Five Ideas I’ve Embraced That Have Brought A Wealth Of Creativity To My Life!

May 13, 2019 | Prosperity

Creative freedom is what I feel when I know I am in an unstoppable zone.

When I’m in a creative place, everything feels like I feel right now (!) best demonstrated by how I felt taking the picture above.

Pretty awesomely amazing.

Whether you call it confidence, flow, inspiration, energy, motivation, or anything else, you know when you’re “turned on” and all your switches are flipped to feel fantastic and watch everything fall into place every day.

It used to be a rare and strange thing for me, a state of being dependent on other people and what they did for me. Now… it’s 100% in my creative hands, and what a differene that makes!

It’s in your hands, too, 100%.

While I’d love to say I’m in this space of hair-tossing and bliss all the time, calling this state of being far more “normal” for me in the last few years, and exponentially so in the last 7 months has been life-altering in the most powerful ways.

There are a few ideas I embraced (and still come back to, daily) to get out of my own way where creative growth and power was concerned, and I’m excited to share them today!

I started believing in my daydreams and wishes, far more thoroughly and completely.

There’s an old Abraham Hicks recording I came upon where it was stated that the problem that we humans get into when creating and manifesting things is that we pay too much attention to what the situation is right now that is unwanted. They explain that by giving our attention to what isn’t wanted, or what is what we observe right now as “reality”, we are keeping ourselves from what we want that is waiting for us.

We expand what we put our attention on.

Now, when I catch myself thinking about all that I don’t want, or re-hashing stories of unwanted things that happened during a day or focusing on anything else that I don’t want, I shake it off and change the subject.

As a result, I picked up new pastimes to keep my mind off unwanted things like watching tons of movies, listening to Audible audio books, learning in-depth astrology and more!

It’s been utterly inspiring to stay off what isn’t wanted and focus more excitedly on what is happing right now that’s great as well as all the awesomeness that’s arriving!!!

I started taking my ideas seriously. Not seriously as in “grave and stone faced and pressured” but, rather, I started paying attention to my ideas, feeding them, researching them, developing them and doing it all with care.

One of those ideas rapidly developed into The School of Intention Professional Feng Shui Training Program that is so innovative and hands on and breaks so many molds… and it happened because I took an idea that came up several times far more seriously.

Another idea developed into a whole new way of scheduling my days so I have lots more free time. Another became a new Feng Shui program coming in the late Fall. Another led me to find the web designers who took my ideas seriously (after an 18 month search!) and are working with me to create the next generation of this blog that’s coming soon!

These big leaps have evolved in the last year of really minding my ideas that keep coming up, rather than letting them all be “for later” or “we’ll see.”

I keep my ideas on lists now so I won’t sweep them under the rug.

I also started moving more, because motion breeds motion.

This has been a growing awareness for me— I need all kinds of motion to keep my energy moving.

A few days without a long walk or yoga or real movement of any kind and I feel really disconnected.

When I can’t move a lot in a day, I do a lot of energy exercises to keep my energy flowing. One of the simplest is closing my eyes and breathing, paying attention to my breath. Basically- mindful meditation. It keeps my energy in an even flow if I can’t do a hike, long walk or other exercise.

This is super simple but the effect is dynamic and transformational.

Feeling good is the main focus. If ever there was a success strategy I champion, it’s this: feeling great is extremely powerful!

I was not very on board with the idea of feeling happy before things were accomplished. I thought that some sense of misery would be a motivator to keep on struggling to get to the goal.

What an awful waste of my time that was.

But, now, it’s an ultra-powerful lesson I will not forget.

You might struggle really hard and force your way to success in some ways, but it’s extremely hard to maintain, it’s extremely hard on your body and it’s a limiting way to work.

Finding joy in everything I’m doing and realizing that it’s more important to feel good than it is to do anything else “achievement-wise” has been the turning point in my creative life and my life in all ways.

It’s brought me more ease, power, influence, effectiveness, genius and fun to live in this feel-great place.

I wish I knew this not-so-secret secret sooner, but I’m grateful to know it now!

And, I started practicing art for the sake of it.

I paint because it’s fun. I write in my journal as a practice often. This blog is a practice of art for me. There are already 3500+ posts, but it’s a joy to share more that can be of use, and it’s an art practice now. I make new recipes, I try new DIYs… all for the sake of being creative and following my curiosity.

The feeling of light, the intuitive messages and the pure joy that flows through me in doing these things have made them quite the positive addiction!

The gist of all of these ideas is that its far easier to create a whole new smashing and brilliant paradigm for life when I’m tapped into the flow of life.

Connect more deeply to your dreams. Connect more completely with your ideas. Value your emotions— all of them— and let them direct you to the places that feel best. And, keep on flowing with the motion of making brilliant things every day.

Everything is creative. All of life is art.

When you build a wealth of creativity you build a wealth of wealth.

Enjoy it all!



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