Even One Powerful Decision Can Change Everything!

May 28, 2019 | Prosperity

Yes or No? Waiting on people. Waiting on perfect timing. Waiting in general.

I’ve spend a huge amount of time in a place of waiting.

That waiting breeds clutter, creative block, anxious feeling and all kinds of sentiments that feel like the power is being drained out of the day.

Indecision often comes from wanting to make the perfect choice and defaults to “let’s wait and see” when it’s too scary to be decisive, or too confusing, or too overwhelming.


It’s worth it to make the decisions anyway, trusting it’s the right thing.

Those decision start clearing clutter instantly.

They open the flow of energy on the spot.

They get the excitement revved up.

And, there are ways to make them more easily.

First, I realize that it’s not about being impulsive but more about being aware and decisive. There are infinite opportunities, but not all specific windows stay open forever.

I waited a few days too long to make an investment and lost the chance to make $45,000 with one very low risk decision. I did the research. I knew the steps to take. I had very little to lose and could afford to lose it. But, I wanted things to be perfect in a way I can’t even understand now, looking back at it, and I waited… and the window of opportunity temporarily shut on me.

That was a really big lesson.

It was one of about 20 like it that were trying to teach me not to wait infinitely because life is happening now, but it was a dramatic one to see how quickly it played out.

I also see now that “wrong” decisions are OK as long as I’m making them from a place of being grounded and feeling centered and great about them. Even my most seemingly “wrong” decisions have turned out to be beneficial when I believed in them.

Following what truly feels right is my most right way to go.

I’m not an unrealistic person who can’t see when I made a less-than-awesome decision. But, I’m quick to recover from these wrong turns these days.

I’d rather pick the longer road and do it decisively than wait ten years (as I have in the past!) to make any moves at all.

This is a big part of staying in flow, mining creative power and being in the dynamic swing of things—

Decisions keep clearing space.

It’s intuition in action.

It’s manifestation made practical.

And, it’s so much fun to live from this place without “maybe”, “we’ll see” and “I’m waiting for the perfect time.”

That time is now.

Decide on all that brings you the most abundant life.



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