’t feel good at all.

“Why would I give up what worked?” I’d tell everyone who would tell me to slow down take vacations or work less. “This is my dream to be this creative!”

I had to wait until I hit a big wall of exhaustion to start to listen to these voices of loved ones who were extremely wise. There was no reason why I had to pour so much into just a few areas of my life that were already amazing, to the detriment of the rest of my life.

Success in any way does not mean that you lose the rest of your life that doesn’t fall into that success bubble. After all, that’s not success!

Feeling amazing is the big goal now, and it’s been pretty revealing: I get so much more done, my whole life has expanded, my relationships have transformed… and I feel the most vibrant I ever have felt… ever!

While I’ve shifted many things over the last few years- from my home to my thought patterns!– there are a few energy switches that have given me the most surprisingly big results… and they’re here for you today!

habits create breakthroughs


No caffeine at all.

I can’t believe it was that easy.

I had absolutely no idea that my green tea in the morning was taking such a toll on my body. I stopped having it recently, as a result of the Medical Medium Liver Rescue nine day cleanse. My first time through the Liver Rescue, I had my green tea faithfully in the morning, and sometimes a second one. I thought it had little impact on me, but yet I held onto it ferociously.

Anthony William has said it’s not as “packed” with antioxidants as we think, so that excuse flew out the window and I decided to really to commit to this Spring’s nine-day fruit and veggie cleanse caffeine-free.

I sleep better. I’m so much more clear-minded. My skin is radically better, specifically there are no more ultra-puffy morning eyes with dark circles and I’m no longer dehydrated with flaking skin. I’ve been eating more intuitively because the caffeine was messing with my appetite. I also feel more powerfully grounded.

When I made this switch, I did it without changing anything else for many weeks, so I know this was a game-changer.

Intentions Daily.

I’ve always had a pretty clear sense of what I was aiming for or creating. You know, the to-do list, the New Moon or Full Moon wish lists, the plans…

But, when I started setting intentions for every day every single morning, everything balanced out far more easily.

I can see on paper if my day is over-stuffed, if I’m not clear or not caring much about the things I’m supposed to be doing. I’m also so much more focused because my list is not a simple to-do list… it’s a list of things I’m going to experience, and can’t wait to experience.

The practice started encouraging me to spend more time with everyone I love every day if I can. It moved me to change my schedule, shift my plans and take more breaks.

It wasn’t just amazing for manifesting things, it was (and is!) amazing to shower more love on my whole life.

Daily energy clearing.

Every day in some way, I clear any stagnant energy in my life. Whether it’s open windows, a sage wand or powerful decision, or one of the 1000’s of tools I have used over the years… there is always a way to clear and cleanse my home and myself energetically.

This energy clearing has cleared obstacles, blocks, distorted points of view I held tightly to… grief, lingering doubt, unworthiness, even more limiting beliefs… and so much more!

New studies.

I have workbooks and esoteric astrological study guides lined up on my shelves, a color therapy course waiting for me this weekend and an EFT /Tapping class to do on Thursday.

My Audible has new books in the queue. My podcasts are lined up for my daily walks.

There is so much to learn, and it’s been stretching me in personal ways, purely for the fun of it!

Inner guidance.

When I made this shift to feeling better as the primary goal, I noticed in stark contrast all the things I did that made me feel terrible like: staring at a screen for hours, news broadcasts, social media overload, staying up too late, skipping vital parts of my morning routine because I was too busy…

I didn’t see those before with as sharp a contrast. Now that I see them, I’m aware of when I’m teetering into this kind of an abyss of low vibes and can walk away before I fall into overwhelm.

Also, in all this focus on feeling great as the goal, my instincts have woken up to a degree that I’ve never experienced before. It’s as though my “Inner Guidance” is speaking louder because I’m willing to listen!

That guidance has led me to start a Feng Shui School (!), to redo my bedroom in a makeover that came together for under $500 (inner guidance is pretty resourceful!), to start design projects that I am now in love with doing… to meet new friends, to use new toothpaste (another game-changer for ultra-white healthy teeth, for another post soon!) and to stop taking vitamins that I didn’t realize, just like caffeine, were doing more harm than good.

In all of this small-shift-making, there was only one qualification that I had– it had to feel good if I was going to try it!

That feel-good energy brings you more dynamic equilibrium. It is your sense of balance at it’s finest.

Start with habits that feel good and bring you into a space where you’re feeling more centered, calm, focused, grounded, present and revitalized.

These are the habits that create breakthroughs.

Of all the things I’ve done in my life, and achieved and overcome, nothing was as obvious and nothing I resisted more than allowing myself to feel great every day, no matter what.

Whatever form it takes for you, I know it will bring you magic.



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