Ancient Wealth-Attracting Herbs And Spices!

Jun 4, 2019 | Prosperity

(how to grow your own fresh herbs)

There’s a long history of herbs and spices used throughout many cultures and back to ancient times as a way to welcome in more money.

Whether hung on a door, placed in a purse, added to baths or burned like incense, there are so many fun ways to use herbs to fortify your abundance intentions!!!

Cinnamon – Cinnamon is known to draw in abundance and wealth on a grand scale quickly, and it also serves to protect your accumulated wealth.  It attracts success and can also be used to bring healing, protection and love to your life. 

Try putting a pinch of cinnamon in your wallet or carrying a cinnamon stick in your purse or pocket to attract wealth.  If it is safe to do so, you can sprinkle some cinnamon in the four corners of your home or office space.

I just made you a Cinnamon video, and if you missed it, it’s here:

Clove – Cloves are used for protection, manifesting money and clearing away any negative energy you have in your space, including  any negative energy you may have surrounding abundance, wealth and money. 

(orange pomander balls)

You can burn cloves on a charcoal disk, just as you would burn an incense resin, or you can place some cloves in a small envelope or sachet and carry in your purse or in  your pocket.   If you are into aromatics, you can cover an orange with some cloves and leave in your kitchen, where the scent itself will be a form of high vibe magnetism!

Basil – Basil can be used for purification, success, peace and wealth.  You can carry it in your wallet to entice money flowing to you or grow it in your kitchen to enhance the prosperity of your home.  For increasing the energy of your home, you can sprinkle some dried basil on the floor and sweep it out the back door.

Here is a video I made some time back all about using basil for baths and showers:

Mint – This herb brings protection and strength so your wealth stays safe and continues to grow and expand.  Keep dried mint leave in your wallet for luck in business.  You can also try rubbing your cash with fresh mint leaves; this is said to multiply your money every time you spend it. 

Dill – Dill can be used for prosperity, good fortune and protection.  You can hang bundles of fresh dill in your home or office to symbolically welcome in money and wealth. 

Bay Leaves–  Bay leaves are used for energetic protection and bring about successes. 

You can add a bay leaf to your wallet as a reminder that your money is energized, or you can write a wish for money and abundance on a bay leaf and burn in a fire safe bowl.   Keep your eye on this until the bay leaf is fully burned.   Take precaution when disposing of the bay leaf ashes – before you dump them, be sure it is no longer hot and the fire is completely out.    

Here is a another video I made during a Catalyst Camp season all about burning bay leaves:

While nothing takes the place of your energy, your brilliant ideas, persistence, creativity, ingenuity and attention to grow the prosperity in your life, these amazing herbs and spices are energizing and symbolically supportive, constantly reminding you of the abundance everywhere!



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