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May 27, 2019 | Prosperity

This is, by far, the most constant habit I find myself needing to re-up, cultivate and expand:

Deliberately making choices all day long that support the energy of abundance.

Today, let’s look at this simple idea that, when put into action, can be a magnificent life-expander!

As we head into the season of wealth this year, this question has come up everywhere I turn.

Does this choice support all that I want to create in my life?

It’s prompted me to forgive many people (including myself) for things that were fueling choices that felt bad. It’s been the motivation to rearrange my schedule, clear out my drawers and revamp my plans. It’s brought me to a stronger place in my spiritual practice and changed the way I look at my own purpose and lifestyle.

My way of answering this is simple:

If it feels good (and not just momentarily, but afterward as well!) than it’s the choice for me.

If it doesn’t feel good, it’s time to say NO or make another choice.

I used to feel too bad about respecting my own needs before the wants of everyone else. I used to feel like I was judging people and situations if I dared to make bold actions or step away from groups, activities and other things that were not for me.

I needed reasons, compelling and strong reasons, to get new jobs or start spending more time alone or choose something new.

I’d sweat over the reasons, wanting to be sure I was both honest and also very compelling.

Would they understand? Would I be judged? What would people think?

Many times I just stayed in the wrong groups, the wrong relationships and the wrong jobs, eating the wrong diets, seeing the wrong doctors, doing the wrong things with my free time because…. I wanted to be liked!

root chakra feng shui

It turns out that the root chakra at the base of your spine is the energy center of the body that corresponds more fundamentally with wealth and feeling our needs are met.

When we can’t seem to free ourselves from low-vibration attachments for whatever reasons we have, our needs don’t get met and the energy of the root chakra starts to get blocked or go off-kilter

This is foundational to the energy systems of the body, meaning: the root chakra energy (getting our needs met, feeling stable, feeling worthy) is what feeds the rest of the energy in your body.

It’s that important.

When your foundation is off-kilter or slowed down by negativity, it’s easy to start to wobble in life in many ways and feel it’s hard to move forward, it’s tough to grow, and it’s very hard to get ahead.

The great news though:

Choices can bring the energy back into harmony. Choices can get the flow going where it was stuck. Choices all day long can be the engine that creates change.

Not only will making choices that feel amazing all day long help you to feel the motion and excitement flowing back to your life, this will also bring you more wealth in all ways!

Does this choice support all that I want to create in my life?

Whether it’s what to eat, what party to attend, where you buy your groceries, what color you dye (or don’t dye) your hair, or anything else—

— the feel-great choices will be the most abundant!

It may seem simple, but when you pay attention to this even for one single day you’ll find that there are so many opportunities to choose higher, lighter and more supportive things and there are so many changes that spring organically from these new choices.



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  1. B

    I used to feel too bad about respecting my own needs before the wants of everyone else. I used to feel like I was judging people and situations if I dared to make bold actions or step away from groups, activities and other things that were not for me.

    Oh Dana ! This what exactly it’s stuck in my head since three months. Your words just gave me so much strength that it’s okay. Wonder why we need external validation for our thoughts or decision. I have been asking people about my decision to cut ties with toxic world and if I was right. Thank you so much ! A loyal reader -B

    • danaclaudat

      B! Thank you so much for being a loyal reader— I so appreciate you! In my mind, it’s totally Ok. It can feel really weird, I know, I’ve left many things that were not for me and struggled for a long time before doing it. I think in many ways none of us want to be rejected or criticized (its really unpleasant!) so it’s easier on the surface to follow along and do as everyone else does. I know I didn’t want to be around people who endlessly complained and wished every day would end so they could get to their retirement in 20 years, etc, and other draining things… so I made my own lifestyle step-by-step. Even in times of challenge, I never regret it at all! Following your feelings is an AWESOME practice! I’m so happy for you!!! xoxoxo!!!


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