Self Care Is An Amazing Way To Amplify Your Power!

May 12, 2019 | Creativity

Power is such a broad term. Often used to describe people with incredible money or fame, often used to describe incredible athletes or revered healers.

But we all have the same amount of power — the energy behind all of these elevated states of life– available to us.

Power– the way I see it translated— is the creative, expansive, influential energy that is absolutely undeniable when it flows freely.

There were times I couldn’t see this idea clearly.

I was too busy racing being “busy” around to dare to acknowledge that there could be a better way to gather up power from within.

When you’re way too busy to take care of yourself, it’s hard to imagine that you have more power and energy than you’re using right now.

At the time I didn’t know anyone close to me who worked harder than me, so it seemed inconceivable to me that I was not using all my power.

Self-care– the thing I felt was the greatest luxury, the thing I had no time for– turned out to be the path to so much more power than I could have ever imagined.

You might have heard this before—

Self-Care is awesome.

It’s also not a luxury.

It took a lot of hard lessons and huge bouts of illness to finally understand that I was worthy of free time, rejuvenation and fun.

It took a whole lot of wasted time doing a lot of unnecessary work to realize that the energy behind what I do is more powerful than what I do or how much of it I do.

You are also equally worthy of free time, rejuvenation and fun. And, the energy behind what you do is way more powerful than what or how much you do.

I’ve seen this hundreds of times now in my own life, with clients, students, camp members, and all my friends and family.

Self care is your real “work” to build power.

Don’t get me wrong– work is a real thing and it’s an awesome thing– but it’s more effective if you’re connected to what you’re doing and finding joy, passion and purpose in your days.

That’s where real power comes from— the higher bands of energy.

Take more downtime and see how the time off and time away from technology changes your energy and amplifies your power!

Take more time to do things like beautification, exercise that you love, art practices for fun, adventure, love, and all these amazing things and see how much more powerfully you walk through your days.

Take your schedule and your time seriously and say YES when you mean YES and NO when it’s a NO.

Take time to polish, organize and fluff up your home, too, because it’s a huge meditative and empowering exercise to care for your environment!!!


Take your power back from all the places it’s been stuffed away, ignored, shelved or denied.

Allow all the creative magic, the vision and the passion you have to energize every day.

All that power is waiting for you.

Take amazing care of yourself and let it all manifest!



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