The Cosmic Shift In Wealth + All Abundance That Lasts Through 2026 Is So Inspiring!

May 20, 2019 | Prosperity

(Energy Muse green gemstones for wealth!!!)

Back in 2018 (way back then!) I made a video about the Uranus shift into Taurus. It was at the start of this shift, not yet in the full-on energy-beaming that is known as a Uranus Transit into the sign of Taurus.

Only those of us older than 84 have lived through one of these cycles. It’s a pretty wild thought that such decisive energy patterns happen this infrequently in our lifetimes!

I’m far more interested in the cycles and themes of astrology and what this means in a more holistic way, rather than how it may foretell any kind of destiny. These themes are RICH!!!

Uranus is the great change-maker. It’s thought to awaken us creatively through sometimes dramatic rebellion and all kinds of swift overhauls. It’s a revolutionizer, no matter what sign in falls in.

Taurus is super-grounded and of the Earth. It’s the most wealth-oriented sign in practical terms— cold hard cash, financial investments, marketplaces. It’s deeply linked to the planet’s wellbeing. It’s not that thrilled with lots of rebellious change.

Mix Uranus and Taurus and you get something… interesting!

Financial revolution, caring for the planet deeply and redefining the word WEALTH for ourselves is all on the table in a big way with these themes so resounding.

While these themes are all active through 2026 in an astrological sense, they can help us at any and all times to expand our abundance!!!

Are you ready for your own financial revolution?

We can create our own financial revolutions at any time.

While the “economy” is a real thing, there are tons of people (and not all who are already wealthy!!!) who make great fortunes in the worst economic conditions. I made more money during the Great Recession than I did during the 10 years prior and that taught me a big lesson in my own decision-making power!

I was focused on my own financial revolution. I set goals, I showed up, I worked a ton and I never looked at the financial news, ever.

If I knew then what I know now, I would have made 10X more during that time, but life is all learning!

What does your own Financial Revolution look like to you? Do you need to do some research into investing? Do you need a budget? Are you wanting a new job, a raise, lower expenses or all of the above?!

I used to think “All or Nothing” where money was concerned, hoping for a big windfall. Since 2005, I’ve been all about constant steps forward, and while it was not that glamorous to start, that stuff really pays off in all ways!

You might want to draw or write out your ideal scene for your wealth. See where you’re building toward. Get crystal clear on what excites you and learn all you need to do to get there.

I am hyper-focused on a massive garden at my new home where I have the honor of eating all the food that I grow all year long. That is wealth to me, in the greatest way.

Which leads me to the next big theme:


Dig into Natural Abundance, literally!

With chili peppers popping everywhere and squash blossoms blooming and more produce growing on the balcony right outside my office, I am in absolute bliss watching it all grow.

I wake up and run outside to see what’s gotten more noticeably close to harvesting, and I’m already ready to add tomatoes and edible flowers into the mix!

Whatever you can grow and however you can grow it, growing things is amazing and essential to connect with the Earth.

There was a houseplant craze that hit an Urban Jungle peak (it’s still happening and shows no signs of slowing) at the start of Uranus in Taurus, and I’m not surprised how well this theme is playing out.

The Earth needs us to learn to connect with it, heal it and grow with it.

Make Sustainable switches in your life. It does matter!!!

The Climate Emergency that’s finally getting the attention it’s deserved for over 50 years is a harbinger of change in a way that will only get more intense in our focus—

Sustainability is a huge part of living an abundant life.

Start easy:

Buy in bulk. Skip straws 100%. Avoid plastic. Walk when you can.

Simple stuff makes a huge difference.

Also, natural cleaning products and beauty products and soaps and the like are better for our bodies as well as for the planet.

We vote with our dollars, so every time you choose a sustainable product over another you are helping create a new demand that the marketplace will respond to.

I mean: can you imagine a world without plastic?! Without seeing those gruesome videos of beaches covered in miles of filth? Without wildlife and fish and sea creatures losing their homes daily?

I visualize this ideal of a cleaned-up and sparkling world daily, and I’ve found new ways almost every day to do better for the planet, even the smallest of them. Googling “where do I recycle….” and “how can I donate…” and DIY recipes, alternatives to old products, better markets to shop in… all of it has helped so much.

Today, I need to warm up a few burned out candles in glass jars and pour out the wax so the glass can be recycled to make new candles. That me, learning every day from Google!


Do some local clean-up projects!

Clean your local park. Walk around picking up trash with some garden glove, putting it in recycling bins to keep litter out of the ocean. Do beach and lake clean-ups as much as possible. Help people to learn to recycle and make more planet-friendly choices.

All of this is amazing for creating more wealth on our planet!!!

Align your life and your home with more prosperity in all ways!

From keeping your home clean and free of toxins to creating a home with Feng Shui that aligns with your dreams and helps them come true, there are infinite ways to create an environment that magnetizes your dreams!

Set those intentions! Start growing those plants! Start becoming even more eco friendly every day! And, learn some basics of Feng Shui to help you shift your home in the years ahead to support your financial revolution!!!




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