Do You Believe In Yourself And Feel That You Deserve All The Things You Dream About?

Jun 2, 2019 | Creativity

I used to be one big bag of manifestation tricks.

I was always looking for signs and not even believing the signs I saw because I didn’t want the sign— I wanted my dream to come true right now!

When the things I wanted didn’t show up, I’d start questioning things feverishly.

“Why hasn’t ……. shown up yet!?” “I don’t understand where it is…” “When will I finally be able to do ……. ?!”

When, why, where is it?!

These thoughts would take me over, and what I want takes even longer to appear because I’d get so focused on the fact that it hasn’t shown up yet.

Looking back, I can see just how much I slowed myself down because I wasn’t ready for bigger things.

I didn’t believe in myself or my ability to actually have my dreams come true.

I wasn’t ready for all I was wanting, and I couldn’t see that the things I missed the most was belief in my dreams.

When I got myself more ready, the doors swung open and so much arrived that I was wanting, it was overwhelming in the best way possible.

Today, let’s all get a little more ready for the things we’re wanting to experience next!

If ever there were words that exemplify the core of being ready for the next level in life, for a new chapter, for a higher bank balance or a new love or anything else, these two struck me at my core:

Believing + Deserving.

How much do you believe in yourself?

That sense of confidence and creative agency over your days is pretty unbeatable. Confidently, you can swing even the most unsure of situations in your favor.

Confidence, though, isn’t just standing straight, having swagger and all the outward manifestations.

As an energy, confidence is at the root of your energy system. It’s your First Chakra, the spinning energy center that stores your deepest beliefs about yourself and your ability to survive and thrive.

Without a deep belief in yourself at the foundation of your life, all the manifesting tricks and brilliant goal setting and epic plans and success coaching and all of it isn’t going to match up to all the effort.

Deep belief in yourself is priceless.

Start more simple if you are wobbly in your self-belief and confidence in some area of life, or in general:

Take better care of yourself in all the basic ways.

Feel more grounded every day, spending time in Nature.

Meditate for a few minutes to eliminate the negative chatter and get more present in the moment.

Deeper core issues to work through might take you to a therapist, a counselor, a healer or a support group.

It’s not always instant work, not by a long-shot, to root out the deeper traumas and do the deeper healing. But, every single step forward is a huge life-opener.

This is the stuff that’s been the real manifesting mojo in my life.

Now, how much do you feel you deserve the things you’re wanting?

When you feel deserving of the things you want on a really core feeling level, it’s undeniable and you’ll likely find them popping up far more quickly.

I can say very confidently and intellectually that I deserve all the things I’ve ever dreamed about.

But, it’s not true.

I still feel undeserving of the things that I haven’t shown up yet.

This is my biggest and most fun “work” in the month ahead, to unwind these thoughts, feelings and energy patterns:

*In some cases I feel like I have to work harder so I don’t deserve them yet.

*In some cases I feel like I’ve made mistakes or taken wrong turns and it’s sort of my self-inflicted punishment to not deserve things.

Seeing this for myself was the hugest paradigm shift for me.

It’s transformed my life to do the work to declutter these ideas– all the ways I thought I didn’t deserve good things.

But… how do you let go of these beliefs?

The most basic place I start is to forgive myself as often as I feel these undeserving feelings pop up. THIS forgiveness process helps so much.

The next is to flood my life with the highest energy. From a super high-vibrational place, it’s hard to be unworthy!

And… then I do whatever deeper work can help me to sweep away whatever is lingering, if anything. This season, I have a few new methods of therapy and healing work that I’m eager to try!

There’s always a next level to hit, a new goal, a bigger dream, a fresh start or chapter to unfold.

By always being more and more ready and practicing the things that make me feel most solid at my core I’ve watched my life expand in amazing ways that once felt impossible.

Since I was pretty intense in my creative blocks, in debts, in turmoil, in fear and in earnest obsession and willingness to do anything to get out of the state I was in, it was pretty amazing to see that the real solution wasn’t to be even more hyper and driven to burn myself out.


Grounded. Calm. Self-loving. Well-rested. Forgiving. Inspired.

All the infinite possibility starts with feeling fantastic…and you definitely deserve it!



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