Optimism Is An Awesomely Powerful Quality To Create Financial Wellness!

Jun 12, 2019 | Prosperity


While every emotion is valid, important and real, where we spend the most of our time and energy— the sort of disposition we have overall– has a big impact on life. It’s one of the reasons I’m so deeply moved by high vibrations everywhere– food, light, love, music, exercises, practices, art, and, of course, homes!

Our overall core approach to life (not where we may be for a day or a week or a month or two, given circumstances) is our overall energy frequency.

When our frequencies tune to more harmony, optimism and positive expectations, amazing things can happen. Including: way more wealth!

Money is energy. As many ways as this statement has made me roll my eyes, I came to see the ways this holds true for me.

My excited, inspired creative energy brings far more opportunity to me than my burned out or frustrated or angry energy.

Staying in a space of more optimism and less of the rest can feel “strange” at first, and it did for me.

Now… it’s thrilling exhilaration!!!

It’s why I often start the day with this:

Optimism and Wealth is a big deal.  And, I love this study.

Frost Bank along with TRUE Global Intelligence and positive psychology expert, Michelle Gielan, researched the connection between optimism and financial health, or, rather, how your mindset can have an effect on your finances.   

Their research included the habits, attitudes and beliefs of people who were optimists.  The participants of this study were 2,002 American men and woman, 18 years and older.  Each participant was given a survey to assess optimism and financial health. 

Optimism, in this study, is defined as the expectation of good things to happen, and the belief that problems are temporary and steps can be taken to positively change the situation.   Optimists , as defined here, see their actions and behaviors as critical determinants of success in the face of obstacles.  

To measure financial health, researchers used the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Well-Being Scale which outlines critical quantifying factors such as:  “Having control over one’s finances in terms of being able to pay bills on time, not having unmanageable debt and being able to make ends meet. Having a financial “cushion” against unexpected expenses and emergencies.  Having financial goals and being on track to meet those goals.  Being able to make choices that allow one to enjoy life, such as taking a vacation, enjoying meal out or pursuing an advanced degree, among others.” 

Not surprising, their study concluded that optimism is positively correlated to financial health.  Their statistics showed that, “…62% of optimists exhibit better financial health, nearly 7 times higher than pessimists at 9%.”   Through further analysis of their collected data, and controlling for factors such as wealth, income, financial knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and skills, it was concluded that as you increase your optimism, you can increase your wealth.  Their data regression analysis specifically found, ” …that a 1 point increase in optimism is associated with a 0.1 increase in financial well-being, meaning optimism is associated with an increase in financial well-being of up to 10 points.”  Another key finding in their research was that, on average, optimistic people experience 81 days of financial stress in one year, compared to pessimists, who experience on average 226 days of financial stress, annually. 

Through this study, key habits of financial optimists were uncovered, and as positive psychology expert Michelle Gielan explains, “Anyone can increase their optimism by adopting optimistic behaviors.”  

For example, optimists are at ease talking about their finances and take an interest in learning about how to manage their money.  In fact, the top reason study participants gave for being optimistic about their finances was their knowledge of how to manage money. 

In terms of financial planning, optimists usually have a less detailed financial plan than pessimists. They also esteem the progress they make towards their goals and value each step they take towards their desired achievements. 

Financial emergencies and unexpected expenses do not discriminate, and arise for both pessimists and optimists, but the difference resides in learning from their experiences.  Optimists learn from such setbacks, and they reported in this survey that learning from financial setbacks has added to their financial optimism. 

So, the question I’ve asked myself and you may want to try is simply:

How optimistic do I feel about my own personal wealth?

If you don’t feel that optimistic, what can you actively do to shift this energy?

Maybe a little learning-– Learn a bit about investing? Learn effective ways to eliminate debt? Learn about budgets?

Maybe a little creative awakening— More fun at work? More art practices that make you feel good? More brainstorming new ideas?

Maybe a little space clearing— less cluttered desk and computer, some housecleaning, some fun freshness at home.

Whatever helps you to feel lighter and brighter and more of the “creator” of your life is something extremely powerful.

From this place, you know everything is possible.

And, with all that possibility comes loads of abundance everywhere!!!



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