Your Home Can Help You To Manifest Your Dreams!

Apr 18, 2019 | Prosperity

If you want to make anything happen, align with what you want.

If that instantly makes you think… “What? How? Alignment?” let’s put in in real terms:

You are in a zone where you are open and receptive and creative and feeling like it feels AFTER your dreams have manifested well BEFORE they have manifested!

Since your home is an enormous energy container in your life and it’s also a reflection of what’s going on inside of you, you can also see and feel in your home how aligned you are in your energy.

This is only one part of the Feng Shui magic, but it’s the thing that I love the most about the way I work with spaces and collaborate with people to bring those dreams into alignment… and, of course, manifestation!

Today we’re going to talk about how your home can help you to align your life with your dreams so that they start speeding toward you!

Here’s a basic place to start: If you’re not aligned with what you want, it can feel like you are pushing, forcing or wishing and struggling or obsessing over things in a way that feels like stress.

If I’m out of alignment– in a moment of worry, stress, overwhelm, exhaustion or anything else– my home is one of the first places I turn to start gathering my magic back and elevating my energy!

Here’s how I got aligned today!

As I woke up feeling the excitement of all season, I realized that my home needed an energy upgrade to reflecting all my expanded joy! It’s been a week since I’ve mopped and days since I did deep space clearing, plus, I had tons of things to organize after a whirlwind week.

When I ignore this feeling that my home has lower energy than I do, I start falling out of alignment with my joy and into alignment with this lesser energy around me. While my home never gets to the point of “incredibly draining” these days, it definitely used to! And, I’ve seen plenty of people drained by the stuck energy of their home, not realizing that it could be changed so simply.

This morning, with deep inspiration, I dove in.

I vacuumed my whole house, then mopped with an energy clearing and cleaning solution ( I love doing Magic Housecleaning! Using white vinegar to clear is a simple way to start with this energy clearing + cleaning all-in-one!) until everything was fresh.

I burned some sage with Intention, something I do daily.

I wanted more of a sparkle, so I burned my favorite resins (*not required, but, haha, I needed the extra!) until my house felt lighter.

Then, I did an hour of spiritual practice at home (this does wonders for my home energy) and I’m about to do some more, tuning the vibration even higher.

And, I have delicious things cooking, including a date-sweetened peanut butter coconut milk ice cream and…

I’m off to get fresh fruit to fill bowls around my house, and flowers, and… growing micro greens… and…

None of this is required to get your home in alignment with your specific desires, though all of the above is pretty easy!

The only thing required to get into alignment is your desire to FLOOD YOUR HOME WITH LOVE!!!!

From there, all the methods that are most-aligned with your life will pour forth!!!

Here are a few of the big ways your home can help you align with your dreams–

— Sparkling energy around you raises your energy higher.

— Flowing energy around you allows your momentum to flow more freely.

— Inspired objects and intentional design keep your eye on the prize every day!

— Holistic and sensory tools can help with healing and tuning into more powerful connection with life.

And… that’s just the start!

Your whole home is a Vision Board of your life when you’re working with Feng Shui in this way, and so much can shift in life that is very practical but feels like magic!!!

All this alignment is joy, ease, grace, and… the most potent of manifesting energy I’ve ever seen!

xoxo!!! Dana

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