Do You Believe That What You Want Is On Its Way To You?!

Jun 22, 2019 | Prosperity


You’ve likely heard about “trusting in the timing of the universe” and “believing in your dreams” and so much more… but, in my experience, the practice of all this is a little different than the inspirational quotes we hear.

Where is it?

Is it really ever going to come? What if I made a mistake?

How can I make it come faster?

What if it doesn’t arrive? What’s my worst case scenario….?

And on and on, we are rational beings and we want to reason this stuff out completely.

This makes good sense, until we realize we’re spending more time worrying than we are in actual creating, more time stressing, more time wondering and analyzing…

The cycle was (and sometimes is) too real for me to ignore, so I found some helpful tools to pull myself out of a thought spiral and back into the creative zone of trust, belief, ease and manifesting magic! I hope they help you, too!

Here are a few things I do when my mind is trying to figure everything out and starts a downward spiral into worry rather than creativity!

Clutter clearing.

If you want to instantly refresh your space and make a fresh start in any way, clearing some clutter works like magic. Later today, my desk is getting an organizational overhaul and I’m kicking the clutter clearing into high gear!

Water. Drink it!

Water fuels your body, it creates flow… and, it’s great for intuition!!!

Cook. It’s such an art project.

When I cook, especially cooking things I’ve never made before, my full body and energy is engaged in the multi-sensory creative process!

Cooking is also ultra-prosperous action in Feng Shui!


If I’m worried, I am not living in the full activation of my creative power. I’m not bringing my genius to the day. If I’m wondering if I’ll be chosen or if I’ll have a good day, I’m not creating my day or my opportunities.

Hobbies are more creative activation. The more hobbies I have, the better! I reach for them when I’m needing a surge of creative electricity.

Write it out in order to re-focus.

In her book Manifest Now, Idil Ahmed suggests writing out what you want to manifest 100 times a day in a journal, feeling as though it’s arrived. And, then, reading it several times during the day. I never make it to 100 times, but I do this when I need a shift in my thoughts right now. It’s so much fun and it does help so much to manifest… right now!

All of these simple ideas and energy shifts help me to get into my more magical headspace where I’m not waiting for fortune to find me. I’m creating fortune every single day!

Creative Freedom. Flow. Love. Abundance. Wellness. Wellbeing.

That’s what my wish is for you and for everyone!!!



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