5 Ways To Build Unstoppable Momentum In Your Days!

Jun 29, 2019 | Prosperity

Yago Hortal

When I describe my favorite and most ideal days, they are the days where everything falls into place, creativity is on the next level and I’m feeling completely unstoppable!

When most of my clients and Camp members talk about what they want, this unstoppable energy is high on the list of desired ways to live!

The first way to become unstoppable is to remove the stops from your days! And today’s Feng Shui is all about de-cluttering life to get to this superpowered place!

Declutter what isn’t working. Including: getting rid of the positive rituals that are not positive for you! I had a client who literally hated to meditate and was making herself do it 40 minutes a day, with (not surprisingly) no positive results. Instead, a quiet walk in nature almost every day was all the mind-clearing she needed. Just because it’s touted as “the best habit” doesn’t mean it’s meant for you. There are infinite numbers of positive things you can do for yourself. Pick ones with affinity and enjoy them!

Capture at least one (even totally wild) idea and run with it. These wild ideas are what built my career and, ultimately, a whole new way of doing Feng Shui that I never could have “thought about” rationally before it unfolded. The innovations tend to happen in motion. The opportunities find you in motion.

Fuel yourself with self care that hits home. Again, just because there’s a lot of people who love taking baths, they won’t relax you if you aren’t a fan of them. Yet, I , myself, have piled on habits that I was doing because “I should.” Self Care can also be— watching movies, doing nothing, talking a nap… It doesn’t have to be full spa and smoothies! My recent movie-watching nights have given me more inspiration than I could have imagined!

Invest in yourself. Momentum is built when your resources — time, energy, emotion and even your money— are flowing toward the things that make your life a better place to be. When I got clear about where I was squandering energy ( and also money!) it became very easy to change my course of action. After all, who wants to see their time and money wasted?!

Stop stopping yourself.  One of the most common habits I have struggled with in the past that still creeps into my days ( and gets banished, fast!) is the habit of stopping myself.

Oh… I don’t know I should wait for…

Oh… maybe it’s too much…

Let’s do it later…

I shouldn’t say anything because…

And on and on, stopping myself from the very things that make life a great adventure. I’ve stopped myself from risks that also mean stopping myself from rewards. I’ve stopped myself from speaking up and carried the weight of all those swallowed words. I’ve stopped myself from making art, making plans, investing and more.

There was nothing wrong with the vibes, the timing or anything else.

I just got used to being smaller than I am.

And if you feel that way too, there’s magic that happens when you stop stopping yourself.

Wherever you’ve felt stopped, you can definitely be free.

You can do it today, right now!

Dare, risk, speak up and do something epic for yourself and your life!!!

There’s such incredibly powerful momentum waiting for you to seize it!



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