Feng Shui Energy Shifts To Create A Life Of Prosperity And Freedom!

Jul 6, 2019 | Prosperity

Creative freedom. Living with more freedom. Feeling prosperous.

As with all things, it’s a shift in energy that creates a massive change.

Self-care (particularly great ideas are on the list above) can light up the fire of more energy and prosperous momentum.

From there, a few more energy shifts may help you create your own best path to richness in all ways!

Stay connected to your inner guidance.

What do I do? Is this right? Should I? Shouldn’t I? What do I say? What… do… I…do?

Its not a bad thing to question or deliberate over choices, but when I find myself unable to make a decision, I make the biggest decisions:

I get re-connected to myself. Long walks, baths, crafts, my own spiritual practice… anything that helps me to connect more deeply is what I do until I feel myself grounded and centered again!

Crystal clarity.

If I’m not clear on what I want (and the vision isn’t compelling enough for me) I tend to lose my sparkle and inspired drive.

This weekend, I’m getting abundantly clear on what’s next for me to make/do/create and while I’m sure these plans will change, ultimately they’ll be a magnet for me to move toward with excitement.

You may not know all the details yet of everything you want, but, at the very least, stay grounded and clear about how you want to feel.

Create a lifestyle that is, overall, in support of your prosperity.

Feel more of the prosperous, awesome feelings you want to feel right now!

Find ways to stream more of that bliss into every day, even if it’s at lunch breaks and odd hours!

Cultivate more focus.

Stripping away distractions of all kinds makes your manifesting power stunningly effective!

Re-imagine money as the energy that it actually is.

If you’ve been very emotional about money, you might want to learn a bit more about money and see that it’s actually a very neutral representation of energy or exchange. The more you learn about the financial markets, investments, savings, interest rates and more, the more power you’ll gain in using your money in the process!

Don’t let anything stop your forward motion. Not even some seemingly backward-moving motion!

Setbacks can often be the key to rocket forward, giving you a sense of what’s working and what’s not, what’s exciting and what’s not, what’s wanted and what’s not. Don’t let a temporary glitch turn your focus toward what’s not working.

We get what we focus on with our feelings, so… keep focusing on the opportunity and expansion that’s always waiting for you!!!

These sounds simple and while they are, they are practice-based rather than a one-time activity.

What empowers you is your most powerful personal practice. Keep on going and growing!



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