My Housecleaning Lately Has Been Major Energy Clearing Meditation Time!

Apr 21, 2019 | Sensory Goodness

Cleaning house. It can be life-changing.

I use housecleaning as an energy clearing meditation time, and how I do it is the Feng Shui of the day!

This is snapshot above reminds me of the feeling of that moment… in the zone where life becomes hyper-infused with energy and things come together with ease. Creative. Adventurous. Free. Colorful. Golden. Urban. Artful. Magenta. All the vibes and all the momentum come to me in this zone.

Chances are you have your own hyper-ideal space of energy where things flow like ease. Even spending a little time in this energy every day can keep that awesome magic feeling percolating in your whole life!

But, sometimes it’s not clear how to get there. For whatever reason, whatever circumstances, whatever’s going on at the moment might find you far from the breezy easy light and airy creative zone.

I know that for me, if I have a lot going on at once and not enough organization, I can sort of “spit” my energy in too many directions and find it hard to capture this magic place. Or, of there’s some challenge, or something I don’t want to do, again it’s like energy is split and I don’t feel that flow.

While there are infinite ways to get right back in that zone, there are infinite ways to stay there more of the time — ( in the Feng Shui Camps we work with so many)— today, I wanted to share what I do that’s most practical.


You may think to yourself— “ugh, I’m always cleaning and I don’t feel like anything’s changed and I wish I didn’t have to clean…”

And, I understand.

I’ve done lots of things out of obligation/responsibility and didn’t feel so “enlivened” by then.

” I have to…” is the sentence I hear myself saying when I am basically steeling myself to do something. When I hear myself saying that, I now take a pause if I catch it and see if there’s some way to make the errand, task, project, conversation, etc, more pleasant.

So, with housecleaning, the big idea that guides me is to eliminate everything that is not love.

And… to find things to enjoy about each task.

It’s been meditative for me, it clears any stagnant energy from my system and it never fails to raise the energy higher!

A few ways I clear out negative energy as I clean my house–

I find something to love about each task, and the joy of completing it.

If I’m mopping, I think about the shining floors and the dogs so happy as they trot across them. If I’m doing the windows, I meditate on creating more clarity in my life. If I’m doing laundry, I imagine any challenging energy from the week washing off my clothes.

How you envision each task is personal, but, always, there’s magnetic value in loving things more.

I find it works best with a window or two cracked open.

As I dust, vacuum and polish, I similarly envision all energy that aren’t a match for me floating out the window.

Does it really do anything? I think so! And if you think so, that’s all that matters!

I learn a new skill about cleaning so I stay interested.

When you’re interested in something, you’re connected to the task. Googling new ways to clean the stove, new methods to make your tiles shine, tutorials on green cleaning recipes, plant care, and on and on…

Everything from how to clean my vacuum to how to make natural soft scrubbing cleaner for the bathtub has been in my YouTube queue, and much more!!!

When you’re connected to the task, you’re connected to life and more present. In that place, you can access more of your superpowers!

And… I do it daily!

There’s something to be said for daily home cleaning. You don’t get overwhelmed when everything needs to be cleaned at once. It’s a lot of refreshment for your space, it’s instant house high vibes and it can help keep your energy flowing freely!

All that said, as I get ready for the New Year, I’ve been doing extra-deep cleaning so that I’m ready to bring even higher energy into my own home and life! As I finished scrubbing the kitchen, and marveled at it’s shine, I realized that this daily practice of mine– no more than 15 or 20 minutes in a day– has been such a game-changer that I had to share it!!!

Here’s to all the love and abundance that flourishes in your sparkling space!!!



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  1. Jeanne Searfoorce

    I do the same thing with patio fooe:leave it cracked so negative energy can escape. Once I forgot and the pantry door in my kitchen popped right off the hinge! I’m going to try the daily cleaning, especially in the kitchen to see how it goes.

    • danaclaudat

      WHOA that is a really powerful energy sign from your home— the door popping right off!!!


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